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    Any Jason Isbell or Shawn Colvin fans here who live in Vancouver? Want tix to see them there March 1?

    I live in Los Angeles, and bought tix online for Jason's upcoming concert at the Orpheum Theater here (I thought). When I got the ticket confirming email, I realized that I had accidentally bought tix for his upcoming concert at the Orpheum Theater IN VANCOUVER. I tried to cancel the sale...
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    Rogue Guitar Shop - recent experiences?

    I ordered an amp (Matchless Laurel Canyon) from them back in March, which was backordered at the time, gave them a deposit. Hadn't heard anything at all, in the last week I've sent two emails, used their contact us setup on their website, and left a phone message to ask about the status. No...
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    Songhoy Blues

    I was reading an article in Premier Guitar about Songhoy Blues, a two-guitar rock band from Mali who base their music on African Desert music (the way American and English blues -rock was based on black American blues/folk songs). Their music is amazing. My favorite new music for the moment...
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    Sold 2003 Vox Ac30hw (uk) Head And Cab Fs

    I have come to the realization that though I absolutely love this amp, I'm not using it and it should be in the hands of someone who would. A very limited number of these were produced (less than 500 total, I think less than 200 head and cab versions). They were hand assembled on the Marshall...
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    Movie Alert Echo in the Canyon

    I had seen an early version of this at a film festival last year, it came out officially at least in Los Angeles last week. Highly recommended.
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    Sold 2006 Fender Eric Johnson Strat Black/Maple SOLD

    THIS WAS SOLD OVER AT REVERB. 2006 Eric Johnson Strat, Black/Maple. Weighs 7.0 pounds on my digital bathroom scale. I'm the original owner, I bought this new in August 2006, have played it at few rehearsals but it's lived most of its life in its case in my nonsmoking home (it never seemed to...
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    Contour (or bass-cut) control - why the difference based on placement before or after volume pot?

    I have a bunch of partscasters. Several of them have two humbuckers, all vintage two-wire types. In order to have more sonic options, I've installed a bass-cut control (similar to the Reverend Contour control), in which a 500K pot rotates from passing the original signal on, to passing the...
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    SOLD Matchless Nighthawk 15R Combo

    Sold. This is a 2004 Matchless Nighthawk 15 with Reverb. It's pretty much a 15 watt version of the right side of a DC30. Glorious clean and dirty sounds. Has the standard Matchless modified G12H speaker in it. It's the glorious mother of shower curtain multicolored tolex. Last fall I...
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