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  1. Yr Blues

    Is there anything like a Barbershop under $50?

    Anything in the tonal ballpark would suffice.
  2. Yr Blues

    I have a Smokey Amp

    That I want to take apart and make a schematic of it. Is there a service that would do that for me that I can send it to? They wouldn't even need to send it back to me. :knitting
  3. Yr Blues

    Not A Keef Urban fan, but his Strat is awesome!

    To be honest, I don't think I ever heard a KU song to form any opinion on.
  4. Yr Blues

    Have you personally known a terrible singer that got good over time?

    What was that like? :munch I like to sing, unfortunately for the people listening.
  5. Yr Blues

    Why is mixing so hard?

    I suck royally at it. :cry:
  6. Yr Blues

    Are there any modern poly techniques that are super thin?

    I have a project in mind but I don't want it to yellow, even though I prefer nitro. Shellac might be too weird for an electric guitar.
  7. Yr Blues

    This Tasty Brown-Burst

    What colors do I need to achieve that?
  8. Yr Blues

    Anyone make P90s that are closer to the Strat sound?

    I want to replace humbuckers with a Strat-like P90.
  9. Yr Blues

    What's the closest thing to a Pultec EQ in pedal form?

    I love its tone shaping ability and massive low end.
  10. Yr Blues

    What is the most sophisticated EQ pedal?

    Looking at my daw, the EQ plugin can do passes, shelves, curves, notches, and so on. EQ pedals are usually really basic.
  11. Yr Blues

    Is there such a thing a Matte Nitrocellulose?

    Not a fan of poly. Is there something I should try like a french polish?
  12. Yr Blues

    Pickup directly under the 4th harmonic

    Does it present feedback problems?
  13. Yr Blues

    What tools do I need to copy my Squier MINI?

    I want to try duplicating it. Where should I start and what measuring tools do I need? Thanks.
  14. Yr Blues

    Mixing is hard!

    I spent a couple days mixing a song and thought it sounded great. Checked it in a few cars. Awesome. Then checked it on some Apple earbuds and the vocals were all over the place, like I didn't even use a compressor or even automate the levels. Everything else sounded fine. Mixing is pure voodoo.
  15. Yr Blues

    Why do tenors get more attention?

    Assuming both bari and tenor are singing with equal amounts of soul and technique.
  16. Yr Blues

    Bands or singers that can't play their own songs live.

    I know some singers like to sing at the top of their range in the studio, but could never sing it in the same key live or else they'd have to retire soon. Vernon Reid never plays his Cult solo live, at least I never seen him do it. Maybe he hates it. :dunno Susan Sundfor has a song with a huge...
  17. Yr Blues

    5 minutes into your set you realize you're having the dreaded "off night" …

    … how do you right the ship?
  18. Yr Blues

    Would it be possible to take the tone circuit and knob out of my guitar and stick it in a pedal with a switch?

    I dime my tone knob 100% of the time and adjust the tone on my pedals.
  19. Yr Blues

    Sassafras, what is it good for?

    Is it a tone-wood worth looking into?
  20. Yr Blues

    What tools (and sizes) do I need to completely disassemble a Squier "Strat"?

    I don't want to spend money on tools I won't use. :hide2
  21. Yr Blues

    School me on nylon strings

    I just buy whatever brand is available. I love the round, thick tone of nylon strings. What materials should I try?
  22. Yr Blues

    Analog delays that can't runaway feedback?

    Have you ever tried one that couldn't do it at all?
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