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  1. Rebel-Guitars

    Rebel Guitars visits RS Guitarworks

    Here's some pics from my trip to RS Guitarworks last week. Roy, Scott, and the guys were great and spent a lot of time showing me around. Hope you enjoy the pics; Shop pics The shop pics show all the wood in different stages. There were prototypes, freshly cut bodies, and bodies heading for...
  2. Rebel-Guitars

    Rebel Guitars Facebook page Give-away

    Head over to the Rebel Guitars Facebook page and hit "Like" to be eligible to win some cool stuff, including this FretBox from Virgil Mandanici and Here's the link; First give-away is a signed Jim Marshall photo once the number of page...
  3. Rebel-Guitars

    Now carrying M-tone Guitars!

    Rebel Guitars is now an authorized dealer of M-tone Guitars! These guitars blew me away at NAMM, and apparently lots of other people. Adam Grimm of Satellite Amps is the new owner of one, and Premier Guitar Magazine chose the M-tone Slipstream as Editor's Pick for Day 3 of NAMM. I'm excited to...
  4. Rebel-Guitars

    Updated 2/22/12; More new Teye Guitars in stock

    Five Teyes T-Series guitars in stock including the Rebel Guitars exclusive model the Scallywag in White, Black, & Shipwrecked. Also, sending the discontinued El Platero off in style is the limited "Goodbye-to-T" El Platero. Limited to six pieces, all will be Shipwreck finished, with neck binding...
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    Rebel Guitars website update; New brands, new pics, new inventory

    Go check out the latest update to Rebel Guitars. Lots of new pictures, a News page for builds in progress,, added social media links to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube w/demos coming soon. Tweeting from NAMM, so follow us on Twitter. Also, we added some...
  6. Rebel-Guitars

    JBG & Red Rocket Guitars now at Rebel Guitars

    Very happy to annouce the first JBG and Red Rocket guitars have arrived and look great. The JBG Supertone SE flat out rocks! Love it! And the new Red Rocket Atomic Six models have all the quality Matt is known for. Anyone close by should really come try these out! More on order...
  7. Rebel-Guitars

    New Firebird from Gigliotti Guitars

    Here's the first of three Firebirds that Gigliotti Guitars built for Rebel Guitars. It came out great. Weighs 7.84lbs, very balanced and sounds fantastic. The next two should be done this week; Tobacco Sunburst w/3 mini's & Turquoise Burst w/2 mini's. I'll have the specs up on the site later...
  8. Rebel-Guitars

    RS Guitarworks Firebirds (TeeByrds) & TeeVee in stock Rebel Guitars

    Here's three new guitars from RS Guitarworks heading to Rebel Guitars. The Buck-O-Byrd, and a TeeByrd & TeeVee matching set in trans orange. A matching Buck-O-TeeVee, along with a Butterscotch TeeByrd and a Caddy Green sparkle TeeByrd are almost done. Roy and Scott never disappoint!
  9. Rebel-Guitars

    What's new at Rebel Guitars

    Just got from the Nashville Amp show and here some new gear from there plus the last week or two. Rebel Guitars now carries Malinoski Art Guitars. These blew me away at the show, so I had to grab a couple; Evil Robot Combos and Heads are in stock, all signed by Phil X Two new RS...
  10. Rebel-Guitars

    Rebel Guitars on Facebook

    Go "Like" the new Rebel Guitar Facebook page. There will be lots of post, pics, tags, videos, etc not found on the regular site. Thanks!
  11. Rebel-Guitars is up!! is up and running! Please go take a look and feel free to email, call or PM with questions regarding any of the guitars or amps.
  12. Rebel-Guitars

