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    Alto TS110A as FRFR?

    I use the ts110 with my hd500. When I got it I tried both the 12" and the 10" and to my ears the 10" sounded more natural than the 12". Even if they were both the same price and size I would have picked the 10". The cheaper price and better portability were a bonus.
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    I run direct FOH with my pedalboard plus..........

    I've had great results with both a Tech 21 Liverpool and a Zoom G3. Ran pedals into both of them.
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    Dang, Zoom is just doing everything right...

    Hmmm, YMMV of course, but I had a hold down for 2 seconds tap tempo pedal and then I got the Echo Park and it was a world of difference for me.
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    Dang, Zoom is just doing everything right...

    The Line 6 Echo Park has a totally different tap tempo system. Their foot pedal has a dual use switch. Soft taps are for tempo and harder "click" presses are for on/off. It's actually pretty ingenious and works very well for a single pedal design (not that there aren't still people that don't...
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    Load Box to take monitor mix to iem?

    I know that's the traditional way to do it, but I find myself increasingly in situations where it would be very convenient to simply take what's feeding the wedge and use it to create my own mix. I did find this Anybody have any thoughts?
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    Load Box to take monitor mix to iem?

    I have a wireless iem system that has two inputs and I'd like to plug my hd500 into one of them and be able to plug the monitor mix into the other one. Does anybody know of some kind of load box or something so I can take the cable out of the monitor and use it to feed my iem system?
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    maxon sd9 copy on the HD500?

    When I used to use humbuckers the screamer and classic distortion stacked extremely well together. Definitely give that a shot. Remember to keep the gain low on both of them.
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    Introducing samples into live situation

    Ableton Live is very good for this application
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    a POD or something else? (need very cheap modeler for rehearsal)

    +1 I have a Liverpool and a G3 and they both would work very well for what you want to do. I would probably give the G3 the edge because of the variety of amp models plus the effects, drum machine, and looper.
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    zoom G3

    I have an m9 and just got a G3. Having only spent a few days with the g3, I would say for just reverb the m9 is better. The G3 has other advantages though.
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    NMD: Zoom G3

    I bought a G3 off of Ebay and got it yesterday. I have to say I'm pretty impressed! I have been using an hd500 direct to FOH for awhile and been pretty happy with it but i also have a pedalboard with some decent pedals and an amp that I like (Marshall JCM 600). My reason for getting the G3...
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    FRFR for Gigging Guitarist with Modeler

    This is sort of true. Yes, the tone is the same but the way our ears hear loud sounds verses quiet sounds mean that the exact same tone will sound different at to our ears at different volume levels. Loud will sound fuller and there will be a perception of more bass (assuming the monitoring...
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    best budget modeler for clean/jazz tones

    Check out the Tech 21 Character pedals, I would imagine the Blonde would work well for the sound you're looking for. I've used the Liver pool direct to a PA and it sounds great.
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    ipad apps

    I bought GarageBand, and ampkit. I really wanted to like ampkit but there are some glaring omissions in effects (no tempo synced delay, very minimal reverb, no easy to use looper) and it just didn't sound great, good but not great. I use GarageBand 99% of the time and most if that is on the Vox...
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    Line 6 M9 M-series updates?

    That is why you probably wont see any further updates of the M-series boxes. "If its still selling why improve it?"
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    Replacing switches: my m13s was not built like a tank

    A word of warning, the actual switch replacement is pretty straight forward but drilling out the hole for the new switch is a little tricky. I tried the diy route and got stuck halfway through drilling the first hole. I had to send it out to get it done right. Not saying you can't do it, just...
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    Line 6 JM4 or Digitech Jam man

    I've used a computer onstage for 3 years, no major problems (just things like someone forgetting to plug something in, could happen with anything). Yeah, like I said, it's more complicated, but there are some advantages. When I say reliable I'm really talking about musically. It's more reliable...
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    Line 6 JM4 or Digitech Jam man

    I would seriously look into using Ableton Live for this. More complex, but more reliable, easier, and more consistent
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    Tech 21 character pedals versus modellers..

    I have a liverpool that i think compares favorably with my hd500. IMO, If you like having individual effect pedals but want to go direct to a PA or record silently then the Tech21 pedals can't be beat for the price. I have no experience with axe-fx or kemper.
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    M9 into Garageband on iPad 1

    Thanks! I'm using the Apogee Jam.
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    M9 into Garageband on iPad 1

    I really like the Vox sim. Everything high gain sounds like garbage to me. However, a high gain pedal into the Vox sim sounds pretty decent. At least, IMO.
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    M9 into Garageband on iPad 1

    Thanks, I was really just testing the M9 that had just come in the mail yesterday but it just sounded really good to me and I ended up just playing for about an hour. I was really impressed with how well the Garageband amp sim took pedals.
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    M9 into Garageband on iPad 1

    A clip of me messing around in Garageband on the iPad using an M9 for some effects. To me it sounded a lot better than Garageband by itself. Oh, and the playing is horrendous. So just listen for tone. :) Bass, strings, and drums are all smart instruments. The rhythm and lead guitar are both...
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    HD 500 Owners: Would you buy model packs?

    I'd rather have user IRs, Will Chen alluded to this but I think the cab and mic models make more of a difference in the over all sound than people think. User IRs equals more mic placement options as well.
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    Help me avoid a scam (axe-fx 2 content)

    well, it was all a moot point because the guy never e-mailed me back (there was no phone number on the listing). So either he already sold it or I will now start getting continuous emails about how to "enlarge" things. :bonk
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