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    Fender Nocaster

    Which one did you get? I was in there on Friday and played all of them.
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    Am I silly for wanting a LP and an SG?

    A little off topic but... Anyone throw P-90s into a 61 RI SG? Just wondering how it would be. Im looking for something a little nicer than a SG classic.
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    Recomend me a Jazzmaster (1,000-1,700) range.

    Wildwood has some thinskin AVRI Jazzmasters. I think there 1600
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    Andy Wood @ Vocal Asylum then Tone Merchants with Pete Thorn

    What time is the clinic Saturday? I dont see anything on Tone Merchants site.
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    What is the Best Butterscotch Blonde Telecaster?

    Do they make a Nocaster with 9.5" radius?
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    Fender Modern nitro finish

    I talked to Steve the owner of Wildwood guitars and he told me the AVRI Thin Skins and the EJ Strat are nitro on nitro finish with absolutely no poly undercoat.
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    Fix for Raw Fingertips?

    Take some time off to do other things away from the guitar. Listen to music, ear train, transcribe etc. I wouldnt sweat it too much. Ive heard that the auditions are very easy.
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    Any strat players who play gibsons?

    The neck on my EJ strat is alot more similiar to a Gibson so its not that much of a difference transitioning between the two.
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    52 Tele reissue question

    I stuck with the 52 for over a year. Never really satisfied with it. A month ago I put it up against 3 other teles(some cheaper and some more expensive) and it turned out to be the one I liked least. I think it could benefit alot from a pickup change. But I agree with the other people. Stick it...
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    White Teles. Black Guard. Maple Neck.

    Is the 9th one down with the heavy relic a Jeff Beck tele?
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    R4, R6, R7, R9, R0

    Yea I was wondering how people got those different colors on R4s and R7s?
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    The most versatile electric guitar is?

    Teles then 335's as a close second
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    ES-335 vs. LP for Jazz

    I havent had to carry one around but my friend has vintage Super and said it was terrible to carry. But maybe the older ones are heavier? Theres a ton of choices. As for the tubescreamer suggestion, I just said that because its nice to have a little grit for some of the tunes such as solos on...
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    ES-335 vs. LP for Jazz

    Is this the amp that you would be playing everyday in jazz band? Most schools have amps there but maybe some dont. If this amp is to play with the jazz band then the AC-15 is definetly not powerful enough. A Super would do a good job. If your going tube I wouldnt go for anything under 30 watts...
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    ES-335 vs. LP for Jazz

    From personal expierence I would recommend the 335. I just got a Gibson and couldnt be happier. I play in the high school jazz band and I can say from my experience the 335 will nail every sound you will need and will hit more of the sounds you will need than a LP. To those that say it wouldnt...
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