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  1. Marioverkill

    H3000 as a H949

    I recently got my Dr.Dan(Tramble) Plexi. I wanted to get as close as I could to the VH1 sound. I read or heard that they used a H949 on 1984. I tried using the preset 449 in my H3000 which is a H949 type preset. Gets really close !! I did a clip today and used it .
  2. Marioverkill

    *NAD* DR.Dan/Tramble VH1 Plexi**Clip 17**

    Dan Tramble is an amp builder from NS,Canada. He is one of the best early Marshall type amp builders. He was recently recommended by Dave Friedman on a Tone Talk episode. He has sold amps to members of 3 Days Grace,The Trews,Bryan Adams and George Lynch. Dan is one of the nicest guys you will...
  3. Marioverkill

    Rack rebuild

    So I decided to go back to a desktop type mixer. I picked up a Allen & Heath Mixwizard 16.2 WZ4. I chose it for the 6 aux sends and its other features. I have the 3 tides assigned to each a set of aux in stereo. I can feed to each other this way and maintain the stereo image all the way thru. I...
  4. Marioverkill

    H8000FW FireWire Question

    OK,I know, long shot. I have a Mac running OS 10.13.6 High Sierra. It is connected to my Focusrite Saffire Pro40 via FireWire. I connect my H8000FW to the second FireWire slot on the Saffire Pro40. If I click on the apple icon, about this mac, system report, the Mac sees the H8000FW on the...
  5. Marioverkill

    Big dog in da house(H8000FW)

  6. Marioverkill

    Ted Stevenson Classic

    Here's a cover using my Ted Stevenson Classic. Love this guitar. Backing track from Youtube. Leads and Fills are me using the Classic. @TED STEVENSON
  7. Marioverkill

    NGDx2:Ted Stevenson

    I've had these for a few months now as I like to have time with the instruments before posting.. These are guitars custom built by Ted Stevenson. This Blue quilt is a mahogany body with quilt maple top, maple neck with Pau Ferro fretboard, stainless frets,schaller Floyd,Ted Stevenson...
  8. Marioverkill

    Rack rebuild

    So the home rack outgrew the 10 space skb. I bought some 16 space rails and built a rack with wood left from a bookcase build I did this summer. I am finishing up the pedals drawer. Need to get a proper power supply. I am using the GCX to create a small switching matrix allowing me to place the...
  9. Marioverkill

    H3000 and Eclipse

    Hello all, I currently have a H3000B (with D/SE) upgrades. I am using it in a WDW guitar rig at home. I just purchased an Eclipse. The guy I bought the Eclipse from is interested in my H3000. I decided to keep it for now until I hear them both side by side. I would just like some opinions and...
  10. Marioverkill

    Mini Rig Complete

    Received my Ear Candy Mini 2 x 6 cab today.I can run it stereo or mono. I will usually run it stereo with my mini board ! Optimized-DSCN8337 by Marioverkill posted May 25, 2018 at 11:33 PM
  11. Marioverkill

    Torpedo C.A.B. question

    Those using a CAB on their pedalboards: 1) Where in the chain do you have it ? 2) Do you have your delays and modulations after the CAB ? Thanks
  12. Marioverkill

    New Cab Day

    Port City 1x12 OS with WGS ET90 The "B" Rig
  13. Marioverkill

    The "C" Rig

    My "Leftovers" Rig...
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