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    Interface For Live Keyboard

    I use an Maudio fast track pro at church and it's worked very well for about 5 or 6 years now. It's pretty small, has four outputs, and the older version is on sale for $99 right now.
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    CD`s - still worth pressing?

    bulk thumb drives cost $4-$6 a piece. I looked into them for my church a while ago. Checked a couple different companies and they were all about the same.
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    Who uses backing tracks live and how do you manage them?

    we use electronic rhythm and synth tracks with my band. So not backing tracks per se but a similar idea. We use a laptop with Ableton Live and a Behringer fcb1010 footcontroller that the bass player runs. The only real problems we've had have been user error. It really helps if whoever is going...
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    Wedge Teleprompter Info?

    +1 for the ipad and mic stand idea.
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    Recording 16 channels at once?

    I am curious about this as well
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    Asio4all website down?

    Tried it. it downloaded but wouldn't work.
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    Asio4all website down?

    When i try to go to Asio4all's website i get a t-mobile ad in German and cent seem to get to the actual website. Is anyone else having this problem? Also does anyone have a copy of Asio4all 2.9 they could shoot my way? Thanks
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    In need of a basic recording setup - help!

    I also use a Fast Track Pro as both a recording interface and a live output for softsynths (Reason). While the driver isn't what I'd call great it has been fairly reliable. I would recommend it. The lack of a disc drive isn't a problem, just go to m-audio's website and download the driver. I've...
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