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  1. JoeInOttawa

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    Are you channeling @JiveTurkey ? :)
  2. JoeInOttawa

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    Agile is the enemy of anyone subject to SEC regulation, because Agile wants to be completely transparent, but that can run you afoul of the SEC's rules about disclosure and failure to execute. Plus. "Agile" is from the Latin for "Love to help you but not in the current sprint, which just...
  3. JoeInOttawa

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    For only slightly more real estate, you could get an Atomic AA6. The AmpliFirebox is cool too, but a bit esoteric in the way it works.
  4. JoeInOttawa

    Small Modeling amp with line out for PA

    The right tool for the job is the right tool for the job. I was just saying don't be put off by having more pwer than you're gonna need if the amp is otherwise, well, you know, the right tool for the job. :)
  5. JoeInOttawa

    Small Modeling amp with line out for PA

    That's the thing about modelers: They are much more likely to sound good at low volumes, regardless of their maximum capabilities. So a 50-watt combo should serve you just as well as a 10. Make your choice based on tone and portability as per your OP, take the extra watts as a bonus.
  6. JoeInOttawa

    The future of Variax?

    Because of the number of controls on a full Variax system, they would have scale it back to make it a kit. If people were willing to accept, let's say, a rotary dial to select between, let's say, 16 programmable presets, that could be doable, but two knobs, a 5-way switch, a toggle, and a pair...
  7. JoeInOttawa

    The future of Variax?

    There was a guitar modeling system out of Italy last year -- name escapes me. Does anyone know if it was any good? Or even remember the name? I'm not giving up my FrankenVax, nor am I giving up hope on a Yamaha VaxStar, but, in the mean time, I AM curious.
  8. JoeInOttawa

    Is this a di*k move? Guitar loan related.... Update/Conclusion

    I won't read all six pages of comments, but I will suggest this: Ask your nephew, "I was thinking about that Strat the other day. Do you still play it, or is it time for it to come home?"
  9. JoeInOttawa

    The future of Variax?

    I still have a frankensteined Vax-300 that I heavily customized (3/8" flame bent maple top/binding and a 700 neck). Love it. Bought a new Standard as a replacement, returned it two days later. My FrankenVax was a far better guitar,and tracked tunings much more quickly. To this day, I'm sure I...
  10. JoeInOttawa

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    I love that you have owned this several times. Hoping people lay off you now.
  11. JoeInOttawa

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    Well, he did say, "Sell all your gear and non-essential internal organs and get one," so... :munch
  12. JoeInOttawa

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    You don't either. You CHOOSE to. ;)
  13. JoeInOttawa

    FX-200 vs Kemper Cone: Any Thoughts?

    Has anyone tried both of these? Are they the same? I had thought so originally, but I've heard that maybe not. So I'm interested in whether or not they're the same and if not, how they differ sonically. Thoughts?
  14. JoeInOttawa

    Got my Telecaster shimmed, not happy with the result.

    ...or to buy shorter screws. (EDIT: I see someone beat me to that one. I also see it's not the issue...)
  15. JoeInOttawa

    I’ve owned and gigged them all Fractal is the best.

    AFX is amazing, no doubt. But if you want to play instead of tweak, try the one you didn't mention: Atomic. Because it's been a while since I posted anything, and I figured, go big or go home. But, in all seriousness, Atomic rocks!
  16. JoeInOttawa

    New pedal sized Harley Benton GPA-100 power amp $78

    UPDATE: This one is different from the Carvin. And the one the Carvin is relabeled on DOES still talk about electrocution: https://www.thomannmusic.com/harley_benton_custom_line_thunder_99.htm#bewertung
  17. JoeInOttawa

    New pedal sized Harley Benton GPA-100 power amp $78

    Do the reviews on Thomann still mention being electrocuted?
  18. JoeInOttawa

    Positive Grid Spark Oh Yeah.

    Am I imagining it, or did Positive Grid have a sale on up until Monday? I ask, because all of the emails I was sure I saw from them evaporated from my inbox...
  19. JoeInOttawa

    Is this Les Paul Jr legit or am I getting scammed (CL content)

    Didn't go through all five pages, but that looks like a poly finish -- and what's with the veneer layer on the back? There's a pretty obvious veneer line on the shot of the edge. Fake, for sure.
  20. JoeInOttawa

    HX Stomp + SD Powerstage 170?

    Stomp + PowerStage 170 should be more than enough when you get back to gigging. More than enough to keep up with the drummer and carry small to medium rooms.
  21. JoeInOttawa

    Spark or mustang GTX100?

    Seriously? I had no idea. Thanks for sharing!
  22. JoeInOttawa

    Feeling annoyed about an open mic night jam

    You mean, like a singer? :)
  23. JoeInOttawa

    Feeling annoyed about an open mic night jam

    Okay, first problem: These days, we try not to offend Karens with this characterization. Now we say "Ivanka" ("Do something else..."). Second -- and you know this -- it's an open jam and people get hijacked all the time. Chances are the guitar player and the drummer had been jonesing to do some...
  24. JoeInOttawa

    Sigh. Broke my guitar last night. UPDATE: Structural repair seems great.

    This is an opportunity to mask off the headstock and heel, sand the whole neck, fill it, and refinish in satin Tung oil. If, you know, that's your thing. Good luck! It sure looks like you've got a pretty clean break, I think you'll be fine.
  25. JoeInOttawa

    Playing Sweet Home Alabama at a gig. Your opinion?

    Mock away. We play it, and we get paid for it 60 times a year. Well, we USED to... :(