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  1. Oakley

    Swapping EVM 12L and Mesa C90 in the Thiele cabinet

    I have an older Mesa Thiele cabinet with an EVM 12L in it. I'd like to swap that with the C90 in my Lonestar cabinet. Will the C90 really work in the Thiele cabinet? It was designed for the EVM 12L. Do I have to make any adjustment to the port/duct length?
  2. Oakley

    Has anyone seen this permanently installed guitar cabinet mic

    Did I dream this? I thought I saw this in an ad on Reverb: a circular frame that could be installed between the speaker mounting flange and cabinet baffle board, behind the grill cloth. In the center - or maybe off-center - there was a mic. In the back of the cabinet you install an XLR...
  3. Oakley

    Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan, SRV Stratocaster Asymmetrical neck profile

    I have an SRV Strat I took in trade. I want to advertise it correctly. Was there a production year when this model went from the asymmetrical neck profile to the current oval style? From looking at some of these threads, some posts indicate confusion between "asymmetrical neck profile" and...
  4. Oakley

    Sold Epiphone Elite ES-335, Red; Hofner Verythin CT, Natural

    Links to NH Craigslist ads: Elite ES-335: Sold locally for $1300. Hofner Verythin CT: Sold locally for $500
  5. Oakley

    What am I doing wrong with my Headstrong L'il King-S?

    I recently picked up a L'il King-S and I'm just not getting the chimey, Fendery sound out of it I had hoped for. It does better with single coils. I have been using Mesas since the 1980s and maybe I am just used to a lot more tone shaping options. I thought I'd like just having the bass and...
  6. Oakley

    Sold: Hamer Newport Pro - $1275

    No issues, nearly new Hamer Newport Pro. Red translucent. All original, solid spruce top, rosewood fingerboard, Seth Lover pickups. OHSC has a few minor scuffs. Hinges and latches intact. $1500 $1475 $1450 $1425 $1400 $1375 $1350 $1325 $1300 $1275 shipped/paypaled. Price is now...
  7. Oakley

    Hofner Verythin CT, Sunburst Semihollow SOLD

    Sunburst Hofner Verythin in new condition, set up to play great, with no blemishes. This is from the original CT series, with simple dot position markers rather than the full width stripes of the current model. Great ES335 tone without the weight! Case and the pickguard included. Looks, sounds...
  8. Oakley

    Is this pickup dead?

    I recently bought a set of Wolfetone Dr Vs on eBay. The neck two-conductor has continuity. The bridge is four conductor. The only measurement i get a reading for on the ohm meter is black to white: 8.1 ohms no other combinations yield any reading at all. green+shield to black+white: open...
  9. Oakley

    Three Axis Sports Modded

    Finally got around to doing these mods to my Axises: Axis Sport M-90 (left): Swapped in the maple neck and tremolo block with stamped saddles from the HB Sport (center). Now it's a bit Strattier. From the start the MM-90 pickups are really closer to a Fender tone than they are to P90s. I am...
  10. Oakley

    So - What about ebony?

    When I was young - ages ago - ebony fingerboards were in favor. It was preferred to rosewood regardless of where the rosewood came from. You still see ebony used almost exclusively on good acoustics and jazz guitars. So - Do we still regard ebony as the premium fretboard material? I mean -...
  11. Oakley

    Is this too much for this Fuchs?

    Too much?
  12. Oakley

    Rank the various PAF-type pickups you have used

    There are a lot of threads requesting people's favorite humbuckers. I find these to be less useful than they might be because the responses often don't cite which pickups the user is comparing. I think it would be instructive to know your frame of reference when considering your impression of...
  13. Oakley

    Craigslist scammer email responses

    I really like the"Gday" touch and invitation to click on those two links. Also, note the grammar: "if it not work..." and vocabulary errors "confirm its the similar type..." Gday, saw the AD you posted on craigslist and I'm very interested in purchasing your item but I am not too sure if...
  14. Oakley

    Is this a maxed out truss rod?

    When I go to tighten it, it sort of springs back to where it was. It's like the other end won't turn. I'm wondering if this means it is maxed out - can't turn any further.
  15. Oakley

    Rank your humbuckers

    When I see a post saying that a particular pickup is just great, I always wonder what that member's frame of reference is - What's he comparing it to? I thought it might be interesting to see members' rankings of pickups they've actually used. Here's my list, favorite at the top. Seth Lover...
  16. Oakley

    Duncan Custom SHOP pickup? - Or what is it?

    I got this Hamer Monaco Superpro with custom features used about a year ago. It has these pickups that are signed on the bottom. They are definitely not the Custom neck/Custom-Custom bridge that are spec'd for this model. They're not Seth Lovers - they're potted. But they do measure in the...
  17. Oakley

    Please explain about compund radius fingerboard...

    Does the action change on the outside strings so that it's farther away toward the nut end? Or does this do something more like even it out, given that the action is higher at the higher end? But even in that case - how does the action on the outside strings relate to the inside strings? Or...
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