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    Does Guitar Center not carry Strymon Products?

    I don't believe they do. You'll have to find of those hipster boutique-y guitar shops or buy online, I think ;) jk
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    Your "Keeper" Overdrive/Boost

    I've had a 2007(ish?) Menatone Red Snapper on my board for the better part of the last decade... I'd say that's a "keeper"... My Skreddy Screwdriver Deluxe has also had a healthy on-and-off residence. The only pedal I kind of regret letting go of was my OCD V2 and/or Crowther Hotcake.. But the...
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    Which is most intuitive? Boss, Kemper, Helix, Axe-FX?

    I'll give a +1 to the Iridium-- it's made me rather happy. It's dead simple to use, sounds phenomenal, and fits on my pedalboard.
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    NEW line 6 HX EFFECTS multieffect

    Just set up my board with it (I’ll post pics soon), but just wondering if someone who has more hours on it knows if it’s possible to assign the input/output modes with a preset... For instance 1A could be set to instrument level in/out, but when switched to 4A it would change to line level...
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    Darling TGP pedals that you don't like

    Timmy... Though that's a bit passé these days. I had v1 and v2. V2 lasted a bit longer, but I didn't care for the grit of it... Very identifiable in what was for me a bit of an undesirable way. I think the VMSD kinda falls in that category as well. I didn't find it user-friendly, and the sounds...
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    List all the delays you've ever owned!

    Boss DM-2, DD-5, DD-7(2x), DD-20 Empress VMSD Line 6 M9, M13 Eventide Timefactor Vox Delaylab Strymon Timeline Visual Sound H20 V2, V3; Dual Tap The Timeline and H2O V3 are the only ones still on my board, and the Dual Tap is still chillin' in my room... not sure what will come of it...
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    In-Ear Monitors

    I've got UE7s as they are said to be a bit of the "industry standard." That said, I've got friends that have gone with 1964s and JH Audio... The Westones I've seen look a little dodgy, but those were being toured rather heavy... Depending on which brand you go with, you can get molds for the...
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    Neck Snap! Travel Insurance Claim Help

    Hey- hopefully someone here can help me navigate this situation... I recently went on a tour in SE Asia, and upon arriving home (after 6 other flights), I found my Gretsch G6129T (Sparkle Jet)'s headstock had nearly snapped off-- classic Gibson style. Thankfully, I bought travel insurance, so...
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    2nd annual Strymon social=new product?

    I'm with you on a few, but I use ducking HEAPS!! It's my swells setting. It allows me to have massive trails and infinite trails/pads, but as soon as I swell in the next chord, it fades out the precious one. It's brilliant.
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    Effects - Switching to "IEMs" - What to Expect?

    Just chiming in here... my church uses in-ears exclusively, and the trick is to convince the monitor engineer to set up some room mics and mix those in... it allows you the room sound with some control. Really, IEMs really stress the importance of micing up your amp well. I never realised how...
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    Your fav iStomp pedals and how they compare to the "real" thing.

    I've even using the "Lexicon Hall" setting for some really washy reverb trails, but I haven't really tried it next to my HOF to really compare. Honestly, I can't decide if I want to just get another one or not. Haha
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    Nigel Hendroff's latest board

    Yeah, it's all backline on tour... and don't underestimate how much stuff is just given to him. On top of all of that, who cares? No one looks at John Mayer's rig and does an itemised list... He's a professional musician that is in a band that sells millions of albums. He can get whatever he...
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    Best multieffects for praise and worship?

    Yeah, I wouldn't be worries so much about what is and isn't for P&W when it comes to gear. Obviously if you're actually at Hillsong, Bethel, or Elevation try to get onboard with the sounds they use, but by and large it's not really necessary to try to directly imitate their tones. Give us...
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    I don't get why some people won't state the price they paid for a piece of new gear

    I was raised to politely decline to answer... It just makes people uncomfortable to reveal what they spend on things. It's also a point of ridicule in most social settings (ie "Dude, what does that box with the flashing lights do? Oh, I don't understand at all, but how much was it? DAAAAANG! You...
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    New Korg SDD-3000 Delay Pedal

    I'd say most digital delays do display bpm. Timefactor, Nova, Timeline, Delaylab, M9,...
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    Upgrading Electronics in Gretsch Sparkle Jet help

    It's a 2011 Gretsch 6129TL with the stock Filtertrons... would swapping out the volume pot or cap here or there help? Any guidance would be appreciated! Thanks!
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    Upgrading Electronics in Gretsch Sparkle Jet help

    Hey all- I was hoping to get some help with possibly rewiring my Sparkle Jet. In particular, the master volume, but as with anything it's probably not as simple as swapping out a pot... Basically, I've noticed that the volume taper on the master volume (that I use all of the time) has 1)...
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    New EHX Soul Food Overdrive - Thread #3

    Did everyone somehow miss this display of awesome?? Well done, sir. Well done.
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    Overdrive Poll

    Warning to the OP-- your choices are going to get blasted. Personally, I like them. For me, it was between the OCD and the Skreddy... I've had both, traded the former for the latter (too good of a deal not to do it), and I rarely look back-- if anything I wish I had both. In other words, I love...
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    Just had a very similar experience with JHS-- apparently lucked out and got two DBs from a run that were a little funny.. he went out of his way to take care of me. Gotta love with the boutique guys that don't have to really do anything make an effort to give you a special experience. Love it...
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    Guitar and IEMs with one cable?

    I gaff taped a 1/8in extension cable to my 1/4 lead (lots of tape), and that worked well... Until the extension stopped working... Otherwise it's a cool idea. Go for it!
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    Custom Pedalboard Build

    Looking goof!
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    New Korg SDD-3000 Delay Pedal

    That's what I was thinking... pretty much the same enclosure. Makes a little more sense why they clearanced them out at GC a while back..
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    Hillsong United Pedalboard Pics

    Admittedly, he says he doesn't really use it that much... It wasn't working one night (power supply issue), and he said it wasn't a huge deal for that particular set...