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    Songs With Barking Dogs

    Fiona Apple’s “Newspaper” starts with a barking dog.
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    Songs With Barking Dogs

    Pearl Jam’s “Rival” starts with a growling dog. What do the judges say? Does that count?
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    Album Mixes that Frustrate You?

    Could someone PLEASE go steal the tapes from whatever vault has the And Justice For All... reels so someone’s kid brother or a deaf neighbor can remix it so that it sounds better?
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    Album Mixes that Frustrate You?

    NOFX “So Long and Thanks For All The Shoes.” I mean, damn, Punk In Drublic sounded so good, and then you follow it up with... this? What, did they think no one had tweeters? The kick has more snap and attack than that of a snare drum in a GOOD mix. And EVERYTHING has that same smack/snap/attack...
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    Bands You'll Never Give Up On

    I think they play the rare gig on rare occasion. I saw them at the Fest FL in Florida last year and it was the best show I’d seen in years.
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    Bands You'll Never Give Up On

    Pegboy (from Chicago).
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    Rick Beato and his You Tube Channel / Highly Recommended !

    Craziest moment of his channel is where his son, who has perfect pitch, identifies TWO notes when Rick plays a single key on a keyboard/piano that’s tuned half a semitone sharp. The kid can actually hear the two notes (one a half semitone above, and another a half semitone below) when Rick plays...
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    name a musical artist known for being wholesome

    Post-rehab, modern-day James Hetfield. His recent interviews are fascinating (talking about kids and Marin County judgmental morons, my word, not his).
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    Rate the album "...And Justice for All"

    5 stars. Masterpiece. I’d give my left nut to get a mix with bass in it (but placed properly in the mix, of course. ...And Justice for Jason has the bass cranked a bit too much) Way, way, waaaaay better album than Kill ‘Em All; so much more mature and challenging.
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    Bands you just can't stand, that everyone loves...

    Lenny Kravitz Phil Collins Rolling Stones White Stripes
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    Guitar Center just stinks

    Funny I hear stories of salespeople treating customers like crap. I was a salesperson in Pro Audio in Chicago in 2001 and the corporation and store manager treated *me* like crap. I quit. They promoted the manager.
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    Greatest SG tones in rock music

    I've seen Eddie Vedder play an SG, although I didn't think he got great tone. I saw Ian MacKaye of Fugazi play an SG and he got mind-blowing awesomeness for tone.
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    who here is a total sonic youth/dinosaur jr head?

    Love Dinosaur Jr. and have played in a church band. Does that disqualify me? good stuff... but too loud. Does anyone really need 4 full stacks cranked to eleven?
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