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  1. frails

    Sold Classic Amplification Vibe Baby CV-2 - STEAL THIS!!!

    Best vibe I’ve tried by a mile. Gluts
  2. frails

    Sold Classic Amplification CV2

    For me, hands down the best vibe I've tried for David Gilmour tones. GLWTS.
  3. frails

    Sold Buffalo FX TD-X

    I'll take it.
  4. frails

    Sold Strymon El Capistan V2 $200

    I have a vintage Boss CE-2 Chorus. Not an Analogman but killer nonetheless.
  5. frails

    Sold Flight Time FT-1Y Delay, Neunaber Stereo WET reverb

    Classic Amplification Vibe Baby + cash? PM'd.
  6. frails

    Sold Pedal

    I also have a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 +.
  7. frails

    Sold Pedal

    Any interest in a trade plus cash? Pick any of the following and I'll throw in cash as needed. Gigrig Midi 8 Top Tone DG-2 Classic Amplification Vibe Baby Pete Cornish LD-3 Devi Ever Rocket El Musico Siamese Scream Orange Micro Terror Head Boss CE-2 Chorus
  8. frails

    SOLD - Mojo Vibe

  9. frails

    FS: Fulltone Hammond Box Deja Vibe! Rare!

    Do these pre or post date the big white boxes?
  10. frails

    FS: Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress price drop

    What am I missing on the Mistress. $90 is insanely low. Send it off to Howard Davis for a few mods ($30-40) and enjoy the finest Flanger ever made. GLWTS
  11. frails

    FS: Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe $SOLD

    Taking trades yet, Andy?
  12. frails

    FS - Mojo Vibe ($old), Keeley Looper ($old) & Dunlop CAE Wah

    I'll take the Keeley Looper. Emailed.
  13. frails

    Fs:Arc klone, TopTone Light Drive

    Hey Courtney, taking trades on the Light Drive?
  14. frails

    WTB: Klon KTR

    We have one for sale and one available for trial. Best Offer or $50 for a 10 day trial (weekends included for free as always).
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