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    Need a replacement for a Norton in the bridge of an HSS strat

    When I was playing strats as my main guitar, I had a Virtual Hot PAF in the bridge. I thought it had a really nice tone (not dark at all) and worked well with the Areas I had in the neck and middle. I've had many dimarzios -- paf pro, breed, AT-1, gravity storm, air classic, air zone, (never...
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    Ibanez Jem jr

    ask around at Jemsite, lots more ibz talk/info over there...
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    Upgrading pickups in PRS SE Floyd

    Dimarzio Gravity storms or Transitions
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    Which Ibanez am I looking for? Need some Ibanez help...

    If you want the shark tooth inlays, you can look for an older RG7xx series or the newer RG2550 or 3550's. The RG770's from the 90's comes up at good prices sometimes.
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    pickups and pots for an American Fat strat?

    Air zone in a strat with 500k pots sounds really good, you should try that first. do the suhr wiring so the bridge bucker sees 500k , and the singles see 250k. it takes some work but it's worth it.
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    Wow, the 2015 American Std Shawbucker...

    Any news if Fender is going to sell the shawbucker separately?
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    How much to pay for Epiphone Elitist?

    800 would have been a great deal, at 700 CDN you stole that thing! congrats
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    Duncan 59 vs Dim Air Zone

    compared to the 59, the Airzone will have a bit more output, more mids and low mids, and less top end. this could be better or worse for you, depending on your preferences and of course the other parts of your rig...
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    Guitars that feel like Yamaha Pacifica but have a FR

    yup look for old pacificas from the 80s or early 90s. they had nice high end ones with floyds. Like this one:!&highlight=pacifica
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    New parts strat & Dimarzio Injector questions...

    i would check the pots -- some low quality pots marked 250k could be well below 200k and cause that dark and dull sound.
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    Do you like Japanese rock guitar sound?

    Wow such a terribly ignorant post :(
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    Ibanez Fireman Type Builder?

    There's a guy on ebay who sells Fireman bodies that will take Ibanez necks. I think he is called Perle guitars, he has good feedback on Jemsite too.
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    Pickup Covers Off?

    covered looks better, but uncovered sounds better.
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    Thomastik Infeld to me about Electrics

    mrprinter, thanks for the valuable info. Is the brass coating just for protection, or does it make the unwound strings sound warmer as well?
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    Thomastik Infeld to me about Electrics

    curious about these strings too. Also wanted to confirm, are the unwound strings (the brass plated ones) in the blues sets and power bright sets exactly the same?
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    Single Coil size Humbucker

    Dimarzio makes great single sized humbuckers based on your description, check out the: pro track virtual solo heavy blues 2 is it for the bridge spot?
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    All maple body guitar pups suggestion

    try a dimarzio Air Zone to tame brightness. If it is still too bright, try using 250k/300k volume pot instead of 500k.
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    Best budget noiseless Strat pickups?

    +1 on the Dimarzio areas. all the tone and none of the noise, enough said.
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    Need opinions from Yamaha Pacifica users

    just change those pickups.
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    How good is the "record out" on the Blackstar HT-5R?

    My suggestion is to skip the cab emulation of the Blackstar, and to use Redwirez cab sims in your DAW. I don't own a blackstar, but this is the method I've used for recording with the modelers I have (digitech RP1000 and POD HD300)
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    Decent solidbody in the $200 range?

    Yamaha Pacifica
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    Just blocked my Strat Trem

    I couldn't stand playing my strat until I blocked the trem about 7 years ago. It's now my #1 gigging axe.
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    Why so many pedals

    Yup, guitarists like variety. I have lots of pedals, but I only put a few on my gigging board.
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    Good H/S/S Single Coil pickup suggestion for a Super Strat??

    the cruisers sound great. they sound like a fatter louder single coil Listen to andy timmons, he uses cruisers in a H/S/S config as well. but he uses the cruiser bridge model for the neck and middle -- that's the ticket! if you want louder and fatter that the cruiser, try the pro track.
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    Dimarzio PAF Joe and Mo' Joe in a 335. Opinions?

    RedTiger is right about the PAF Joe having less mids than the paf pro, but it still has more mids than a typical paf-style neck humbucker. It also has a bit less low end than the paf pro, so it really suits the neck position. I will add another characteristic of the PAF Joe that doesn't get...
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