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  1. Blackmoreguitar

    Do you ever turn your tone knob to 0?

    I just did it, but immediately turned it back up again. Apparently Slash sometimes rolls it all the way off; I often play with it rolled off to 7'ish.
  2. Blackmoreguitar

    New to Helix. External amp switching question

    Maybe that's the case with the 'big' Helix, I don't know but that's no longer true for the HX FX. I am also bit confused as to how the OP wants to switch -via the external amp jacks or via MIDI using the VL Control Switcher.
  3. Blackmoreguitar

    I am going from 10s to lighter strings...

    I like the NYXL 9-40 balanced tension sets and also the GHS Bommers 8.5-40, but strings are cheap so just try em out. I think its far harder to find a pick you like; picks have far more influence on tone than strings IMHO.
  4. Blackmoreguitar

    Conventional pickups with S-1 switching system?

    I'm no expert, although I have done a lot of pick up replacements and rewiring. If you want to use the S1 switch to put the pickups in series the neck pickup will probably need to have 3 wires. The in series sound is very useful so I would want to retain it, although you could just ignore the...
  5. Blackmoreguitar

    Conventional pickups with S-1 switching system?

    Does the S1 switch on the Tele put the 2 pickups in series when both are selected? If so you will probably need to find a neck pickup with 3 wires.
  6. Blackmoreguitar

    Most blatant examples of plagiarism in music?

    Which was borrowed from this:
  7. Blackmoreguitar

    Cables that don’t suck?

    Agreed, I love the silent plugs. I'm trying the pig hog cables anyway on the basis that I can always try to remember to engage the tuner before unplugging and if the cable is tangle free and worth it I can maybe put a silent plug on there myself, but yeah the neutrik silent plugs are awesome and...
  8. Blackmoreguitar

    Cables that don’t suck?

    Thanks for the tip, just ordered a couple.
  9. Blackmoreguitar

    Gibson Les Paul Axcess - no ground wire soldered to tremolo claw

    If it stops buzzing when you touch the strings its likely that the strings are grounded. I think the axcess floyd is grounded to one of the bridge posts but not certain as mine is a hardtail version.
  10. Blackmoreguitar

    Cables that don’t suck?

    All cables suck because they all tangle; they have to if you are moving around, but 'reasonably priced' wireless systems suck harder. Boss should be ashamed of the WL-60, perfect form factor but completely sh*t in terms of actual functionality, i.e. maintaining a signal during a gig.
  11. Blackmoreguitar

    New John 5 signature tele The Ghost

    I like where they put the pu selector switch, really not a fan of having it crammed up against the knobs.
  12. Blackmoreguitar

    PRS guitars elephant in the room

    My ash strat weighed over 9lbs. My CU22 weighs 7.5lbs, much the same as my custom shop Strat. All strats, tele, Les Pauls, PRS etc vary in weight and there will always be outliers, either heavy or light. In your case, if anything you have some light Strats rather than 'boat anchor' PRS'.
  13. Blackmoreguitar

    strat GFS PU ques

    Get a multimeter and measure the resistance of the coils. The link indicates that the bridge should measure 9k and the middle 8.7k and neck 8k.
  14. Blackmoreguitar

    Bernie Torme Strat, trem set up question

    Big Bernie fan, saw him several times with Gillan back in the day and I used to have his email and he would answer my stupid questions. I used this video to nick that pull off lick he does at the start of the video. Can't help with the specifics of his trem set up althoughI'm pretty sure he...
  15. Blackmoreguitar

    Psionic Audio

    I like Lyles videos and a lot of his observations about various amps are shared by other techs. This video about servicing a MKIV boogie is enough to give anyone nightmares, and I fail to understand how anyone can disagree with his point that some Mesas are a pig to repair:
  16. Blackmoreguitar

    5 bands that influenced your style and sound most when first learning guitar.

    Ritchie Blackmore - Purple and early Rainbow. Bernie Torme - Gillan's guitarist (RIP).
  17. Blackmoreguitar

    Guitar pedal using breadboard.... is this something to worry about?

    Yes, there are no 'top side strips', it's just vero board which has copper on one side only, nothing wrong with it at all.
  18. Blackmoreguitar

    Xotic Voltage Doubler to run an 18 Volt pedal?

    I think that's correct, so as long as the power supply outlet is capable of supplying 200mA then the 1spot will be able to supply up to 100mA.
  19. Blackmoreguitar

    Slightly crooked frets...

    How is the nut? Are the frets crooked or at the same angle as the nut
  20. Blackmoreguitar

    Post just one line from a song you love

    She had the face of an angel, Smiling with sin, A body of Venus with arms Bon Scott, A Touch Too Much
  21. Blackmoreguitar

    Do you need a “special/modern amp” to use Helix’s amp channel switching feature?

    The helix will only channel switch if the amp has foot switchable channels; it just replaces the footswitch so if your amp doesn't have that feature it won't work.
  22. Blackmoreguitar

    NGD!! Les Paul modern!!

    Nice. Can you compare how the neck heel / upper fret access is, compared to the tradition heel joint or even the axcess contoured heel?
  23. Blackmoreguitar

    Post just one line from a song you love

    Maybe somebody already said it, but one lyric I love is by Mark Knopfler: Like a bowery bum when he finally understands The bottle's empty and there's nothing left. Yeah it's two lines, but very powerful.
  24. Blackmoreguitar

    EVH Wolfgang USA - Quality issues?

    The rough neck would concern me tbh, I can't really tell from the photo how bad it is though...........Good luck with it whatever you decide to do.
  25. Blackmoreguitar

    EVH Wolfgang USA - Quality issues?

    I suspect the neck is meant to be like that, a little neck angle can certainly help with the set up:
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