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    Upgrades for an Epiphone Les Paul?

    It will always be worth less on resale than what you paid, even if you double up on your investment with "upgrades". You could easily create a $300 guitar that you have $800 sunk into.
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    Value of a used EJ Strat with bad paint?

    Subtract double what the refinish will cost you (including freight) from the price. Yours will always be refinished and the others not, and you will less valuable on exit. This a case of why subject yourself to this?
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    Has the explosion of signature guitars

    diluted the specialness of it all? Remember when Les Paul, Yngwie, Randy and Clapton were the only guys with signature guitars? Now it seems ever mid-level rock star has a "signature model", which is usually just a slight variation on product the company already makes.
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    Would you feel "right" buying a guitar from this factory?

    Does anyone think the much loved vintage Fenders of Leo's era were built any differently? Back then there were less safety regulations and no dusk masks.
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    Guitar strings are tools and not body building weights

    VanHalen used -9-38 tuned to Eb and still managed to make a living, amazing.
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    What is your 3 MOST do's and don'ts when cleaning a guitar?

    I clean all the metal parts using Q-tips, Windex and paper towels. Buff the paint coat with Clean the fingerboard and frets with Dunlop 65 kit. I have 25 year old guitars that look new.
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    How do you feel about buying gear on eBay?

    Most of my gear is from eBay. You have to look a the description of the item and the seller's feedback. I always bid with thought the item is 20% worse than stated. If a undisclosed scuff is going to bother you, eBay isn't for you.
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    Guitar pictures from when you were younger

    Press Kit promo ~1991 My son with a guitar I had custom made for his 1st birthday. His DOB is in the 12 fret inlay and his name on the truss rod cover.
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    Why does everything sound sooooo different in a band?

    When you play alone you can enjoy the entire tonal spectrum. When you play in a band, you must find your little slice of space to be heard, and to not step on the others. The more people involved, the smaller your slice will be. I find that to cut live I need to cut bass and add treble, a...
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    Overpaying for a bad set-up job.

    Where in NJ are you?
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    Help me pick out tonewoods on a new Tele

    You are adding four variables. Two identical 72 Deluxes won't sound identical, but four variables is impossible to predict IMO. You might have to change the pickups a few times after the fact to get closer to your ideal, since those are the only changeable part.
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    not a big fan of PRS

    I don't know, the only one I have is this one: I guess he sold it to me because it was a piece crap. :rolleyes:
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    to upgrade a crappy guitar or buy a new one

    You will never recoup your investment, so if that is a deciding factor, stop now.
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    Changing tone knob to bass roll off knob?

    I Googled the concept and found this: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/alt.guitar.amps/7WD77hnyAb4
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    Why do people consider the old Gibsons the best?

    People did not consider them the best until Appetite for Destruction came out. Prior to that exposure, Les Pauls were out of favor and trading at historical lows versus inflation. And just because they are vintage now doesn't mean they were awesome then or are now, just like anything, there...
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    Guitar rooms with carpet or no carpet?

    In a properly treated room all surfaces have hard and soft attributes. On the hard floor you usually see area rugs here and there.
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    Post the craziest gear buying/selling story you've got! (Craigslist/EBay/shops/etc)

    I went to Ed Roman's house after he left East Coast Music mall, but before he headed to Vegas. He was making "replica" Donnie Hunt Satriani guitars in his dining room. His garage was full of Steinberger parts. His guest room was full of BC Rich's. And two of those strippers you saw in his...
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    Altering a vintage guitar: Should I?

    Old doesn't always mean valuable, sometimes, like in this case, it just means old. I'd use generic plastic rings to begin and see how it all turns out before getting custom rings made. I have no problem botching up a $3 set of plastic rings. BEFORE you do it, take photos and label...
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    Swapping loaded pickguards

    How about an 1/8" mono cable, male and female. You need room in the body rout to accommodate any of these.
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    Swapping loaded pickguards

    Like this: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2104018&numProdsPerPage=60
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    What's the relationship between Fender, Jackson and Charvel

    Some of which are manufactured in CT, in the old Ovation/Hamer factory, using those employees, who are now also under the Fender brand.
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    Suggest me a good Floyd Rose Guitar under 1300€?

    A used USA Hamer Diablo or Centuara can be had for far less and fit the bill perfectly.
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    I woke up and the action on my Strat is magically lower by itself. ????

    The guitar accommodated to the humidity level within your home.
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    Close To Giving Up

    Tune down to Eb as many greats before you.