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    1967 Gibson SG Custom - what is it's value??

    I have this guitar and am wanting to sell it, but I have no idea of it's value. It is in amazing shape and appears to be all original, including the case. It may need a refret job, but other than that, it plays and looks amazing! Opinions as to what it's value is.
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    Sold Fender Stratocaster Special Edition Lacquer 1960's FSR

    This is a Fender Special Run 1960's Lacquer Strat in beautiful Daphne blue. Features Fender Custom Shop Fat '50's pickups and custom shop vintage bridge. Matching daphne blue headstock, mint pickguard with cream colored plastic parts. Comfortable C shaped neck with 7.25 fretboard radius. Comes...
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    Sold Gibson SG Traditional 2016 Cherry Red MINT!

    Gibson SG Traditional 2016.Like new, not a mark on it. I purchased it several months ago from Sweetwater.com. Comes with deluxe Gibson gig bag. Asking $850, free shipping!
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    Bands or artists you inexplicably missed the first time around

    Deep Purple. Really digging the stuff with David Coverdale.
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    My dream at 53

    I started playing guitar at 30 and have played in a band for the past 12 years, I am now 49. Living the dream. 53 is not too old . . . :)
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    Envelope filter pedal vs wah pedal

    Any suggestions on a good envelope filter?
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    Envelope filter pedal vs wah pedal

    I've never used a envelope filter pedal before, was thinking about getting one . . I currently have a cry baby wah . . . Do they sound much different?
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    Sold Heritage 535 2014 OSB MINT!

    Not a spot on this amazing guitar. Pickups were changed from SD 59's to Seth Lover pickups, that is the only mod. Asking $1500, plus shipping and pp fees.
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    For those of you that are in gigging bands

    How about a zydeco / rock band?? Louisiana Rhythm Katz . . . check us out on youtube and facbook.
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    Fuzz Pedal for single note leads . . .

    I use a Fulltone Fulldrive 2, sometimes this pedal is just not enough "hair" for single note leads. Was thinking a fuzz pedal may work better for this . . . any suggestions? I use a strat or a SG with a Fender Deluxe reissue.
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    Bands In Which the Drummer is the Most Famous Member? ( no "solo" acts)

    Art Blakey and The Jazz Messangers. :)
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    New band-how soon do I say something?

    I am a rhythm guitar player in a established band and we have had a somewhat revolving door of musicians over the 11 years we have been together. When others have joined the band and offer suggestions and arrangements of songs that we have been playing for years, I am always wide open to song...
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    Michael Jackson

    Someone needs to do that with David Lee Roth!
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    Newgrass appreciation thread

    Railroad Earth
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    Steely Dan guitarists?

    Read the liner notes on Aja, Lee Ritenour is credited . . .
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    Steely Dan guitarists?

    FROM http://www.post-gazette.com/ae/music/2014/08/07/Crunching-on-Steely-Dan-s-Pretzel-Logic/stories/201408070131 Yes. Sort of. For the first three albums, with guitarists Jeff “Skunk” Baxter and Denny Dias also on board. But the two principals were...
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    Steely Dan guitarists?

    A lot of the solo and rhythm work was Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenhour and Jeff "Skunk" Baxter.
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    David Lee Roth's 'Crazy From the Heat' Autobiography

    I want to know how he has kept himself in such great physical shape at age 60! He is rockin' a six pack still!
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    Compressions Pedal ~ do I need one??

    Never used one . . . how will it benefit me?
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    I need a new set of Strat pickups. Not expensive!

    Just purchased a Classic 50's Strat, not sure if I like the pups. Thinking about changing them. Please recommend some not too pricey ones. Thanks!
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    Fender Classic 50's Strat MIM

    Any reports on these? What's the neck like, pups, poly finish, etc . . .
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    Need stronger OD pedal . . . opinions?

    What are some good fuzz pedals that would work for this?
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    Need stronger OD pedal . . . opinions?

    I need a strong OD pedal, that can provide more sustain. I currently use a Fulltone Fulldrive 2 set to the vintage setting. I play a strat through Fender Princeton rev reissue. I mic my amp for most of the volume. On single not leads, the Fulldrive is not enough drive for single not leads...