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  1. Luke Gibson

    Sold Boss ES 8 Effects Switching System

    Barely used, never left my music room, looks brand new. Shipped with original box and all manuals. $500 + Shipping
  2. Luke Gibson

    Power Amp Volume Setting….

    Curious, do you think the volume on the power amp should be set high for best preamp tone? I have a VHT 2/50/2 and various preamps. I always strive for that cranked tone even at low volume, so what does it best? Thanks!
  3. Luke Gibson

    CAE Line Mixer - What effects should I put in Mix1 and Mix2

    I have a fairly small rack rig and installing a CAE Line Mixer. My question is what effects should go into Mix1 and Mix2 and the reasoning why? How would you do it, why? Setup: Preamp Chandler SDE - Delays (typically always on) Lexicon MPX1 - Used for Reverb mostly (always on) Intellifex -...
  4. Luke Gibson

    Sold Scumback H75 PVC 65-16 Speaker

    Killer Scumback H75 65-16 $110 plus shipping. Speaker has FBI treatment, very little time on it and I’m always careful to not over-tighten and warp the frame on these. Has 9-10-15 production date written on it. Thanks! Sold!
  5. Luke Gibson

    Anyone ever see Vivian Campbell’s JMP-1 Settings

    I know he and Phil are using AxeFX rigs now but a couple years ago I saw Def Lep and I was right in front of Viv all night. His playing and tone were stellar (I could hear his cab on stage and also FOH) So fast forward 2 years and I score a Voodoo Modded JMP1 and just curious if anyone has seen...
  6. Luke Gibson


    I have a Myasnikov 2 Channel preamp coming. It’s the Soldano type with crunch and superlead, what to expect? Curious if anyone else might have one of these and your thoughts.....
  7. Luke Gibson

    Rack Order: Preamp, Effects, Power Amp, ect..... What's your logic or opinion?

    What is your logic on order and where you place your rack units? Typically the power amp is on bottom because of weight. But I'm curious where you think you should logically or practically place your units.... Should the preamp be close to the power amp to minimize cable length? Just want to...
  8. Luke Gibson

    MP-1 and Intellifex running parallel what unit do I need: Rane,RJM Mini Mix?

    I’m putting back together my old rack rig. It’s intrigued me using a mixer or something to run my old Blackface Intellifex parallel and keep it out of the loop of the MP-1. I also have a Chandler Stereo Digital Echo that I my want to incorporate later down the road. I’ve read a few threads but...
  9. Luke Gibson

    Sold Peavey Wolfgang Goldtop '97 First Year - Mint Cond.

    1997 Peavey Wolfgang - Pat. Pending Serial # The guitar is essentially in unplayed condition, been in the case for 20 years and still smells new. All case candy, tools, warranty card, string protector, still has plastic film on the control cavities. $1750 obo - No Trades
  10. Luke Gibson

    Question: What are these resistors in my PRS Stripped 58?

    Does anybody know what these resistors do? Has anyone ever seen them in a PRS? I was thinking about doing the PRS Treble Bleed mod on the neck pickup when I saw this....
  11. Luke Gibson

    Sold WIZZ Double Cream PAF's (NIB)

    WIZZ PAF's Killer set of WIZZ PAF's. NIB, these have never been installed. Aged Double Cream with aged pole screws, Alnico 4 magnets. Not interested in trades! Thanks for looking! $325 + Shipping Bridge - 8.41K Neck - 8.23K
  12. Luke Gibson

    Sold Aracom DAG PRX-150 DAG Attenuator

    I am selling a few things to purchase a Vintage Guitar. Not interested in Trades! Thanks for looking!! Aracom DAG Attenuator in nearly mint condition. New model with Min/Max Variable switch and all bells and whistles . No issues, great sounding unit. Original box. $625 + Shipping/Insurance...
  13. Luke Gibson

    Sold Divided By 13 BTR23 Head

    I'm selling a few amps and pedals to purchase a Vintage Guitar. Not interested in trades! Thank you for looking! BTR23 Black/Black (Stealth) - This is a Killer sounding amplifier, Marshall meets Vox with a great Master Volume. Purchased a few years ago from The Amp House. I've gigged this amp...
  14. Luke Gibson

    Sold Divided By 13 FTR37 Head & Cab Plus Free Switch Hazel

    I'm selling a few amps and pedals to purchase a Vintage Guitar. Not interested in trades! Thank you for looking! FTR37 Black/White - Wonderful sounding amp, Channel 1 has Cleans to die for, distorts wonderfully when pushed, loves pedals! Click Channel is another world! Purchased a few years...
  15. Luke Gibson

    Sold 1987 Pro Co Rat Small Box LM308 with Original Box

    Cool Vintage Pro Co Rat Pedal with LM308 chip, has a few bumps and scrapes and sounds like a Rat. I'm selling a few cool pedals and amps to fund a Vintage Guitar purchase. I'm not interested in Trades. Thank You for looking! $200 PayPal More Pics...
  16. Luke Gibson

    AIC: Your Decision - Help Needed

    I've got a gig in two weeks and we are playing this song (Great Song!) I'm struggling with the Chorus! I hear a guitar doing something but I'm not sure really what it is... It's fairly non-distinctive but makes the chorus on the track. I've watched some videos of them doing the song live and...
  17. Luke Gibson

    Anyone remember The Producers?

    The Greatest Pop Band that never was.... One of my favorite Bands!!
  18. Luke Gibson

    The Eagles New Kid In Town

    Just finished reading Felder's book and now going thru another Eagles phase. Does anybody know what amps they used to record New Kid In Town, or generally what equipment used to record the Hotel California Album?
  19. Luke Gibson

    Fender Tone Master power tube selection question

    I'm wanting to install new power tubes in my Fender Tone Master. What tubes would any of you Tone Master owners recommend, NOS or Current production? I've heard some good things about the Wing-C's and TAD 6L6WGC short-bottles but have no practical experience. Thanks in advance!!!!
  20. Luke Gibson

    65Amp London question:

    I love both channels and switch back and forth depending on the tune but was wondering how both would sound together.... Just curious, is anyone using both channels simultaneously? I know the channels are out of phase with each other so you'd have to get an A/B box the reverses polarity...
  21. Luke Gibson

    Tab for Les Paul & Mary Ford - I'm a Fool to Care?

    Does anyone know where I can find tab for Les Paul & Mary Ford - I'm a Fool to Care? Thanks!
  22. Luke Gibson

    ....don't care what anybody says, this guy's the BEST!

    I've seen him play this a hundred times and everytime it makes me feel like I play guitar with my left foot! Tommy is the most natural player I've ever seen or heard....
  23. Luke Gibson

    How Clapton got the "Slowhand" nickname

    I came across this today. I knew it wasn’t referring to his playing and was tongue-in-cheek regarding something. It was because he used to break many strings with The Yardbirds and the audience would slowly clap to urge him to hurry up and restring...
  24. Luke Gibson

    Scumnico 15 vs 30 vs 65

    I understand the power handling rating of these speakers. How do the different versions sound? ie: How different do the 15, 30, 65, and 100 watt power handling versions sound from each other??? Thanks!!
  25. Luke Gibson

    I might be a Bass Player....

    Our Bass Player wasn't able to show up for practice Saturday, just for the hell of it I picked up the Bass and started playing. I LOVED IT!!! I've been playing guitar for over thirty years only to discover I think I'm a bass player. I've heard of married men realizing they're gay after years of...
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