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    Why I role my eyes everytime I hear people praise Squire classic vibe.

    Its funny, my experience has been the exact opposite. MIM fenders feel like cheapo toys and the CVs feel like a real instrument.
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    Is this Les Paul worth $1400?

    That does look like a nice guitar and I've heard that the 90s classics are better than the later ones. However, this would be a big guitar purchase for me and i really don't want a cherry burst. I know, its stupid but I'd much rather have a tobacco burst or even a honey burst. I think i'll...
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    Is this Les Paul worth $1400?

    Yeah, it's been the source of some Craigslist drama because it's been on there for a while with no price change. I always forget about Chris' I need to check there more often. So it sounds like the consensus is that if I play the guitar and love it then it's an ok price but if not then its...
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    Is this Les Paul worth $1400?

    ok, cool. Thanks guys!
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    Is this Les Paul worth $1400?

    This has been on my Craigslist for ages. I think it's a 2004 and I think the seller has got kind of a stubborn/pride thing about sticking to his price so I probably wouldn't be able to deal much, if at all. I'm interested in it but I'm not sure...
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    what kind of tele should i get for my first tele?

    I've never played a MIM Tele I like as much as my CV burst squire Tele. IMHO, its very giggable and durable. MIM teles always feel chincey to me and the squire doesnt.
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    Squier Classic Vibe Tele Pickguards...?

    Sorry to bump an old thread but just wanted to check before i order. WKG: did you have to do any modifications to get the pick guard to fit or did it just drop right on? I have the same guitar and want to get the same pickguard. Also what did you check in the second drop down menu? "Fender...
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    Fender Classic Vibe '50's Tele for $280 shipped?

    I played a couple different ones at a couple different shops before I got my CV Tele, FWIW all the ones I played were VERY similar in action and playability.
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    Does anyone have any experience with the Rhythm Pick?

    That site looks like it was left over from Angelfire in 1995
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    Rosewood or Maple - what playes faster

    I've never tried a maple fretboard I liked
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    What gauge string do you use on your Les Paul?

    I recently switched from light to medium (11-14-18-28-38-49) and have never been happier
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    What is the best deal on an Epiphone Les Paul (or similar) right now?

    I play a Samick "Greg Bennet Designed" LP copy. I put BB pros in it, got it set up well and love it. It cost me $150 plus $125 for the set of pickups. I have no desire to get any other cheaper LP style guitar. I want to some day get a real Gibson, but nothing else tempts me.
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