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    Sold Boss GT-1000 $700

    I purchased this late last year for at home practice, specifically at night when everyone is sleeping. Never did any gigs with the unit and it stayed in my smoke-free house. A lot of great sounds and tweaks available in this unit! I'm selling because it's a more complicated than I need. I have...
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    Way Huge Fat Sandwich missing R6 resistor

    I've had my Fat Sandwich apart for a few months and notice it's missing the resistor that goes in R6. One of the legs would go to the top leg of the curve pot and the other leg would go to the middle lug of the curve pot. I haven't been able to find anything online indicating what this resistors...
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    Installing CTS pots in Epiphone SG won't fit with lock washer.

    I've widened the holes for the pots, however, I'm unable to use a lock washer to secure the pot inside the cavity and then use the washer and nut on the top of the guitar to secure the pot. A regular washer in lieu of the lock washer will allow me to use the washer in top of the guitar. Is it...
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    Boss GT-1 Headphone Recommendations

    I originally posted this in the Effects Pedal section but thought I'd get more info over here. My wife got me a Boss GT-1 for Christmas so that I could practice after my child goes to bed. I am using headphones and the headphone out setting on the pedal. The headphones I'm currently using are...
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    Boss GE-7 Slider Lubricant

    I've got a 1980's GE-7 and the sliders don't slide that well. I've already sprayed them with Deoxit D5 but looking for a lubricant to help them slide easier. Is this what I should use...
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    Vox v847 Wah Manufacture Date

    I picked up a used v847 and just wondering if there is a way to determine the date it was made. It's not a vintage one but maybe it's from the 90's? The potentiometer says "Dunlop MFG" on the bottom side of the circuit board it says "REV A". This is the first time owning a Vox wah and for the...
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    Boss BD-2 Replacement Pots

    I picked up a used BD-2 and the tone pot is scratchy and cutting out when I turn it. I'm going to try some contact cleaner but if that doesn't work, I think I'll need to replace the tone pot. What pot do I need? Below is a picture of the tone pot (under the green capacitor) but I don't know what...
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    Adding a resistor on volume pot of pedal

    I added a 1.75k resistor to the outside and middle lug on the volume pot (B10k) of my MXR Super Badass Distortion to change the taper of the pot (gets too loud at 9 o'clock). Taper is much smoother now. What exactly is the resistor doing? Can it effect the overall tone of the pedal (I don't...
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    Mods for EHX East River Drive?

    Does anyone know of any mods to tame the brightness of this pedal? I see Alchemy Audio offers a mod but it looks like it deals with the gain and doesn't mention anything about other changes. The pedal has enough gain for my needs.
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    Les Paul switch issue?

    I have a 2017 Les Paul Tribute T that I replaced the circuit board, switch and pickups shortly after I bought it in 2017. The pots are all CTS from Stewmac and read over 500k. Caps are orange drops 0.015uf neck and 0.022uf bridge. The switch is a Switchcraft with braided wiring. It seems like...
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    How to remove LR Baggs Anthem?

    Does anyone know how to remove the LR Baggs Anthem control module from an acoustic guitar? It seems to be stuck in there pretty good.
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    Possible to clean scratchy Boss pedal pots?

    All the pots in my OD-3 are scratchy when turned. I have some of the Caig Deoxit but the pots are sealed. Is there a way to clean still clean them?
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    Measuring Cable Capacitance

    I have a bunch of cables laying around and wondering what their capacitance is. Does it matter if I measure one plug tip and sleeve or do I have to measure it from one plug's tip to the other plug's sleeve?
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    Bad power at a gig?

    We played an outdoor gig at a house party last night. Our power was a 50ft extension cord which we then split through splitters and more extension cords. We use 6 powered monitors, 2 12in powered mains, 2 12in powered subs, powered board plus all our music equipment (2 guitar amps and...
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    Dimarzio 36th Anniversary PUPs and covers

    I have a set a 36th Anni's that I decided to remove the covers from and try some magnet swaps. Once I got the covers off, it revealed both pickups were heavily wax coated (see pic below of one of the pickups). I used a hair dryer to melt a good portion of the wax and then manually removed most...
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    Anyone switch from LR Baggs Anthem SL to another acoustic pickup?

    I had the Anthem SL installed in my D35 about a year ago and I'm running it through a Boss AD-10. I'm finding that the guitar sounds either to bassy or too tinny. I've tried adjusting the mic/piezo balance but to no avail. I've also tried adjusting the parameters in the AD-10 (I might get rid of...
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    MXR Raijin Drive

    Looks like MXR's adding another drive to its collection. Based on two "iconic Japanese pedals - an overdrive and distortion". Boss SD-1 and DS-1?
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    Volume pot change in MXR pedal

    I'm going to attempt to change the volume pot in My MXR Custom Modified Badass Distortion. The pot says B10k which I believe is linear so I would like to change it to an audio taper. What happens if I change the pot to 20k, 50k or 100k?
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    Anyone using the Fender Santa Ana and/or the Full Moon Distortion?

    I just picked up the Santa Ana and I'm on the fence about it. It's not awful and there seem to be a lot of sounds available but it seems like the sweet spot is rather small. I was back and forth between the Santa Ana and the Full Moon Distortion in the store. The FMD seem to offer a little...
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    Plastic tube for an LED

    I'm going to install an LED on my MXR CSP101 but I need one of those plastic tubes the LED legs fit into. Does anyone know if that tube has a specific name and where I could find one?
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    Any Keeley Boss SD-1 Users?

    I just picked up a used Keeley modded SD-1 and I've noticed that when the pedal is engaged, if I play softly or let it sustain and fade out, the sound sort of sputters out. Sounds similar to a noise gate. Is this how the pedal is supposed to sound? The pedal has the Keeley sticker on the front...
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    How long can a company take to refund your money?

    I ordered a pedal from a well-known online retailer in March 2018. Got it 3 days later, tried it at home for 2 days and decided it's not for me. I'm well within their generous return period, request an RMA and send the pedal back expecting a refund of the pedal minus the free shipping I received...
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    Peavey Delta Blues 210 noise issue

    I have the newer version of the Delta Blues 210 and I'm notice some static and a little bit of popping noise coming from the speakers (You have to be standing next to the amp to hear it) as well as the volume cutting in and out. I've tried different cords, through the pedal board, straight in...
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    Anyone using Gator GTour pedalboards?

    I'm finally making the leap into the pedalboard world. Looking at the Gator GTour XLGW. Looks like a good value with the rolling case and storage underneath the board when in the case. How do these pedalboards compare to other brands?
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    Dead spot on D35?

    I just picked up a used 2017 D35 and it sounds great but on the 8th fret of the A string (F note) doesn't sustain very well and like its getting choked out. If I play an F note anywhere else on the fretboard it doesn't do the same thing and will ring out clearly. The strings are brand new and...
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