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  1. frails

    What's Your Favorite Small Amp?

    1959 Supro 1624T with a 55hz Celestion blackback.
  2. frails

    Which is the best JTM45 clone kit?

    I've got a Mojotone JTM45 for sale that is reaaallllly good! I've stuck it in a Sourmash 18w green head cabinet and I think the look is perfect. It's my first Mojotone after lots of others clones and REALLY impressed!
  3. frails

    Attenuators: I made my decision

    Scored and Alex at a very good price. Arrives on Monday and anxiously awaiting.
  4. frails

    Attenuators: I made my decision

    It's between an Alex and a Rock Crusher. I can't decide! UGGGH.
  5. frails

    Attenuators: I made my decision

    Thread revival, where's the review Frank?
  6. frails

    Lower wattage Bassman clone

    Thread revivial....I am very interested in a 59' Bassman with lower output. Has one come about in the 5+ yrs since this thread died?
  7. frails

    Should I Keep My Tweed Deluxe?

    Not that I think it'll solve you bass issues but I have a 64' Princeton I'd trade for your Cox + cash.
  8. frails

    Speaker suggestions for Trainwreck Liverpool clone

    Great advice, thank you everyone. Well I've committed to buying the Red Fangs so I have to give them a go. Or IT rather as I've already found a buyer for one of them. Since I am looking to do a 1x12, I'm not overly concerned with the sensitivity of the Fang. If I go with a Scumback M75, then I'd...
  9. frails

    Speaker suggestions for Trainwreck Liverpool clone

    I picked up a pair of Eminence Red Fang's for $275. Thanks for the input.
  10. frails

    Tubes and Trainwrecks

    Thread Revival!!! So I've seen some listed tubes for everything but Liverpools. I have a quad of the old Russian EL84's covered. What about the preamp? I have plenty of Telefunken, Mullard, RCA, GE, Amprex etc. Did Ei's and Tungsram's come in the Pool's preamp as well?
  11. frails

    Speaker suggestions for Trainwreck Liverpool clone

    Thank you for the replies. Anyone else, please chime in. In the meantime I think it's time to look for a Scumback.
  12. frails

    Speaker suggestions for Trainwreck Liverpool clone

    25w Greenbacks? Are these "it"? I'm a closed back 2x12 kind of guy with nice low end. So I'm a little hesitant to go open back. But I can't deny there's an urge to go 1x12 open back stained pine cabinet for some strange. Thoughts?
  13. frails

    Biggest sounding 2x12

    The Mesa Rectifier 2x12's have tremendous bass response. Only other one I could recommend with confidence is a Port City OS Wave 2x12.
  14. frails

    What are your 5 favorite speakers?

    WOW I'm really shocked no one has mentioned the Reeves Vintage Purple. Far and away the best speaker I'm owned. Now for 100+W amps, cranked with huge sound I like the bigger brother, Eminence George Lynch Super V12. Others that I like are the EVM12L, Hellatone 60L and the Eminence Red, White and...
  15. frails

    Orange Rockerverb Question

    I have one and yes it is. All amps, even ones with an effects loop can have a pedal or two that just doesnt sound as good as it did with another amp. But I am pedal heavy using mostly Gilmour's setup and the BK Butler Tube Driver kills with this amp. The Electric Mistress as well. The Carbon...
  16. frails

    Plexi sound without blood dripping from my ears...

    "...some of the tone comes from big iron and 100w of headroom moving speakers..." I would agree with that somewhat. But that's not what he's saying. He's saying the TUBES make the Plexi tone. That's discounting the preamp circuit which is where I disagree. There's whole sites dedicated to the...
  17. frails

    Plexi sound without blood dripping from my ears...

    I had a 18W Plexi built on a Hammond chassis with 2 EL84's and it friggin killed. Especially when I stuck in some Tesla Hex' power and Brimar preamp tubes. They can be had cheap on ebay and the circuit is not hard at all to build in. I strongly disagree that it's not Plexi tone. It really killed...
  18. frails

    A question for Orange RV50 owners...

    Slightly off topic but has anyone tried the new MKII? I have the 1st version of the RV50 (Limited Edition in white) and have been offered a deal I can't refuse. I love this amp so much that I would like to buy the MKII. Also, has anyone found the holy grail in NOS preamp tubes for this amp? I've...
  19. frails

    High Gain Amp Shootout, Saturday June 20th, Hollywood, CA

    Went through the whole listening experience again the last two never gets old! Great job, James!
  20. frails

    Motor City Pickups?

    Not to change focus of the thread but since you mentioned metal, I have a WB UV20 bridge that's available. I also have set of Suhr DSH+ and DSV for higher output.
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