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    NGD! PRS Brent Mason

    That's the way the PRS knobs are. I like them because I'm always doing volume swells so they feel great to me. Looking forward to a tone report!
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    John Mayer Incase Gig Bag

    This was the FIRST gig bag of its type. Mono and all of the other guys came along many years after. That is why there is so much hype about this thing. It was probably the first hybrid type bag on the market that offered great protection. In 2003-2004 there was nothing like it. As far as...
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    Tell me about this PRS CU22 Soapbar Please

    Loved the two that I had. Absolutely amazing guitars! Had problems getting them quiet enough to record with. In the 2 and 4 positions the pickups were a little too noisy for me to track with. Sonically robust. I miss them.
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    Caring for a rosewood neck

    PRS told me to use Pledge. Yes, the furniture polish. We are talking a solid rosewood neck and not just the fretboard, correct? I do it maybe once a year.
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    All St. Louis Made Gear Expo

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    New Fender Ltd Ed American Strat Solid Rosewood Neck

    I've been playing this guitar quite a bit. The weight on the one that I've been playing is really light. I've owned a couple of PRSi's with rosewood necks, both a Modern Eagle and a 513, and didn't bond with them the way I thought I would have. The rosewood neck seems to work much better with...
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    What kind of sonic differences could I expect between a PRS SC and a Les Paul

    Be sure to try a 2011 or later PRS Singlecut with the two piece bridge.
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    Current PRS Guitars As Good As The Original Hand Made Ones?

    For me, the newer ones are better. I bought my first one back in 1996. I gig the hell out of them. My current SC58 is the best sounding PRSi I have ever owned.
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    How much of a MIM Strat is made in the USA?

    From what I remember: Frets are different sizes(?) Bodies for the Mexi guitars can be anywhere from 3-8 pieces. There is a veneer placed on the sunburst Mexi guitars. Notice the additional dark spray on the tummy curve in the back. This is to help cover that. Pickups are a major...
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    A guy walks into guitar center (some PRS content too)...

    "I tuned everything and played it through a flat EQ Acoustic brand solid state amp." Hmmmmmm.
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    PRS JA-15 Hollowbody or HBII???

    Didn't know that. The 53/10's sound amazing in the guitar. Maybe its the pickups that are doing that darker, warmer sound. After first playing it my thoughts were to track down a set of 53/10's and put them in a HBII that I had. I've got 245's in my single cut HBI and for me they were a...
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    PRS JA-15 Hollowbody or HBII???

    I guess my question to that would be 'compared to what?' Not bright at all. The HBII is much brighter than the JA-15. I bought a Singlecut HBI with a mahogany back because I wanted to get rid of the brightness that I was getting from my HBII, and it is warmer than that. It is a darker...
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    PRS JA-15 Hollowbody or HBII???
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    PRS JA-15 Hollowbody or HBII???
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    PRS JA-15 Hollowbody or HBII???

    They come with 53/10's. Best sounding PRS hollowbody ever. Much closer to that full thick archtop sound than a HBII could ever get! Its the only guitar I'm lusting for at the moment!
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    I Need A Nice Gig Bag

    Got an Incase that is 9 or 10 years old at this point. It has been around the world and is the best bag I have ever used, but its beginning to show it's age of nearly 200 gigs per year as well as carrying a guitar, a pedal board and a laptop. Got a Continental for a 335 that I like. It sits...
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    Flying with soft case?

    You should be good. I've been flying around a lot this year already. Depending on the airline, see if you can do early boarding so you can get some good luggage space in an overhead. Be polite and kind. Everybody has a job to do!!
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    Tried some PRSi today (Custom 24 v DGT v 513)

    What amp did you play these through? I only ask because my 513 is very amp sensitive, if that makes any sense.
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    I Just Played An Original 1958 Stratocaster

    Arrrrrggghhh!!!! This brings back memories. In 2000 I played a '58 that was magical. I was told that it belonged to an old traveling preacher. Looked like it had been tied up to the trailer hitch of a pickup truck and had been driven across Missouri. Totally beaten to crap! I have never...
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    Anybody else pawn a guitar to cover the bills this week?

    Gonna have to sell a high end guitar to cover bills for the next couple of months. Had a tour get cancelled on me right around the time hurricane Sandy hit. Don't have anything major kicking in again until february or march. My Collings I-35 will probably be the sacraficial lamb, but thank God...
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    What do you just love about the Fender Stratocaster?

    I can't pinpoint exactly what it is, but I'll say it like this: A great strat is like that grease soaked heart clogging bread smothered in pork fat and barbeque sauce in the bottom of a cheap styrofoam plate. So good, and yet so bad!
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    Who Here Is A Working Pro or Semi-Pro Guitarist?

    I'll bite. Full time pro for 23 years. Been all over the world because of the guitar and grace! Now I'm thinking about giving it up. The economy, plus a daughter in college and a wife that's been out of work for three years has me weighing other options.
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    Do GC sales mean anything?

    Depends. I've had my eye on a mexi-strat that i just loved. Played it for a good half hour every time I went into the store. Was $500. My buddy that manages the place told me that he would give it to me for $450 out the door. I thought that was a good deal, but I told him I would sleep on...
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    WOW...FEDEX LOOSES MY 1970 Gibson ES-335!

    First time I ever had a guitar shipped to me via fedex they left the guitar at the wrong address. This was about 6 years ago. It was a '61 strat. I kept checking the delivery info online. It said "delivered" at 1:10 pm. I was home. I nearly lost it. After doing about an hour of detective...
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