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  1. Down and Out in NYC

    FSOT D’Avanzo DA # 048

    A super strat shaped like a slightly twisted tele. Think old school Charvel. Build quality is phenomenal. Killer fret work. Quality lumber. Superior finish work. VGC + condition with a couple small marks on the back, the worse of which is in the photos. Most folks would prob list it as excellent...
  2. Down and Out in NYC

    Sold Thorn Artisan SFC Series 9 # 1 of 5

    Each of the 5 guitars in this series feature a 1-piece curly maple carve-top cut from the same board. A board Ron had been hoarding for years, waiting to use on a run like this. Each guitar features a unique wood or pickup configuration, making all 5 tonally unique. This one is constructed of...
  3. Down and Out in NYC

    Sold Thorn (s)

    Please no trade offers, keep questions to PM’s. Plenty of detailed pics available for interested parties, just ask, I can text you any specific photos you’d like. Pictures are available of anything / everything mentioned. Everything works as it should on these guitars. No surprises. All 3 of...
  4. Down and Out in NYC

    Sold Thorn R/S

    Was “ suppose “ to be down sizing last year. Needless to say that didn’t happen. So we’ll give it a shot now. 1st up is a burgundy mist R/S. It’s in excellent to near mint condition. It’s got one small ding down to the wood (pictured) outside of that it’s super clean. Unfortunately I do not know...
  5. Down and Out in NYC

    Sold Giffin Special Edition - Price Drop

    Price Drop - $XXXX all in shipped in the continental Roger Giffin - The man , the myth , the legend. What makes this one special ? Ultra curly flamed mahogany , violin purfling , scalloped nut , recessed truss rod cover , Brazilian Rosewood , Wolfetone Dr V’s , EVO gold fret wire , abalone...
  6. Down and Out in NYC

    Sold Wild Customs WildOne Art Top

    A rather rare and unique bird. Available for sale we have a Wild Customs WildOne with an Art Top. A few words straight from the Luthier : WILD CUSTOM GUITARS is an artisan workshop… a human-sized company… We deliver finely crafted instruments. Our guitars are designed, built, and finished...
  7. Down and Out in NYC

    Sold 2010 Suhr Classic

    2010 Suhr Classic in Olympic white with a matching headstock and BIG V neck. Very clean for an 11 year old guitar. Close to if not excellent condition. A couple MINOR impressions , some cool finish sink in the thin skin finish and the pickguard has done its job. SS frets show no wear. Capable of...
  8. Down and Out in NYC

    Sold Yamaha BBPro Series 5 String

    High end MIJ version - this is the pinnacle of what Yamaha musical instrument division can do : Alder / Maple/ Alder Body Construction 6-Bolt Miter Neck Joint 5-piece Neck YGD Custom V7 Pickups (AlnicoV) Vintage Plus Bridge : Convertible Bridge and Saddle Lightweight Open Gear Tuners I.R.A...
  9. Down and Out in NYC

    Sold Thorn G/T

    I went a lil cucu for covid puffs last year and acquired waaaaayyyyyy to many guitars. Wanting to get the numbers back down into the single digits. If I could keep all the Thorns I would. Big fan ! His guitars are all special and this one is no exception. Take a look SOLD : all in - as far as...
  10. Down and Out in NYC

    Sold D’Avanzo 1942 JD

    Just scooped up another one of these w a little bit more of a hot rod vibe so this one needs a new home D’Avanzo DA#011 BODY STYLE: 1942 aka JD BODY WOOD: 1pc swamp ash HEEL: Traditional w/ neck plate BODY FINISH: Bright white NECK WOOD: Quartersawn maple SCALE LENGTH: 25.5" RADIUS: 10 - 14...
  11. Down and Out in NYC

    Sold Thorn G/T

    KILLER KOA - Ash - Lollars Dare I say near mint to excellent condition ? I dare. I don’t have detailed specs on this one. Koa , Ash , maple - obvious. I’m guessing the neck is .840 to .920 w a compound radius fingerboard 10 to 14 w nickel silver Jr 90 sized frets. Asking SOLD all in PP’ed ...
  12. Down and Out in NYC

