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    That's right, Howdy ya'll. Haven't been here in many moons squared. Hope you'all are doing well and I see we are still alive and well. What new has been happening? What fun has been happening? I see guys like WaltC and blue are plugging away. Cheers, Spiike
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    AC30 Wiring Layout

    I'll have to post some pics. Trying to resurrect an old AC30. Not that old, is the SS rectifier one. Horrible hum, and pots/parts replaced prior... ...I'm trying to sort it all out here. For now, this is where I'm at... voltages are +-10/20 percent, in spec. vib/trem vol and brillant vol...
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    Ampeg SVT Bias...

    Hi y'all: Gotta quick Ampeg Bias problem. The amp is within spec with no load. .072 v on the power tubes and balances fine. I changed the bias sense resistors to 10 ohms. So it is all happy until you run your test signal through it and it the bias goes to hell with 1/2 the output tubes...
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    *** Hot Rod Deluxe Amp Qs ***

    Hi y'all, I've looked around and I'm trying to get some Hot Rod deluxe amps for kids at my school. I've gotten grants from people, little kids rock, Quincy Jones Musiq Consortium, and The Dallas Foundation. You can check out the projects here: http://www.donorschoose.org/TexasBluesProf Too...
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    SVT Question

    Hi y'all, Checking out the mods for the SVT some of the following questions came up... From the Tube Amp Book (4.1 ed, p. 278) and (Deluxe Revised ed, p132) Discuss changing the the resistor values of R6 to 220K, R7 220K, for use with a 12AX7 tube. However, both books show a change to R-25 to...
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    Give the Gift of Music

    Wondering if a couple of y'all could help out some kids. This is for a great cause, turn inner city kids to music, not drugs or gamgs. : ). Best of all, Quincy Jone Musiq Consortium matches your gift! Check it out from the following NEW link...
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    Ampeg B-25 Amp Problems

    I've got this Ampeg B-25 that is giving me fits. Anyone have an old service manual for this amp? I've got the schematic, pasted in the amp.... just about everything checks out on it from the voltage perspective. Pre amp isn't functioning properly I think in the PI and right before it. Very...
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    Pedal Mod Book

    Guys, What is the THE book regarding modifying pedals? If I recall there was one very good book that everyone seem to cite but I can't find the post. Thanks in advance.
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    Bergantino Cab Issues

    Anyone have any dealings directly with Jim Bergantino about his products? I've had some speaker and crossover issues with a product of his. The original Bergantino speakers in the cabinet were defective. Mr. Bergantino refused to warranty the original speaker because I was not the original...
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    Twin HUM - dinger

    Lucky me, I've got one of these. It is a late 60s, thin wire, silver face twin reverb. It is a real HUM dinger. argh! Been through caps, all electro's all around, that helped, some. Isolated to the power supply, with only the PI tube, and the PI feeder cap removed. Hum; Heater voltage is...
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    Vaunted Blue Mallory Caps....

    ..... Third amp this month. The vaunted blue mallory hot dog caps, taking a slow death and ruining your tone. Final couplings...eating your tubes and output trannies. Pre amp, giving you that weak, thin, chit tone with the virtual absense of bass in the amp. Early fender black face amps...
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    When bad things happen to good tubes....

    :munch Enjoy the show....I'll post 'em when I find 'em.
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    JCM800s Questions

    I'm curious y'all... As to why the checkered history of these amps? Ones that I've encountered typically have three types of caps... Some with the following types of signal caps: Vaunted yellow mustard caps Medium yellow box caps Crappy green thin caps These amps are consided one...
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    CE Distribution

    You've seen the pics...nothing worse for a little guy to get stung first by product that had to be removed from amps, but also to suck up about $170 in defective product of what CE Dist refuses to stand behind. You think beta testing is bad, try having to pay for "production" parts that have...
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    The Hardest Working Tech in the Biz

    Folks, I just wanted to share with you a pic of the hardest working tech in the business. Introducing "The Beef":
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    Mystery Amp deal?

    The mystery amp thing got me thinking.... Couple of weeks wiring an amp, covering it with goo... $ 6,000 OR Couple of months of pain staking, hand built detail... $ 4,000 No, that is not a mirror top, that is hand rubbed aluminum!
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    Pics as Promised

    Sorry folks it took me longer than I had hoped. Here are the pics of the leaky CE Caps, never installed. They are physically leaking the electrolyte all except the one on the right, which does not work, i.e., open. If you buy these you are stuck. AES does not stand by their products...
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    Problems with JJ 12AX7 Types

    Gang, Anyone else having problems with these tubes? ECC83S ECC803S More than 50 percent of my installations of these tubes lasted a few gigs then when south? These were all in various amps too.
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    John Mayer and Dumble thread

    Hey, What happened to the John Mayer and Dumble Thread? :horse:horse:horse:horse Did it disapper or somethine? I was just reading and enjoying it, then: POOF Be Gone.
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    Hiwatt - ??????

    Okay Gang, I finally got around to taking some pics of that Hiwatt I've been telling you about. It is a DR504. Here was the "First" sign... Then there was this "Other" sign... Now take a deep breath and hear, ...it's only just begun: Born under a bad sign: More of the really...
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    You Make the Call

    Okay y'all. In keeping with the spirit of TGP and knowing how some of you have a fit about gutting an amp and rebuilding it. We can do this a cap at a time! You make the call! The amp is a 1966 Ampeg Model J-12D Jet. The amp hums like crazy and the tremolo doesn't work. So far I've done the...
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    Bias voltage Doubler - Brain Flatulation

    Well for some reason my logic has failed me. I'm in the middle of moding the bias circuit on a 100 watt sound city amp. But now I can't recall after I add another cap and another diode, where those should all be wired to. I know I'll have two caps in series where the existing cap is...
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    Funny Sound in BFSR

    I've been tracking this down for the last couple of weeks. An intermittant sh*it sound coming from this vintage amp. You'd play then after awhile it would get all weak and distorted. SO After taking my time and undoing all kinds of mods done to the amp it still did this...intermittantly. AND...
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    Power Scaling...Best Candidate

    Okay Gang, Which would be the best candidate for implementing power scaling? Kevin you hang out here, which would you choose? None of these are prestine nor collectable per say. I'm thinking the Twin Reverb or the Dual Showman Reverb because they have more power to begin with and could be...