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  1. oil

    BJFE Thread

    Fuzz '65 sounds epic, I'd love one of those. Oh man. And a flanger? Bjorn has never done a flanger I don't think.
  2. oil

    BJFE Thread

    Just found that out too. Hope some more come up. I did the Done Bender kit and it is fab.
  3. oil

    NPD: 80Tape In Limbo iii Compact Analogue Delay

    It is rare to find a pedal that you know will never leave your pedal board but for me this is one of those pedals. The modulation is so lush and tweekable and the multitap helps create some great sounds. This delay pedal is unique.
  4. oil

    BJFE Thread

    I built the Bone Bender kit during the Christmas holidays and it was great fun and the results amazing. As Bobby says, it is very well organised and easy to follow. This is my first pedal kit ever, all I have soldered before are pots and pickups. Most of it was pretty easy if you follow the...
  5. oil

    Opinions Please: New Pedal board vs Fractal FX8?

    I used the DT Sr for ambient wash sounds and the FX8 does that plus much, much more with the Multi Delay. I haven't tried to get exactly the same tones but it can do dirty and warm delay sounds. I have been trying to get a good DMM sound and I am getting there. The amount of control you have in...
  6. oil

    Opinions Please: New Pedal board vs Fractal FX8?

    I have gone from pedals to FX8 about 10 days ago. Before I had: BS2 Buffer > Volume pedal > BJFE PGC > Tees Wah > Clusterfuzz > BJFE Honeybee > Buffalo Fx Evo > BJFE BPB > Effectrode Tubevibe > Foxrox TZF (original) stereo Out 1 - DMM > Strymon Dig > Ditto X2 > amp 1. Stereo Out 2 (from TZF)...
  7. oil

    gurus echosex 2 delay

    Just got my Echosex today. I am extremely impressed. It does effect the overall tone, on or off, in a really good way. It sits in the mix is beautifully and doesn't take over. Very special indeed. I have never tried a real Binson but I have had almost every delay pedal there is. Early days, but...
  8. oil

    Effectrode = Bliss

    Fantastic pedals. I am now running a Mercury Fuzz, Tube Drive and a Vibra Chorus. I also have the newest version of the Tube Vibe and can't make up my mind which I prefer, Vibe or Chorus.
  9. oil

    Baby Pink Booster...where should I put it??!!

    I put it after my drives. Fantastic pedal.
  10. oil

    Effectrode Tube Drive . . . !!!

    Well my tubes arrived today. First I tried the Panasonic ECC82 ( same spec as a mullard) in the Tube Drive which is equivalent to a 12AU7. Predictably there was a loss of gain and volume. It sounded nice but prefer the standard 12AX7s. At £25 this was quite a pricy tube and will try it in the...
  11. oil

    Effectrode Tube Drive . . . !!!

    New Tube Drive in the house!! Managed to score a new one from loopersparadise in Germany. Looks like they are still in stock. I just love the effectrode pedals and can't believe that I didn't discover them years ago. now have the Drive, Vibe and Mercury Fuzz and they are all just amazing. The...
  12. oil

    Best low gain overdrive

    I have tried many different pedals and the best low gain OD for me, playing single coils through EL84 amps is the BJFE Honeybee.
  13. oil

    Effectrode Mercury Tube Fuzz

    Look forward to hearing your take on it. The PC-2A is great need to play it more before deciding between it and the BJFE. The PC-2A is thicker and very sweet but the BJFE is special too and a little brighter in the mids. Both colour the tone - but in a good way.
  14. oil

    Effectrode Mercury Tube Fuzz

    My favorite compressor has been the BJFE PGC which is often described as a compressor for those that don't normally like compressors. I have just received a PC-2A in the post, my third Effectrode. Not tried it yet - but will do shortly.
  15. oil

    Show Your Pedalboard Thread #40-49 And Following

    Pretty rough photo of current manifestation. Effectrode Compressor and Echoczar/Angelbaby incoming.
  16. oil

    Best distortion pedal with AC30?

    After trying dozens of drive pedals, my favorites with my AC30 (vintage non top boost) are Buffalo FX Evolution for heavy drive/distortion and BJFE Honeybee for medium to light OD.
  17. oil

    Effectrode Mercury Tube Fuzz

    Yes it is indeed an individual thing. The P1 is an incredible pedal. The sound I get with the Mercury is what I have been seeking in a fuzz and it is very different from a P1. The P1 is deeper with more sustain and I don't think anything could beat it for leads. But that is not what I am after...
  18. oil

    Effectrode Mercury Tube Fuzz

    True, it doesn't, but a prefer to have just one fuzz on my board and the Mercurey knocked off the p1. The P1 is an amazing pedal, incredible depth and sustain, but for me the Mercury will cover my fuzz needs. A different beast for sure. I also have a Buffalo FX Evolution which I use for heavyish...
  19. oil

    Effectrode Mercury Tube Fuzz

    Do you have the phaser or chorus? Would love to try those. I have the vibe and it is just incredible. Unlike any vibe I have tried and does so much more than 'vibe'. Not much of a vibe guy to be honest but this pedal has left my lovetone flanger and doppelgänger idle. It jus has an incredible...
  20. oil

    Effectrode Mercury Tube Fuzz

    I have never played a Helios. I understand that the circuit is pretty much the same. Here is the text I have found on the differences: We’re very close to shipping the new Mercury tube fuzz pedals. This will be the first time I’ve got my act together to ship out a new pedal design...
  21. oil

    Effectrode Mercury Tube Fuzz

    Hello Mercury... Bye bye Cornish P1.... Nuff said. They are now on the effectrode website for sale. Get one.
  22. oil

    New Korg SDD-3000 Delay Pedal

    Perhaps I am just being dense but using it in stereo I can't find a way to control the delay feedback on both left and right outputs. What am I doing wrong? I been through the manual countless times. The feedback knob effects just one side.
  23. oil

    Do I need a Honey Bee ??

    Everyone needs a honeybee
  24. oil

    Favorite Bearfoot Pedals

    Careful... It quickly becomes an addiction. I have had a BJFE PGC and BPB for years. I know they will never leave my board. Dirt wise, I have come back to the the BJFE honeybee - this is my fourth one! They all sound different to me. This one is quite old, around no 100 and is ace. I also have a...
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