    Sold Thorn Deluxe 90

    2013 Thorn Deluxe 90 - Very good to Excellent condition - no major dings , dents ,scratches etc. Just normal signs of use for an 8 year old nitro finished guitar. I had the bridge pickup swapped out for a Duncan custom shop mini humbucker wound to JB specs also having the tone control removed...
  13. Down and Out in NYC

    Can this tuner be fixed

    Or is it shot needing to be replaced ? Took delivery of a Thorn R/S on Thursday. The strings looked and felt new and had been loosened prior to packing. While tuning it up and stretching the strings out I noticed the high e tuning peg turned much easier then the others. My first thought was no...
  14. Down and Out in NYC

    Sold Thorn

    I think I’d like to add one more to the family. Watcha got ? Shoot me specs and price. Let’s make a deal !
  15. Down and Out in NYC

    lacquer sealed neck , is it enough ?

    Noobie question :) Putting together everything i need for a partscaster. The neck I picked up from musikraft came finished with their lacquer sealer. Does additional finish need to be applied or should that offer enough protection ? Gratuitous pic
  16. Down and Out in NYC

    Wild Custom Guitars

    Anyone here have experience with these guitars. Maybe owned on for awhile ? still have one or three ? maybe you got to check one out at NAMM or a guitar shop ? what did you think ? playability , fit , finish , tuning / neck stability if owned long term...
  17. Down and Out in NYC

    I really shouldn’t be checking yahoo jp

    Because I find things like this that I can’t afford ! anybody wanna buy a slightly used kidney ? Somebody needs to bring this back home
  18. Down and Out in NYC

    Sold Thorn G/T - Koa and Limba and Rosewood Oh My

    Ron Thorn SoCal G/T # 149 E5304F53-AFD5-47CB-AD35-04DDF612A80C by Down and Out in NYC posted Jul 11, 2020 at 2:07 PM Materials and Components: · Solid Korina · 5A Bookmatched Koa Bent Top · Solid East Indian Rosewood Neck and Fingerboard · Duncan Pickups : Bridge - Saturday Night Special...
  19. Down and Out in NYC

    2 NOS Thorn’s just popped up on Reverb

    Not the specs I’m looking for but someone else should scoop em up ASAP that is all
  20. Down and Out in NYC

    Sold Custom Shop Tele

    Stunning Willcutts 50th Anniversary Fender Super Artisan Telecaster - 6105 Frets , 9.5 to 12 compound ebony board , Killer roasted Birdseye neck , clay dots , roasted alder body , bookmarked burl maple top. The rest of the specs can be found in the photo of the shop floor traveler. Very Good to...
  21. Down and Out in NYC

    whats this noise ? Helix related

    Pretty self explanatory. What's this static type noise when I palm mute ? Seems to be there all the time as i'm muting but becomes more obvious as I chug slower Typically happens with the high gain models on the Helix. Stock presets , fremen presets , my own presets. Pretty much on all the...
  22. Down and Out in NYC

    Sold TelePartsCaster-2nd price drop !!!

    My first attempt at spec’ing a partscaster. Came out rather nicely if I do say so myself but it’s time to move it along and get project number 2 under way. I guess this is my 1st attempt at losing money on a parts guitar. Yay me !!!! High quality parts thru-out. Professionally finished ...
  23. Down and Out in NYC

    PayPal on face to face transactions

    Would you do it ? Accept PP as payment on a face to face deal ? Bought an electric on Reverb a month or two back. Pretty nice. Smooth transaction. The seller was/is literally located 45 minutes away from me. When he saw my location he offered to let me pick it up to save on shipping. I...
  24. Down and Out in NYC

    Sold Locking Tuners - Telecaster bridge

    unused set of locking tuners and Fender pat # bridge SOLD
  25. Down and Out in NYC

    Sold Telecaster Body

    Killer unfinished Tele style body. Mahogany back , really nice maple top , chambered SOLD
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