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  1. frails

    Loop Switchers...... There is a difference

    Agree with the OP 100%. I’m using a QM10, QM4 and a Loopy2 on my board along with a G2 and its perfecto! I no longer need the Midi8 or Pro-14. Gigrig stuff is worth the money.
  2. frails

    Uni-Vibe enthusiasts?

    Comparisons were done at home using a Gigrig Pro 14 and a 71' Hiwatt DR504. I wanted to like the Vibe Machine, I really did. But it sounded flat in comparison. Hope that helps.
  3. frails

    Uni-Vibe enthusiasts?

    I have both of Classic Amplification's vibes (Vibe Baby and Classic Vibe). Compared them to the Vibe Machine, Sixties Vibe, Mobius, MDV-2 among others. The CA vibes are still the best for me. I prefer the non-wah style myself so I'd be willing to sell the Vibe Baby.
  4. frails

    Earthquaker Devices The Depths vs Mojohand Fx Villanova

    Anyone have a chance to compare the two? Which is better for Gilmour vibe tones? Villanova seems to excel at dirty vibe tones and The Depths seems to excel at avoiding the flat eq most vibes have.
  5. frails

    Anyone one tried the Mojo Hand Iron Bell AND Pompeii?

    The Pompeii looks more intriguing to me. If it's anywhere near as close to Gilmour's tone as the 1978 pedal is to Corgan's, we'll be thrilled.
  6. frails

    Best Vibe Pedal?

    It's on the list for sure as is the MJM Sixties Vibe.
  7. frails

    Best Vibe Pedal?

    Vibe Baby
  8. frails

    Best Vibe Pedal?

    There was one put up on ebay tonight and I had to grab it. Interesting thread going on here. My two cents is I've had the MDV-2, MDV-3, Drybell and The Depths. Sounds like most of you would be surprised to know that the MDV-2 sounds best through my rig that includes a 71' Hiwatt, Evidence Audio...
  9. frails

    Tuners that allow pass through

    I can't help so while I should refrain from posting, I just want to say once I bought one of those little snarky's I never looked back. Great little things.
  10. frails

    What's Your Cure for GAS?

    If you want to try before you buy, give us a shout at The GAS Station Online. $25-35 for a 10 day pedal rental plus we pay to have it shipped back to us. If you like any or all of the pedals you are trying, you have a purchase option.
  11. frails

    Analogman Sunface NKT White Dot has come back to earth

    This clip of the BC109 version is as perfect as it gets for me. Granted I chase Gilmour tones mostly but this one isn't 99% there, it's 100% there. A Fuzz with low end that's not a Tone Bender? Sign me up.
  12. frails

    Electric Mistress & Alternatives?

    I went with the LED, Volume Drop and the Deluxe to Vintage mods. DELUXE ELECTRIC MISTRESS MODS: TOTAL BYPASS MOD Total bypass can be done for any Deluxe Electric Mistress, but is unnecessary on recent models for which the Input Impedance Increase is preferable. INPUT IMPEDANCE...
  13. frails

    Electric Mistress & Alternatives?

    I'm scratching my head on this one. I sent my Electric Mistress to Howard Davis and when it came back, I couldn't turn it off. So perfect in every way and really all I cared about was nailing Gilmour stuff. So a friend came over with a Hartman and I expected to fall in love with it. It was so...
  14. frails

    The TWO best fuzz options available, IYO

    Stomp Under Foot Civil War and Violet Ram's Head Muff's.
  15. frails

    What are the best pedals (within these categories) you've ever played?

    I'm not gonna state that this has probably already been covered because I'm certain it has. But with new versions being made available all the time, threads like this are a moving target. What I'd like to know is categorized below. If possible, please cut n paste the format so each entry is easy...
  16. frails

    Analogman Sunface NKT White Dot has come back to earth

    Thanks for the replies. I'm a self-admitted Big Muff whore, with a SUF Civil War, Top Tone DG-2 and Light Drive on the board. I'm looking for some fuzz that like HB's and this might be the ticket. Sorry for the temporary hijack. Now back to our regularly scheduled program....
  17. frails

    Analogman Sunface NKT White Dot has come back to earth

    What I would like to know is how do they sound with humbuckers compared to single coils? My experience with fuzz is that it sounds better with single coils. Could this low gain option be the ticket? I've almost given up trying to find a fuzz (not distortion) that sounds great with HB's.
  18. frails

    How much "high gain" is the gain from Gilmour when soloing???

    Was in Vegas so late to the discussion but I'm sorry, the only way to play a Muff is with the Sustain and amp cranked. I'm running a 71' Hiwatt DR504 into a HiTone 2x12 with DR-F speakers and with the Muff tones coming from a Top Tone DG-2 and SUF Civil War. When I play that setup with the...
  19. frails

    Anybody have a Colorsound Power Boost (the orange one)?

    Rumor has it Gilmour favored the ones made in 69'. Ooops old thread, sorry.
  20. frails

    The compressor that's above all others - Demeter Compulator

    Hmm I don't know if I've had the same experience. But then, I run a lot of pedals and had issues until I put a Cornish LD-3 first in the chain. Now every pedal sounds like it should. Really it's one pedal I could never go without going forward. I know it sounds like I'm projecting all or nothing...
  21. frails

    The compressor that's above all others - Demeter Compulator

    MXR Dynacomp MXR Script Reissue Dynacomp MXR Custom Comp Ross Pharoah Amps Monument Boss CS-3 BYOC (this one MIGHT have been optical) Keeley
  22. frails

    The compressor that's above all others - Demeter Compulator

    Yes this is my first optical. I went through the list in my head and was surprised by this fact.
  23. frails

    Please recommend something similar to a Cornish NG2 Fuzz.

    I would wait for Top Tone to clone that one. Maybe shoot them an email and ask. Cuz all I know is doing a side by side of their DG-1 and DG-2 to the Cornish P-2 and G-2, I was simply AMAZED at how identical they are. I sold my Cornish pedals soon after.
  24. frails

    The compressor that's above all others - Demeter Compulator

    I have tried so many. Some I have really liked. But once I turned on the Demeter Compulator, I knew I had found THE ONE. This thing is so versatile. Right amount of squish and oh so musical. I am finding that I even prefer it as a booster for say the KLONE. I am loving it with humbuckers as well...
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