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  1. marshall2288

    What kind of case is everyone keeping/transporting their Helix in?

    The old oversized random “tactical” backpack I’m using isn’t cutting it anymore for me. It’s only a matter of time before something happens. What are you guys using? Live in case? Helix backpack? Let me know!
  2. marshall2288

    Studio Monitor Advice

    I have a 16 ft wide by 20 ft long a little over 7 ft high studio that I have built from the ground up. Sound isolation is really good. I can play drums at 2am with no problem from the neighbors. Inside I know ceiling height is not ideal but I have the room fully treated with GIK products and...
  3. marshall2288

    Three Mics Every Home Studio Needs

    I was having a fun conversation with a friend the other day and he proposed this question to me. What are three mics every home studio needs? Not type of mics but actual mics. It’s a broad question but I thought it would be cool to see everyone’s answers. I said SM57, SM7b and RODE NTA
  4. marshall2288

    Are the Slate modeling mics legit?

    Looking to upgrade my drum overheads and also get a good vocal mic. I’m usually a sucker for gear with “all the options” (ie Variax guitars , floor modelers and whatnot). I’m currently using Behringer C-4 sdc mics on overheads and I’m basically just using an sm58 for vocals. I have some MXL mics...
  5. marshall2288

    Losing all tone/body with P90s when rolling back volume.

    After 25 years of playing I finally bought a P90 Les Paul. The P90s sound amazing until I lower the volume knob. Even going from 10 to 9 is a major tone suck. It loses basically all low end and gets very brittle. For a guy who rides the volume knob a lot, this is frustrating. Is it normal? What...
  6. marshall2288

    Preamp pedals into Suhr Reactive Load instead of amp?

    Looking for a portable solution for a one tone small gig where there’s absolutely no room on stage. Would running a preamp pedal (Bogner Red) into my Reactive Load IR damage it since the input is not coming from an amp?
  7. marshall2288

    Event 20/20 monitors. Any good?

    I have an opportunity to acquire these in a trade for some other gear. I'm unfamiliar with them and haven't really dug up much online. I'm currently using M-Audio Bx5a monitors and were wondering if the Events would be an upgrade.
  8. marshall2288

    Mic stands for overheads that don't break the bank?

    Title say it all. What's everyone using for overhead mic stands? I've been using standard booms with some weights on the base but I would like to get a little more height and a little more reach.
  9. marshall2288

    The last two shows I attended were really sad. (Garth Brooks and Rob Thomas)

    *Before I start, the performers killed it. They put everything into the show and they sang,played, danced ext and really put on a show. This post is not about them. * Both shows were outdoors with one being in a football stadium that hasn’t had a concert in 30 years and the other was an outdoor...
  10. marshall2288

    Recording and mixing through analog console.

    I have an Allen&Heath GL3800 48 channel mixer. Currently, I have all mics connected to the board through XLR ins, and I use the direct outs into my Presonus Audiobox 1818 and Digimax LT. It then goes into to my Mac to Logic Pro. Here’s what I’m looking for: AD/DA converters so that I can send...
  11. marshall2288

    Thinking about "Upgrading" to UA Apollo Twin

    My current setup is Presonus Audiobox 1818vsl with a Digimax preamp for an additional 8 inputs. I use 9 total mics on drums then occasionally 1 or 2 extra inputs for guitar and scratch vocals if I'm tracking live with a drummer. The Audiobox is starting to get up there in age and I'm wondering...
  12. marshall2288

    Two Originals From My New Band

    <iframe width="100%" height="300" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay" src=""></iframe> <iframe width="100%" height="300" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay" src=""></iframe>
  13. marshall2288

    Baja Tele hum issues.

    I bought it new back in December and have just started subbing it in live here and there on a few songs. The hum, even with no gain, with an amp or through a modeler is a bit more than I think it should be. doesn't matter which pickup. When I roll the volume down it goes away. Could this be a...
  14. marshall2288

    Looking at IEMs. Have to get them from MF though.

    I got a $300 gift card to MusiciansFriend and I'm looking at IEMs. I've heard good things about Westone UM20s. The selection isn't the best but anyone have any advice?
  15. marshall2288

    Wiring from volume pot to input jack

    I built a guitar. One humbucker, one volume, input jack. What type of wire do I need to go from the volume pot to the input jack? I tried google and found a bunch if different answers. Thanks!
  16. marshall2288

    I need to suck it up and learn how to solder....

    5 way toggle switch went out in my 98 Strat. I just recently moved and decided to try a mom and pop shop down the street to put the new one in. So I buy the switch ($12) and take it to them. A week later, no word. I called and they said it will be ready in a few days. A few days later I go to...
  17. marshall2288

    What songs were the DOD OD Preamp 250 used on?

    I'm curious about this pedal. Several guys I jam with swear by them. I know it was used back in the day a lot but on what? Thanks!
  18. marshall2288

    WARNING! HD500 update toasted my unit....

    I updated the USB drivers. Check. Updated Flash Memory: Midi kept timing out. I tried a new USB cable and the same thing happened. Finally i decoded to click "no" on the do you want to keep your patches screen. Still nothing. So i turned my unit off and I went back to try a few hours later. It...
  19. marshall2288

    EZ Keys. Do you use it? Do you like it?

    Is the workflow pretty "EZ" like EZ Drummer? I keep running into situations with my songs that require piano parts that exceed my ability. Now I could shelf all these tunes for a year or so and dedicate myself to becoming a better pianist.....or maybe EZ Keys could do it for me? Thoughts? I...
  20. marshall2288

    Have I just matured as a player? MIA, MIM and Squire content.

    In 2001 I my parents bought me a MIA Standard Strat. I had only been playing guitar about 2 years but I was already sitting in with classic rock cover bands and playing extensively at church. I liked a lot more gain, hard rock and soloing as fast as I could. I didn't bond with the Strat and only...
  21. marshall2288

    Just ordered my first lap steel. I'm excited.

    It's only the Rogue one at but I'm still excited. I have a Variax that I keep a custom setting in C6 tuning for lap steel parts I use in my recordings but the action is set up for regular guitar playing which makes it difficult to play slide on. I've fallen in love with C6 tuning and I'm...
  22. marshall2288

    Played my HD500 through a keyboard amp....

    It sounded huge! It was a 4 channel Roland something or another and I used it for a gig outside. Normally I would use a channel in our PA but we had a guest acoustic guitarist that required the spot. I only use the JTM 45 model for clean and dirty on my live patches and they sounded exactly like...
  23. marshall2288

    How do I get this sound? Black Crowes "Thorn in My Pride"

    I'm working on a song and this sound keeps coming to my head but I'm no organ expert. It starts on 0:13 in the song. I'm trying to recreate it with Logic Pro 9. Surely theres a oran/synth sim in Logic that does this. Any and all help is greatly welcome! 1qehWp9Erkk
  24. marshall2288

    Why does Houses of the Holy sound better than the other Zep records?

    Production value just seems spot on. The bass tone is to die for. The drums are punchy and very "modern" sounding (didn't sound like other drum recording of the early 70s), Plant's singing is crisp and clear and Page sounds great as well. This record just sounds perfect to me. I see it was...
  25. marshall2288

    Headphone bleedover into Vocal mic

    Hey guys. I have a quick question. Would a noise gate or something of the sorts work to control a little bleeover into the vocal mic? It's really only noticeable when the vocal track is soloed.
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