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    What makes a brown eye hairy?

    extra tube gain stage in front of the BE.
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    Marshall DSL1 Preamp in Boss MS-3 Effects Loop

    Yes it would work. I have the MS-3 and you can do the 4cm with an amp that has an effects loop. Like you said, you'll have to deal with the fact that the marshall will need a load.
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    Morris Perplex'd JR

    Have the jr30 head. It is definitely loud enough to hang with a drummer.
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    NAD - Morris Perplex'd

    The amp is awesome! Everything I've always wanted in a M style single channel amp. Gain is nice and thick, but really clear and cuts in the mix as good as any... cleanup with the volume knob is excellent. Got it last Thursday, and used it on shows on Friday and Saturday. The soundguy at the...
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    NAD - Morris Perplex'd

    Update: My amp is almost done and Glen has been posting clips of it on instagram: I believe these clips are made with "my" amp :dude oh man, the tones!! i'll be receiving it next week, cant wait!!
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    NAD - Morris Perplex'd

    @bbaug14 I also saw your posts about the colby mod machine. that was on my short list before ordering the morris. how would you compare them in for M style rock tones?
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    NAD - Morris Perplex'd

    Thanks! I did speak with Glen before ordering and he told me that the Perplexd jr 30 can be built with a 2 x el34 class A/B power amp like the GCM (from my understanding this would be similar to the 'typical' power amp on most marshall type amps like a plexi or jcm800), or the dual el34 in class...
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    NAD - Morris Perplex'd

    I didn't really inquire about the 15 because I already had my eyes set on the 30. From the youtube clips, to my ears, the 30 sounded a bit bigger and thicker than the 15.
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    NAD - Morris Perplex'd

    Sounds awesome! I just put in an order for a perplexd jr 30, can't wait!
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    High gain tube heads that sound good at bedroom and gig volumes?

    EVh 5153 50 watt sounds good at low volumes.
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    BOSS KATANA 刀 amplifiers

    Has anybody tried the Katana 50 or 100 combo with a Nylon String acoustic in a band setting? This won't be my main purpose for it, but if it can do this pretty well, it would save me from buying a dedicated Acoustic amp.
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    New Amptweaker Defizzerator

    @amptweaker Thanks for sharing that James, awesome info. Yes I have the same experience with good tube amps and I use them the same way coz I learned listening to Ed all these years lol. I used to gig with a tube amp (Laney VH100R) but recently moved to modelling for reasons other than tone...
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    BOSS KATANA 刀 amplifiers

    hand raised lol have serious gas for this amp that i don't need!
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    BOSS KATANA 刀 amplifiers

    @Elantric, Boss should be paying you for all that stuff.. or at least give you some free gear!
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    Fryette Introduces the Power Station

    Thanks for the update. Cant wait to buy the PS, but I need the rack hardware as well... so I'm waiting for that to come out!
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    Fryette Introduces the Power Station

    Question: when will the rack mounting hardware be available? Thanks!
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    Carvin X100B IV - Talk me into or out of buying one

    Don't do it, there are better amps for the money. Disclaimer: I still own an old X100B from the late 80's, but I haven't heard or seen the new one. The old one had bad build quality (although it never really broke on me), and mediocre tone.
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    Top Ten Reasons I'm Amply Insane

    #4 -- i have done (and still do that) -- as an IT security guy, i can tell you that they make secure passwords, especially if you include the model name with the numbers and years #2, yeah it think we've all done that Lol #9, i think we've all been there too #10 - just curious, what pedal is...
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    Good sounding 1x12 open back speaker cabinet?

    +1 on this. I' ve been using them for gigs the past few years when i can't (or am too lazy) to bring a bigger cab. Honestly I don't miss the bigger cab when i use the mesa, really great cab.
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    My Peavey VTM-60 is a B E A S T !

    I've also modded mine for a footswtichable volume boost -- very simple and very useful mod! I also modded what some of the switches do, but nothing wrong with stock -- just tuning it to suit my tastes better. can't remember all the mods but there are 2 switches that add a cap parallel to the...
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    My Peavey VTM-60 is a B E A S T !

    I have a VTM 120 that I picked up for $225 a few years back... Still have it and don't plan on selling it ever. Great sounding amp, especially when turned up.. but yeah it is stupid loud. Mine has the original tubes as well and they are still kickin.
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    4 ohm amp into an 8 ohm cab?

    should be fine, that's a common mismatch. some people do that as they claim they like the tone better
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    Incoming: Laney GH50L

    I still rock a Laney VH100r, whose gain channel is identical with the GH100L and GH50L 4 gain stages, awesome modern/vintage hot rodded marshally high gain tones... cuts thru a live mix with no problems high end can be a bit much with certain setups, but choice of speakers and tubes can help...
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    Amp build suggestions

    How bout a trainwreck style preamp with a 2xel84 poweramp (push pull or songle ended)
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    the drive channel that made you sell your dirt pedals

    I haven't sold all my dirt pedals, but they are in a box somewhere in my basement... thanks to a Laney VH100R -- underrated, under-appreciated, but seriously good
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