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  1. eclecto-acoustic

    Channel strip plugins...what do you like using?

    I'm looking for a full-featured channel strip in a single plugin, primarily for workflow purposes. Not a fan of jogging between plugin windows with different UIs and the like. Anything you all use and/or recommend?
  2. eclecto-acoustic

    Akai MPC Key 61

    Didn't see a dedicated thread for this beastie.
  3. eclecto-acoustic

    Can someone make this, please? (Rhythm box content)

    I was reading through some of the discussion in the digital and modelling section and it got me thinking about how badly the drum and rhythm machine space needs a UI overhaul. I feel like a touch screen is so perfectly suited to a modern sample (and synthesis?) based drum machine, especially...
  4. eclecto-acoustic

    Utility compressor, hardware only

    Looking at a compressor with a side chain input for controlled pumping effects while doing jams on my synth stuff, but also for "ducking" duty during the odd live event where I need canned music to make way for an MC. Looking to go cheap and cheerful here, and the format doesn't matter so...
  5. eclecto-acoustic

    x-post: macOS file organization help

    So it's been a minute since moving from Windows 10 to macOS, and I'm struggling to get a solid grasp on organizing the music library. Hoping someone here can help me out. The overarching goal is to have granular control on organizing my music library, to have ZERO duplicates on my main storage...
  6. eclecto-acoustic

    Educate me, if you will (hip hop, rap, R&B, etc)

    I'm hunting around for some modern examples of the title genres that sort of pay homage to traditional roots and sounds. Expressed like an equation: Chris Stapleton/Sturgill Simpson et al are to Country & Western as ???? are to hip hop
  7. eclecto-acoustic

    Behringer Proton

    Looks to be the big sibling to the Neutron! $299 USD, available whenever pigs learn to fly, the way things are going.
  8. eclecto-acoustic

    Modal Cobalt 5S

    Always nice to see really solid cheaper options out there.
  9. eclecto-acoustic

    Incoming BARP...(Blue Marvin!)

    I was gonna wax poetical about the ARP 2600 being mesmerizing and all, but most of you get that already. I have a software version of this thing and it exudes sonic madness. Now I get to integrate a hardware version (with a real spring reverb!) into the rig. Owners and explorers...any tips? I...
  10. eclecto-acoustic

    Interesting twist to the Behringer...thing...

    Y'all remember that video Benn Jordan did about a year ago talking about Behringer, some of the shady stuff they do, the Corksniffer pedal, and a charity promise? Well, regarding the charity part, it appears that they more than made good. $200K donated to charity, in addition to 1500 synthesizers.
  11. eclecto-acoustic

    *sigh* Synth module ideas?

    EDIT: I'm leaving the OP intact, but I've fallen deep into the synth rabbit hole and my priorities have changed somewhat. Feel free to read, but skip to the end to see the current state of things. I managed to stave off the lure of hardware synths for another year, but the siren call has...
  12. eclecto-acoustic

    Finally learning "Carry On My Wayward Son"...some observations

    I've been taking lessons again for the last few months and it has been so good to have someone direct my musical energy a little bit. We've been working almost entirely on theory and "rudiments" at my direction, but today I asked if we could switch gears and work through a song that was very...
  13. eclecto-acoustic

    LP: Where has this person been all my life?

    At least for me, I feel like she's a case study showing that even when you're really into a lot of different kinds of music, someone as successful as her (both as a performer and a writer for others) can just fly under the radar. Crazy. I definitely prefer these stripped back sessions to the...
  14. eclecto-acoustic

    The "Keep Creating" Thread

    I've made a sort of deal with a friend in meatspace, and thought I'd extend it to here. Rules are simple: Each of us must write and record at least one solid musical idea* and share it with the other at a set interval. For us, that's every two weeks, but I intend to record an idea every week...
  15. eclecto-acoustic

    Not that we needed another reason to praise Arturia...

    ...but we have one anyhow. I don't know that they are the only company in this space doing this work, but it sure shows some character when they do stuff like this.
  16. eclecto-acoustic

    The versatile synths thread

    Let's have it! For those more learned in the dark arts of synthesis, what are your picks for synths that can kind of do it all? (I'm also dipping my toe into the waters of maybe not doing a synth computer...for research purposes...don't judge me...I can be mercurial if I wanna be :banana )...
  17. eclecto-acoustic

    Let's say you wanted a dedicated synth/sample COMPOSING computer...

    ...what would you prioritize in your build? For guitar amp sims, you generally want really good single-core speeds more than anything to help process and turn around the analog signal. I know that triggering samples is really more a matter of a healthy amount of RAM, but are synth/sample loads...
  18. eclecto-acoustic

    Trying to decide...Helix LT, GT-1000, FM3

    Need something that works great for acoustic, electric, and bass. All styles from old blues to modern metal. These are all in the same general price range...not looking to go higher without a truly compelling reason. Helix LT - I'm familiar with the ecosystem and the Line 6 ways of doing...
  19. eclecto-acoustic

    Novation Circuit Rhythm

    Finally released today after being teased early in the year. Price-wise, it's competing with the likes of the Electribe Sampler, which complicates things since I'm looking for a device like this :cool:
  20. eclecto-acoustic

    Behringer Brains

    Coulda sworn it was gonna be something zombie related but it turns out it's more mad scientist...
  21. eclecto-acoustic

    Refining the workflow...

    So I've got a KeyLab 61 MkII, and I'm thinking it's not really doing it for me. The unit itself is nice, but there are some things I miss from having the DrumBrute Impact that I want back, and I don't think I'm going to put enough time into learning the piano to justify such a big keyboard. I...
  22. eclecto-acoustic

    Windows 11 Update Thread

    Let this be a bit of a placeholder while new information comes in. I'm very curious to see what this new version brings to the table. I gather it won't really be focused on creators specifically, but ya never know what they'll throw our way. I'm also keeping an eye on the big Windows 10 thread...
  23. eclecto-acoustic

    Effects of CPU under-volting on low latency audio?

    More of an academic question as I'm not facing this issue right now. Generally the rule for under-volting has been to keep working your way down until you have obvious stability problems and then back off when you hit the limit. I'm curious to know if anyone has tried this (not necessarily while...
  24. eclecto-acoustic

    Clip launching...kind of revelatory

    After learning the theory of how it works via reading and watching some videos, I never really got around to doing much more than fiddling with it in Live. As someone who over-analyzes and has a hard time organizing ideas for songwriting, the timeline is just not a good fit for getting stuff...
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