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    Widest vocal range...Axl Rose...really?

    It's not Ozzy?
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    The ONLY John Mayer thread on TGP.

    When I suggested his own sub-forum I was nearly stoned to death. WTF?
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    The ONLY John Mayer thread on TGP.

    I know, not enough. That's why I started this one: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/1448014
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    Counterfeit Rip Off

    China and the Chinese do not worry about intellectual property rights yet, because they simply copy stuff today. Eventually their middle class kids that come to America for a college education will return home to invent something from scratch. When these counterfeiters dig into their sales...
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    The ONLY John Mayer thread on TGP.

    Yeah organic this and that, washed down by Coke and Red Bull.
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    Passing the hat

    The guitarist in Warrant had essentially the same thing painted on the back of his guitar and use to turn it upside down for the audience to see.
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    Full Time (Cover) Guys - talk to me about $$$

    Which is one layoff away from disappearing. With IT if you are out of the game any amount of time people assume your skills are diminished. It's nearly impossible to get back in after a year absence, my fiance has been trying for four, after having been director of IT at a Fortune 500...
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    TMS Guest Guitar Players... is it me?

    EVH will never go on there, as Sammy and Mike have been. Just like Gene and Paul will never go because of Ace and Peter.
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    Scotty McCreery Owes $239,329 to Former Manager

    The business manager usually gets pulled into the artist's personal lives as well and have to ensure everything from the pool being maintained to the exotic cars. Of course the manager doesn't have time to tend to every oil change, so he has employees to do the grunt work, so much of that money...
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    TMS Guest Guitar Players... is it me?

    They give them 10 seconds to rip before a commercial break, what do you expect them to play in so little time?
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    Ed Roman: Now that he's gone, what's up with the Vegas shop?

    I knew Ed and went to his house twice after he left East Coast Music Mall. We were not friends, I went to buy guitars. He had a massive inferiority complex and was always throwing the bravado around to cover it up. I think Ed got his ass kicked a lot as a kid, kinda like Axl Rose.
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    Who are today's guitar virtuosos?

    Isn't John 5 the Yngwie of the current hipsters?
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    Being told NO in a music store.

    You have obviously not read what the realtor's have contributed to this thread.
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    Being told NO in a music store.

    You should read the rest of the thread.
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    What's You Opinion Of Gary Hoey?

    Not exactly.
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    Being told NO in a music store.

    A simple solution to such problems would be to insist customers remove all jewelry (including wedding rings) and have them wear one of these suede welding aprons: It won't prevent pick scuffs, but it will dramatically reduce other wear.
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    Being told NO in a music store.

    And if you showed up at a Ferrari dealership like that, and you're not Sammy Hagar, do you think they'd let you take the latest car out for a spin? You purposely project a negative and expect a positive response, puzzling.
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    A sure sign you've made it the industry

    https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20140201/23580026070/skinny-puppy-invoices-us-government-after-it-played-bands-music-to-torture-gitmo-prisoners.shtml Your music is used to torture prisoners. :eek:
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    Being told NO in a music store.

    Then you must live in a different universe. Whenever I've called a realtor to see a home, one of the first things they ask is if you are "pre-approved" for the purchase amount. Meaning, you've applied for a mortgage and can borrow a specified amount. If you say "no" they might show you a few...
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    Gambale Bends Notes Beautifully w/Great Sustain & Vibrato (he doesnt just sweep pick)

    I like the two half stacks in the hotel lobby.
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    Being told NO in a music store.

    I've always felt that people should have to show proof of funds. No realtor would take you out without it. As guitars get handled they get bumped, scuffed and marked up. I can see both points of view. Ultimately you can shop elsewhere, their loss right?
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    How do the pro musicians make their money these days? Is it touring only

    It's pretty easy to figure out the gross of a given concert, or even to look artists up. If a venue holds 1,000 people at $50 each, the gross is $50,000 for the night. After all the crew, transportation and expenses, if the star of the show makes $10,000 that would be a good night IMO. Rock...
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    Michael Angelo Batio speaks

    Not using his signature OD pedal?
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    Fluent improv one of the last things to come?

    Get yourself some backing tracks and work with them. Roland makes this: You get a bunch of backing tracks within it and then you can add your own MP3s as well Or go old school and buy one of these off eBay and get the RAM cards. I have both and use them all the time.
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    So Why Didn't 80's Shred Guitar Age Well..........?

    You don't like these lyrics?