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  1. cyberprimate

    why are '60s rock concert films so intolerable

    What's the movie on the right ?
  2. cyberprimate

    Don't people know the Beano Album anymore?!

    Always loved jazz guitarists, delta blues, always hated this kind of electric rock blues, from Clapton to whoever, Bonamassa, Mayer… that rock stadium blues stuff is almost pollution to my ears. Not sure what I dislike most between their soul less singing or their guitar. Also I'm exasperated to...
  3. cyberprimate

    Theory Player vs Ear Player

    The great thing about music theory is that you're able to compose even after losing your hearing, although you're no longer able to hear what you write. I'm an ear player but that frustrates me. I'd love to be able to read and understand musical analysis of this or that classical or jazz piece...
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