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    Who's got the modern champion of 5150 sims?

    I managed to snag Neural's Archetype: Nolly suite using the Black Friday sale. I realized that this makes something like my ninth 5150 sim. It must be one of the most cloned amps these days, behind Plexis and JCM800s and Rectos. Which 5150 modeler do you consider the best? After a...
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    Mercuriall's new Bogner XTC Plugin

    After putting out a killer Marshall modeler, Mercuriall is coming after my wallet again with a Bogner XTC 101B clone. And they got Pete to do a killer demo that only amplified (pun!) my desire to have it. So, the question is: save your money for the forthcoming apocalyptic economic depression...
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    Finally some movement on some favorite sims (S-Gear and ReValver)

    After years of waiting, it looks like two of my all-time favorite amp sims will be seeing releases soon. S-Gear 2.9 is "scheduled for the end of next week." https://www.scuffhamamps.com/forum/3-news-info/8942-s-gear-news-from-namm2020#20731 And ReValver 5 was delayed due to Catalina, but "we...
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    Recommend your favorite Helix amps & effects?

    I recently picked up Helix Native because I got a great deal on it. However, all I've really done so far is replicate a few of the basic sounds I use in ReValver, Amplitube, and Spark. The basic verdict there is that the PV Panama is competent; far better than the Metal Lead V in Amplitube...
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    The marketing guys at Positive Grid are teasing BIAS FX 2

    The web site is heavy on flash and skinny on details. Apparently the new version uses the same DSP as Bias Amp 2; hopefully the two plugins will actually work well together. Trying to use FX with Amp 2 was ridiculous. Like every one of these companies, they're promising a "new era of tone."...