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  1. david(j)

    Sold JHS AT Plus (@+) in Black

    JHS AT Plus (@+) in limited Black with Red knobs. Excellent / Outstanding shape. Very little use. Will ship in original box with manual, pictured. $175 shipped and Paypal'd. Only selling to recoup funds because I finally caught up to a guitar I've been chasing. US only. Thanks.
  2. david(j)

    Sold Supro 1310 Tremolo

    Excellent cosmetic and functional shape - a small chip on the front and some slight wear on the sticker. No box, but ships with manual. $139 shipped and paypal'd. No trades, thanks.
  3. david(j)

    NPD - JHS AT+

    So this landed yesterday and I had some time to check it out this morning through my 68CDR. JHS AT+... I'm loving it so far. I didn't think I'd really care about the "headroom" switch, but it's actually got some very cool variations on the theme here. I love the EQ, and the boost seems like...
  4. david(j)

    Belated N(U)GD Post - PRS S2 Standard 22

    Bought used from Dave's Guitars about a month and a half ago. So I'm late! But I've been busy playing, so I don't feel bad! This guitar immediately became one of my most played instruments. It's fantastic. Credit to Dave's - it arrived set up, polished, and looking basically new. It played...
  5. david(j)

    FSOT Catalinbread Galileo MkI - $189 - trades added

    Galileo MkI in excellent shape - Vox-style low gain drive with independent treble boost. Fully functional, sounds very cool, and the independent boost is an awesome option to push other drives or your amp. Ships in original box, small velcro neatly applied. $189 shipped and paypal'd. Would...
  6. david(j)

    NAD! Rivera R55-12 / Fifty Five Twelve. Total Sleeper.

    Happy Father’s day to all the Dads out there. So I picked up a Rivera R55-12 "Fifty Five Twelve" used last week at my local GC. I still haven't had as much time with this thing as I'd like since I brought it home last week, but everything so far has been absolutely killer. I can't really...
  7. david(j)

    Rivera 55-12 - deposit down, picking up tomorrow

    Played a used one at my local GC on Saturday. Super reasonable price...kind of awesome, really. It's a Combo with the stock 85w Celestion. Both channels had a ton of range and we're pretty easily dialed in. Volume seemed solid. Gain channel ripped pretty good, and the cleans went from...
  8. david(j)

    Sold Bareknuckle True Grit Humbucker Set - Black

    Excellent condition, majority of lead left. Bridge is 53mm. $185 shipped and paypal'd. No trades, thanks.
  9. david(j)

    Sold Paul C Timmy V3

    Excellent shape - picked it up recently but already have these bases covered. Looking to recoup my $$ and that's it - no gouging here. No velcro, comes shipped in original box with original manual sheet and original paper towel! $185 shipped and paypal'd to the lower 48 states. No trades...
  10. david(j)

    Sold Keeley Compressor Mini, Keeley Red Dirt, Lovepedal Black Mamba Tchula

    Keeley Compressor Mini - $SOLD shipped and paypal'd - outstanding shape, 1 owner, super clean, no issues. Ships in original box. Keeley Red Dirt - $SOLD shipped and paypal'd - very good shape, has velcro residue on the back. Works on power supply only, hence the price. Awesome TS pedal for a...
  11. david(j)

    NPickupD! Wolfetone Timbre Wolf!

    Not a lot of talk on this particular model. Lots of Marshallhead / Dr. Vintage talk, but the Timbre Wolf (A5 version) and Fenris (A2 version) don't get a lot of press, so I thought I'd report in. The Timbre Wolf landed last week, and I got it installed and started checking it out pretty quick...
  12. david(j)

    Sold Retro Sonic Flanger!

    Retro Sonic Flanger in excellent shape! $185 shipped and Paypal'd to the US only. No trades, thanks. I just built a Tele and need to recoup some funds. Original owner, purchased direct from Tim. This is the newest version which retains the sparkle of the classic circuit. If you're after...
  13. david(j)

    NGD / NPCD! Tele Content!

    New Guitar / Parts-Caster Day! It's a few weeks old, but the new bridge arrived yesterday and I got it installed and set up. Super fun project! Meet the new Tele. Came out great. Main Specs: Vintera 60s body Player Plus Neck Fender Locking Tuners Gotoh In-Tune bridge Reverse-Tele Wiring...
  14. david(j)

    Operation: Mindcrime - revisiting a milestone

    Still holds up. Epic in a profound way. Everything about this record rules. Hair included. That ESP in the Stranger video is so iconic. Just badass. Classic DeGarmo.
  15. david(j)

    Sold Neunaber Immerse, Keeley D&M Drive

    Neunaber Immerse - $SOLD shipped and paypal'd. Keeley D&M Drive - $SOLD Both are in excellent shape, and have velcro on the back. Both ship in original boxes with manuals. Thanks for looking.
  16. david(j)

    Sold Lovepedal Deluxe 5E3

    Just got this guy. It's got lots of overlap with some of my other drives, so hopefully someone else can use it. New - taken out to test only. The logo arrived to me looking like it the printer was running low on ink. No velcro, ships in original box. Sounds awesome. $115 shipped and...
  17. david(j)

    Teles around the $1k mark....

    I played a Player Plus last week and I really really liked it. Pros: Neck (felt awesome. I’m a sucker for rolled edges), tummy cut, color, series option, pickups seem ok but more on the warm side? But they’re noiseless.... Cons: pickguard (easy) and pickups? I really like the broadcaster...
  18. david(j)

    Tele GAS strikes.

    I'm not really a Tele guy, but every few years I get the Tele GAS happening. Use would be limited. I've bought and sold a couple in the past, and they never stick. But I saw this great color on a 2014 American Standard... Got me thinking. Welcome back, GAS friend. Welcome back. @#$#!!!
  19. david(j)

    Thrice - Horizons / East

    New Thrice album out this week. It's phenomenal. Get into it.
  20. david(j)

    Sold Boss DD-8, Retro Sonic Flanger (!!!)

    Both of these are in excellent shape, and ship in original boxes with paperwork. Boss DD-8: $SOLD shipped and paypal'd. No velcro. Retro Sonic Flanger: $SOLD shipped and paypal'd. Velcro neatly applied. This is the newer circuit revision with more present top end. Sounds incredible. Lower...
  21. david(j)

    Praise for the Orange CR120H

    I've been using this head for a new original startup project. The head has been on top of a Mesa 23" 1x12 open back Transatlantic cab. Now, I've enjoyed this amp for quite a while, but I haven't had the chance to use it in a loud band context until recently. It's been absolutely fantastic...
  22. david(j)

    NGD - and it's purple!

    NGD! This was a couple weeks ago, but I've been honeymooning pretty hard. This is my new (to me) RGA61AL. I picked it up slightly used with a case for a nice deal (even in these crazy times...). It's so much fun!!! I've wanted a color scheme like this on an instrument for a while...
  23. david(j)

    Sold Keeley D&M Drive - $SOLD

    Keeley D&M Drive - just an awesome dual drive. Velcro on the back - ready for your pedalboard. Excellent shape and functions perfectly. Ships in original box with velvet back and all the schwag. $155 shipped and paypal's to the lower 48 states. Pics:
  24. david(j)

    Sold Jet Micro - 2020 Version - MIDI for your Stomp

    $100 Shipped and Paypal'd Excellent shape, velcro on the back.
  25. david(j)

    Sold Boss DM-2W

    $SOLD shipped and paypal'd Excellent shape. Label slipped off the back but is included. Ships in original box with all the papers.
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