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  1. Nevil Bamshoot

    I now think I like SS amps better? Any one else feel the same way?

    I appreciate the information and agree with nearly all of this. I gotta say, though, that I definitely got some kind of 'sag' using a Sunn Concert Lead into a nice big 2x12 cab...that amp is solid state with a choke transformer, if I remember correctly. It didn't fully reproduce the valve...
  2. Nevil Bamshoot

    Laney Lionheart L5t-112 too loud...New speaker? Vox AC10C1?

    Gee, I was gonna suggest replacing 12AX7s with 5751s, but I see you've already subbed in even lower-powered tubes than those! A 5W amp with the tubes you're using and a less efficient speaker should be usable in a small room...but if it's hurting your ears maybe get a good pair of ear plugs?
  3. Nevil Bamshoot

    Best Solid State Cleans aside from Roland JC?

    I just got one of these today. Didn't have a chance yet to assault it with my full pedal setup, but plugged a baritone guitar into and it, and plugged it into a large Ampeg bass cab, played for a while, and was like "wooowww". I'm pretty excited to make much more use of this thing.
  4. Nevil Bamshoot

    Lighter version of EVM12L classic for Marshall

    I know the Eminence Swamp Thang is supposed to be somewhat based on the EVM12L, but I had one and could never get into it. I did really like the Weber Michigan though, which gets compared to the EV as well. Super low-end, not as heavy at all to lug around, worth a look.
  5. Nevil Bamshoot

    Why isnt there more talk about the Kustom Defender amps?

    I had the first model 50 watt Defender combo, and loved it. Got great use out of it for a couple of years, and then as I tend to do, I got bored with it and sold it. Which was really stupid because I had tweaked it really well, put a Phillips JAN 5751 tube in the PI, put a Jensen Electric...
  6. Nevil Bamshoot

    Jensen Jet Lightning and Falcon 12" speakers

    Well, unfortunately the setup I've used the the Blackbird with doesn't produce much clean sound for me to evaluate, I have it in an EarCandy Sovereign 1x12 cab (which is heavy on the lows already) paired with an Egnater Rebel 20 amp, and it doesn't take much for that Egnater to start adding a...
  7. Nevil Bamshoot

    Jensen Jet Lightning and Falcon 12" speakers

    I used the 12" Lightning in a 50 watt Kustom Defender combo, it's a really, really sweet speaker. It has a nice big, booming sound. Overdrive smooth and creamy, cleans chimey and jangly. I really recommend it, the demo videos where it sounds so good are not lying. Other than the Jensen Blackbird...
  8. Nevil Bamshoot

    Anyone use 5751 in v1 ?

    I've used a 5751 in the PI and V1, although now I have an Egnater Rebel, in which V1 and V2 are kinda reversed so I think I currently have one in V2 there (NOS RCA Command 5751). If I ever don't like an amp's sound, or want more sponginess or sag, I use a 5751. I had best results doing this with...
  9. Nevil Bamshoot

    Super cheap tube amp for effects...

    My recommendation would be one of the Kustom Defender series amps. I had one for a couple of years and eventually upgraded. Sold it on eBay, it went for right around $200 (that was for the 1st version, 50W combo). Has a nice master bypass feature, took pedals really well. Just something to look...
  10. Nevil Bamshoot

    Mesa/Boogie TA-15 or Two Rock EXO 15?

    What kind of speakers did you play it with, if you remember? I definitely want something that produces a strong low-end primarily. I love low-end. High-end, bright tones are never in short supply in electric guitar world, I find. I like some sparkly, but piercing highs and high-end midrange that...
  11. Nevil Bamshoot

    Epiphone Valve Junior

    I bought one in late-ish 2005, have used it as my practice at home amp ever since. Have even done some recording with it. I love it. I know some people mod them and change out various parts, but mine is still stock as I bought it, sounds great. I've never had a problem with it at all.
  12. Nevil Bamshoot

    Mesa/Boogie TA-15 or Two Rock EXO 15?

    Yeah I'd like to hear more too, if you don't mind, Kitten Cannon. It's difficult to find much info about, and even though I keep hearing people talk up their clean sound, nearly every demo of them is some dude playing various ODs, and frankly, none of them sound too spectacular. I'm not the kind...
  13. Nevil Bamshoot

    Mesa/Boogie TA-15 or Two Rock EXO 15?

    Interesting. Yeah, I've found an EXO 15 for a grand basically, which is part of why I started thinking about getting it, just to keep from losing that extra $300 that people don't seem to be willing to pay for them used. How do you feel about the clean headroom it offers? I know there can only...
  14. Nevil Bamshoot

    Mesa/Boogie TA-15 or Two Rock EXO 15?

    So I have heard. I live within a mile or two of 3 different Guitar Centers, but none of them have a TA-15 in stock. There are a couple of used ones, which I could buy and have shipped to a nearby store, but I'd like to try it out first before I buy.
  15. Nevil Bamshoot

    Mesa/Boogie TA-15 or Two Rock EXO 15?

    Thanks for the info, I will try to get my hands on each of them asap. Cheers!
  16. Nevil Bamshoot

    Mesa/Boogie TA-15 or Two Rock EXO 15?

    I will make note of the settings you describe and try them when I demo one. Thanks!
  17. Nevil Bamshoot

    Mesa/Boogie TA-15 or Two Rock EXO 15?

    Hehe, yeah, the Two Rock seems pretty uncommon and a bit expensive to "try out". I'm in NYC and nobody here has one in stock that I can find. Thanks for the added info about the TA-15 though, it sounds like it could work really well for me, potentially.
  18. Nevil Bamshoot

    Mesa/Boogie TA-15 or Two Rock EXO 15?

    How do you find the cleans on the TA-15?
  19. Nevil Bamshoot

    Mesa/Boogie TA-15 or Two Rock EXO 15?

    Interesting, thanks for the tip. I had mostly figured the Mini Recto to be a metal amp, but now that I'm reading around some I do find people praising the cleans. Will have to listen to some samples.
  20. Nevil Bamshoot

    Mesa/Boogie TA-15 or Two Rock EXO 15?

    Good to know, thanks. I don't mind a little edge a lot of the time, but I do want to be able to have really clean cleans that are pretty loud, at times.
  21. Nevil Bamshoot

    Jensen Falcon 10 - Please tell me about it (Updated with review!)

    I had one of these installed in a detuned 2x10 cab and loved the sound of it. Just loved it. As it broke in it took on a kind of saggy, compressed sound that made me love it more. Then a hurricane destroyed it and the cab it was in and all my other stuff. But it sounded great, paired with a...
  22. Nevil Bamshoot

    Mesa/Boogie TA-15 or Two Rock EXO 15?

    Anyone have experience with both of these amps? I'm looking for a low-ish watt head to replace my Egnater Rebel 20. I love the Rebel, but I'm come to see that most of the 'oomph' in that amp comes through the gain control. It has very little clean headroom, which is primarily what I want. In...
  23. Nevil Bamshoot

    Most disappointing amp?

    Carvin MTS3212. I loved it so much at bedroom levels. Then I played it at a gig.
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