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  1. blaster

    Princeton Reverb Tweed - Celestion vs Cannabis Rex

    I have the 65RI Princeton with a 10" speaker. For me the 10" speaker is a perfect fit for the Princeton. I recently replaced the stock Jensen speaker in mine with the Celestion Gold 10" and waiting it to break in before I make a final assessment on it.
  2. blaster

    Played a dr z maz 18jr mk2 today

    I actually tried one at a local store of mine and loved it. It sounded great no matter what guitar I plugged into it. It had a Fender/Vox/Marshall vibe to it. It also sounds great a low volumes. I tried one years ago and didn't quite care for it., but the MKII is great.
  3. blaster

    Why are amps (particularly used ones) selling so slow these days?

    A couple issues are what is happening in selling used amps. First, high wattage amps or stacks aren't selling well at all. More players are going to lower wattage amps that are easy to transport, plus venues don't want someone playing high wattage amps. Second, more and more people are using...
  4. blaster

    Deluxe Reverb or Princeton?

    I have both amps a 65 PRRI and a BF Deluxe Reverb. For home use the Princeton is one of the best amps I have used. My Deluxe is great and great for live work, but it's louder than my Princeton at home. The Princeton enables me to get to a sweet spot and not being too loud for home use.
  5. blaster

    Small amps that dont suck?

    I found that a Princeton Reverb RI is the perfect home amp. What's nice is that it has both reverb and tremolo, sounds great and takes pedals well. I also have a Champ which is equally nice and it's great!
  6. blaster

    The LOUDEST amp you currently own

    My loudest is my BF Deluxe Reverb. Years ago I unloaded my higher wattage amps since I don't play out anymore. For home my Princeton Reverb 65 RI is a great amp that enables me to get to a sweet spot without rattling the windows.
  7. blaster

    Compare the Vox AC4HW1 to AC15HW1 or AC15HW1X

    I had the AC4HW-1 and while it is a cool looking amp, it was boxy, had no bottom end, and I sold it. I did purchase the AC10 which was a big improvement over the AC4HW-1, even though it wasn't hardwired.
  8. blaster

    Time to let the Super Reverb go.

    I had a 66 SR that I gigged with years ago, but let it go since it was too loud for the place I played at. At that time I switch over to a Blues jr., but didn't care for the sound. Hence, I purchased a BFDR for cheap (years ago) and it was the amp I was looking for. Since I don't play out...
  9. blaster

    Another Princeton Reverb in the house

    I also purchased a PRRI this summer and it is my to-go amp. To me, the PRRI is the perfect home amp that I can play at the "sweet spot" and not having any of my neighbors complain. Love this amp.
  10. blaster

    Friedman Runt 20 AIC

    Sounds great
  11. blaster

    Should I just get a PRRI for home...

    I love my PRRI. For years I have had every other amp under the sun and thought the Princeton was too small...I was wrong. It's the perfect amp for home and will do a great job for gigs. It's one of the best amps I have ever owned.
  12. blaster

    Fender 65 vs 68 Princeton Reverb

    I like both the 65 and the 68. I own the 65 and it works for me, and like other said once the Jensen speaker breaks in, it sounds so much better. Like Caldera above, I traded my Blues Jr. for the Princeton and have never looked back.
  13. blaster

    Lightweight amp with reverb and tremolo?

    I purchased the 65 since it had more chime than the 68 which was a little darker to me. I like the clarity of the 65RI
  14. blaster

    Lightweight amp with reverb and tremolo?

    Princeton Reverb 65 RI. I just purchased one and it's turning out to be one of the best new amps I have purchased.
  15. blaster

    PSA: Sweetwater closing out DSL40 (version 1)

    It's a great deal. I have the DSL40C and it is one of my favorite amps. I did replace the speaker in mine, but did not do any other mods and it sounds great.
  16. blaster

    Mesa Studio 22+ for Blues jr.

    I have a tweed Blues Jr. that is an early version (MIA) that I can trade at a local store for a Mesa Studio 22+. Anyone have experience with the Mesa and would that be a good trade?
  17. blaster

    Do I want a Vibrolux Reverb or a Deluxe Reverb?

    I had both BFVR and BFDR. Since I play at home only anymore I kept the Deluxe.
  18. blaster

    NAMM2017: Fender Handwired '64 Deluxe Reverb

    I like this amp. I own a 66 Deluxe Reverb and its my favorite amp. I think that anyone looking for a vintage BF Deluxe Reverb would appreciate Fender's entry into the hardwired BF amp. For roughly $2K or more this amp is in par with the vintage Fenders without spending money on any repairs...
  19. blaster

    Marshall DSL-40: What do you dislike about them?

    I love mine. Replaced speaker only. Play at home and either channel works well after tweaking the EQ
  20. blaster

    Any love for ac4's anymore, or is it over?

    I had the AC4-HW but didn't like it. There was a lack of bottom end that made me get rid of it. I now have the AC10 which is great, plus it has reverb, and a nice bottom end.
  21. blaster

    What is the best VOX you have played on?

    My AC-10
  22. blaster

    Vox AC10 as a Bedroom Amp

    While I did like the AC4HW1, it lacked bass / bottom end at lower volumes. A high volumes it sounded better but it was too loud for home use. The AC10 has more chime and the reverb sounds pretty good for what I like. The fullness of the AC10 made me buy it.
  23. blaster

    Vox AC10 as a Bedroom Amp

    Yes, I use it only in my home. It has a master volume and you can dial in great tones. I had everything from an AC30 to AC4HW and this one fits my needs the best. For a small amp with a 10" speaker it sound fat and clear. I love it.
  24. blaster

    Vox AC4 Handwired... Anyone own one?

    I had one but sold it and picked up the ac10 which I like better. The ac4hw had a lack of bass no matter what speaker I tried. I thought it was a nice amp but once I tried the ac10, I sold it