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  1. presence

    killer Neil Peart tribute by kid rocking R30 drum set

    I really enjoyed this. [Edit: changed thread title because I originally thought it was a girl.]
  2. presence

    What to play FM3 through...need monitor equivalent of FM3

    My invite for the FM3 (with headphone jack) should be coming soon. This would be my first modeler. Hence, I have no monitors or other speakers to play a modeler through. Besides my Princeton clone, I sometimes use Scuffham S-Gear using the Yamaha THR10 as interface and monitor, and I think it...
  3. presence

    Rodrigo Amarente on Fender Acoustasonic

    How much cooler can you get? None more cooler. He wrote the Narcos theme song.
  4. presence

    Roland Blues Cube Artist/Stage...5 years gone...what's next for the "big daddy of them all?"

    The Roland Blues Cube Artist/Stage were introduced at Summer NAMM 2014. (The smaller Blues Cube Hot was released at NAMM 2016). Since then Roland has released a few tone capsules for the Artist/Stage, most recently the Sparkle Clean at Winter NAMM 2019. Boss Nextone series was released last...
  5. presence

    Gibson / Play Authentic

    Unusual that they make a youtube video about it, but I respect they want to protect their intellectual property. Gibson's definition of their intellectual property hasn't always resonated with the federal courts (e.g. PRS Singlecut), but there are tons of dead-on copies out there from the US...
  6. presence

    Geddy Lee Rolling Stone article on Hemispheres ... no change on Rush status

    Just read the new Rolling Stone interview with Geddy Lee where he discusses the Hemispheres album and his new bass book that he's been working on for the past 3 years. Article link: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/rush-geddy-lee-interview-prog-rock-hemispheres-738828/ Regarding...
  7. presence

    Scuffham S-Gear 2.9

    Consult the scrolls, what do they advise? Press thine ear to ground, distant armoured steps approach and on wings of raptors, birds of prey Foretold by oracles, long awaited day Whispers abroad, rumours of war, a prophecy of old Trampling vapour under foot On a dark horse the overlord rides...
  8. presence

    where did all the ambient threads go?

    There was a series of threads where people would post their ambient recordings - I can't find any of them now. I love listening to those. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Thanks!
  9. presence

    need crushed glass "Panama" sound in a pedal

    What would you recommend to get that crushed glass "Panama" tone? Playing through a Princeton. I've been listening to some demos of various Marshall in a box pedals and they are lacking in the crushed glass dept. If you don't know what I mean, listen to the song... Thanks...
  10. presence

    ok I need Scuffham S-Gear in a combo

    Reading about Roland Blues Cube, Yamaha THR 100 HD, AX-FX 8, Amplifire, etc. The thought occurred to me - let's just put S-Gear into a simple combo and be done with it already. A few fantastic amp models, fantastic delay and reverb and IRs. Boom. Failing that, I need to find a lightweight...
  11. presence

    Strymon - why no digital in & out (e.g. USB)

    Title says it all. Just wondering. Would like to buy some of these units to use with software modelers (S-Gear) or hook them up to other Strymon units without multiple analog/digital conversions.
  12. presence

    Open question re displays on guitar products

    Question for all hardware modeler manufacturers: what's up with the circa 1995 displays on all of your products? Why is the screen on my tiny $100 iPod nano light years ahead of the display on any guitar product? Yes, Apple has much more purchasing power, but let's be honest. The screens on...
  13. presence

    Devo now using massive Axe-Fx backline: game over for other modelers

    http://www.premierguitar.com/Video/20121023/2055/Rig_Rundown_Devo.aspx That is all. Oh, and this video rawks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVrijrV5cYs
  14. presence

    interesting article on "Ambient Americana"

    I thought this was an interesting article. I love this genre. Just picked up James Wilsey's El Dorado CD which is really cool. http://www.echoes.org/AmbientAmericana.html
  15. presence

    Princeton + humbuckers = bad idea??

    I've succumbed to all of the Princeton mania lately and have basically decided to get a Princeton mainly for home use. But now I'm having second thoughts after reading some who say they're not that great with humbuckers? I mainly play PAF-to-moderately powered humbuckers with light-to-70s rock...