    Rebel Guitars exclusive Teye model; The Scallywag

    Here is the new Teye model, The Scallywag, exclusive to Rebel Guitars. This one is in Teye's new "Shipwrecked" finish. I have two Shipwrecks coming, this one and another with a distressed faceplate. The third Scallywag will be white with a black faceplate. Message me if you want one of these, or...
  13. Rebel-Guitars

    wesb14jr now Rebel-Guitars

    Just a heads up to let all my buds here know I've changed my username over from wesb14jr to Rebel-Guitars. I'll be launching very soon, and already receiving new inventory from Teye Guitars and Retro Channel. Be on the lookout for killer new gear from Kauer, Gigliotti, & Hembry...
  14. Rebel-Guitars

    NGD: Crook Firebird

    Here is my latest Crook guitar and best yet from Bill. This Firebird has a very lightweight Mahogany body, a prototype hum-canceling Kinman single coil wound a little hotter than normal and the DiMarzio mini-hum that Bill has wound for his guitars. I got this guitar in last Thursday and gigged...
  15. Rebel-Guitars

    NGD: RS Guitarworks Rockabilly Jr

    I've been wanting to get my hands on a RS Guitarworks for a while now, and couldn't resist the Caddy Green Rockabilly Jr. And it doesn't disappoint!! First thoughts was how nice the case and case candy was. Nicer than most G&G cases I get with a lot of guitars. Nice COA, spec sheet, and RS...
  16. Rebel-Guitars

    NGD: Trussart Steel-Tele-Master

    Here's my latest Trussart, a Steel-Tele-Master, Rust-O-Matic on cream snakeskin, pine body with Brown driftwood finish. Should be here within the week!
  17. Rebel-Guitars

    Check out this new Trussart SteelDeville with P-90s

    First SteelDeville w/P-90s! Somebody get this from their In Stock page so I can quit looking at it!
  18. Rebel-Guitars

    Bill Crook you've done it again! New LP jr guitar

    Check out this new guitar from Crook Guitars. Very similar to one that Brad Paisley lost in the Nashville flood. I needed something a little hotter so we went with a Fast Track T in the bridge. I can't wait to see more of these Jrs in all the different finishes. Thanks again Bill, can't wait til...
  19. Rebel-Guitars

    Teye A Series La Llama Custom Plus

    Here is my Teye A Series La Llama Custom Plus with an incredible Flame Maple top and Black Limba body. This is by far the best guitar I've ever owned. I've been playing my Teye S+ at gigs and couldn't be happier with their performance. But this A Series has so much more attention to detail...
  20. Rebel-Guitars

    NGD: Crook Paisley Tele w/Mini Humbuckers

    Just got this in today from Bill this morning. Red Paisley with binding, matching headstock, and DiMarzio Mini Humbuckers wound just for him. I really like the pickups. Lots of bite, & cleans up well. Great guitar. Thanks Bill!
  21. Rebel-Guitars

    Some NAMM pics; Trussart, Teye & Duesenberg content

    My pictures are not even close to some already posted here, but I thought I'd share a few. Teye Doubly & La Pearla La Llama A Three Sister La Mora A The new T Series Me and Teye (my fav pic of the trip!) Duesenberg Booth
  22. Rebel-Guitars

    Bruce Kulick video on making of BK3 coming out Feb 2nd

    Here's a great Bruce Kulick video on making of BK3 coming out Feb 2nd.
  23. Rebel-Guitars

    Bruce Kulick video on making of BK3 due Feb 2nd.

    Here's a great Bruce Kulick video on making of BK3 coming out Feb 2nd.
  24. Rebel-Guitars

    Trussart Pics: Deluxe SteelCaster Variax

    Check out my latest Trussart. We spec'd this Steelcaster out to incorporate the Line 6 Variax electronics. It has seperate outputs for the Variax and the Magnetics. I'm very pleased with the finished product! The alternate tunings are a blast, and of course the guitar itself is great! More to...
  25. Rebel-Guitars

    NGD: Teye La India & La Morena Pics

    Here are some pics of my new Teye Electric Gypsy S+ La India and La Morena. I can't say enough about these guitars..except I haven't picked up a Tele since I got them. Awesome guitars! I plan to get one of the La Llama soon!
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