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    ART Voice Channel with Inserted Tube Compressor?

    I sort of do what you want to do. mic into preamp, preamp to a Warm Audio LA2 clone, Pultec Clone then 1176 Clone. I like the results and I can switch up the order of the warm audio stuff.
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    Good IEMS that allow stage bleed?

    Same here, use Westone AM30
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    Pyramid Strings

    Old TPG thread comes through again! Need a set of strings for a 12 electric. Off to JustStrings now.
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    I kinda wish I could play in a band, ya know?

    There are two type of backing tracks, those you describe, and the ones I use. For my original music, I use drums, bass, KBs and some guitars that were recorded by real people in real studio on real instruments. I could forego the backing tracks, and just do those songs on my acoustic, but in...
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    I kinda wish I could play in a band, ya know?

    Post an ad on bulletin board’s in you local music store and your school. You will meet someone! Good luck! Don’t dismiss the idea of being a solo artist. It can be very rewarding singing and playing your own songs in front of people. A different challenge! And you can use backing tracks in...
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    Guitar simulators sounded bad??

    I think you have identified your problem, getting your guitar signal into the guitar amp sim. How are you hooking up your guitar to the mixer? How does the mixer interface with the computer? What mixer are you using?
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    How many controls does an amp need?

    The older I get the fewer controls my amps have! Now I bring a Champ(and a mic to mic it) to my guitar gigs. It has one knob, volume. I do use pedals in front of it though.
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    Chicago : "Old Days" : Vintage Live Performance

    My brother and I both love Chicago, but each of us prefers different eras. My brother is a trumpet player and loves the later stuff. I play bass and guitar and love the earlier Terry Kath stuff. It was great to go see them with my brother!
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    5-10 watt tube amp

    I usually use a 57 Champ reissue. Bigger gigs, I put an SM57 in front of it and go through the PA. I do have a couple of other smaller amps, Mesa 5:25 express and Princeton Reverb Reissue, but the Champ can be heard by our drummer and bassist, and is light!
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    improvement in singing and voice quality

    Best advice that I have read here is to take lessons. The teacher/coach will teach you all about breathing, tongue position, head alignment, etc. And proper warmup exercises! Have Fun!
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    Les Paul Pick Guards

    Pick guard is where my pinky finger rests!
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    Book/course recommendations for long time guitarist to finally dive into music theory?

    I like the Dummies series, Music Theory and Music Composition. Not guitar specific though.
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    Finally learnt why guitarists can be so precious about their guitars the other night.

    Used the bread bag things too! Use my fingers for bass so can’t say about the lottery ticket thing.
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    Guitar you first really wanted when growing up

    One of three that I have wanted forever, but never had! Other two are a 12string ES-335 like John Phillips played, and a 3/4 size Gibson electric. Did get the rest of the ones I wanted though!
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    Can I apply adt plugin in after recording wet guitar?

    Go for it! If you like it, great, if not, easy to remove! There are no rules on using plugins, only suggestions!
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    For Those Who Don't Think The British Invasion Saved Music

    I was 9 in 1963 and my parents and grandmother listened to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, etc on the radio. The very few records they had were soundtracks(Sound of Music) and classical. We also watched all the variety shows on the four TV channels we got, two French and two English. That is how...
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    Finally learnt why guitarists can be so precious about their guitars the other night.

    I don’t mind letting friends play any of my guitars. But my guitars have been through quite a few gigs, so they get the normal scratches, etc, that happen. And they play with a feather while I use what ever is around, pick wise.(anyone else remember shattering a unliked record to make picks)...
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    Lyrics on iPad

    I had something called “allmysongs” but no longer works on my iPad. Back to the old way, writing out set lists! And forced me to totally learn the lyrics!
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    Is playing live the ultimate expression of our craft?

    I would say no, not the craft. That is in recording. The craft playing live, in a bar, is selling beer, and entertaining, not the craft of your instrument. Now, if my experience was playing concert halls and not bars, I might answer differently. I do love the adrenaline rush I get from...
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    Why didn’t EVH make more music?

    Nice idea, but they don’t need two bassists. And who knows if the former bassist would want to be involved with his former rhythm section partner/boss. If I were in his shoes, I might not want to, based on the history. You can fire me once, but I won’t give you the opportunity to do it twice.
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    Will modeling ever have the same feel and sound as tube amps?

    I wish I could try out a Matchless, although I have a model of one in my Axe 2. The only amps I can do a real sort of comparison with my Axe is a Fender Champ and Princeton Reverb. None of my other amps are modelled.
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    Will modeling ever have the same feel and sound as tube amps?

    What is feel? My fingers cannot tell the difference between playing a guitar with a modeler vs playing one with a tube preamp and tube power amp. Same with a tube amp vs a solid state amp. The only difference I feel is volume dependant. You can feel sound waves when you are really loud. To...
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    Recommend me an interface for multi-microphone recording (please!)

    If you are happy with the Focusrite Scarlett, just go up to one of the bigger ones with more inputs. PC or Mac? If Mac with no budget restrictions, I like the Apollo 4x
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    Why no Hofner violin basses?

    I inherited an EPI “Beatle Bass” earlier this year, from a very good friend. I was with him when he bought it, as learning bass was on his bucket list, and I was going to help him out, by a few lessons. I learned on a Silvertone Mustang Clone 50 years ago, so I like shorter scale necks(I have...