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    My Take On A Cherry Burst ... No Clowns Allowed

    She's crazy beautiful!!! Great job!!! :)
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    The new Matte Henderson T-Style from Mario Guitars!

    That's a Gotoh/Wilkinson VSVG trem.
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    Rosewood Pettingill P6 Deluxe Lap Steel ... Easy On The Eyes And A Sweet Voice

    Phenomenal job on a stunning instrument!!! I especially dig the fret markers ;)
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    New paul trombetta design website

    Looks great Paul! :)
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    Gries 5 Review in Vintage Guitar

    Great review for a phenomenal amp!!! :)
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    Walsh Guitars new website up and running!

    Link fixed ;)
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    Greetings From SK Guitars

    Great work!!!
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    PTD Burning Sensation w/clip from David Torn

    Sounds phenomenal as usual Paul! :)
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    Walker Lap/Console Steel #2

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    Dead Tree Guitars

    I see a lot of Michihiro Matsuda influences on your guitars :) Did you happen to study with him?
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    Can some sell me 8 ft of Jescar 55090 EVO frets :)

    Just dropped you guys an e-mail :) I'd perused your website numerous times and was under the impression your fretwires are sold by the pound :)
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    Can some sell me 8 ft of Jescar 55090 EVO frets :)

    Can some sell me 8 ft of Jescar 55090 EVO frets :)
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    Walker Lap/Console Steel Guitar Photos

    You keep upping the ante Scott :) Phenomenal work as usual :)
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    Blue Jimson - By Scott Walker

    Phenomenal work as usual :)
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    Lap Steels Rule!! .. My latest Creation

    Love your mother of pearl "frets" ;)
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    Walkers Bench Thread

    Phenomenal work Scott! We met briefly in the Fall of 2009 at the SCGC's parking lot when you're working on your SCGC F-style guitar if my memory serves me right :) Richard introduced us but I was not sharp enough to know who you are :)
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    Developing a new 40-watt, 2-channel combo with reverb...follow the progress

    Wow!!! I'll be interested in the amp. How in the world can you price it under $1,000!!!??? I'll be watching this with interest! ;)
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    Dingwall Custom I and Super P at NAMM

    They look fantastic Sheldon! :)
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    Grosh Guitars New Products at NAMM - NOS Retro Guitar

    WOW!!! Love the Mary Kaye Blonde model! :)
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    Paul Rhoney Guitars Latest

    Schweet guitar!
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    PTD progress report

    Great Paul! Now you got me gassing for the KUSH!
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    GMW premieres its first Firewolf - G0197NT - GMW "Snakeskin" Bass

    That's a SICK looking bass in a good way ;)
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    The Gries 5 is back

    What're the controls on the 35 Dave?
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