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    RHCP' This Ticonderoga - is it fuzz or not?

    What would you guess is the pedal used for the distorted tone throughout the song? It sounds very old school and different from the other distorted parts on the album. Btw, Keeley DS-1 was used for live perfomances of the song (together with Boss RV-5 in Hall mode for the fast-strumming parts...
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    EELS live gear

    Hello, I haven't been able to find much info about their gear but there's a lot of pics from their shows and if anyone is interested, this is what they have been using live recently: Mr.E (Mark Oliver Everett) Guitar: Danelectro Pro Amp: Mesa Lone Star Pedal(s): Tech 21 Sansamp and Lone Star...
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    Trying to nail Semisonic/Dan Wilson sounds

    Hello, my tribute band is going to cover two Semisonic songs - I have problems with nailing these effects: 1. Fuzzy/synth lead tone that starts at 0:16 (maybe it's not even a guitar) 2. Sort of auto-wah sound that starts at 0:59 and goes throughout the song - I've tried regular wah pedal with...
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    90's rack units experts: could you identify what's in the rack?

    here we go: thanks!
  5. Z

    The Sundays' Wild Horses (RS cover) - pedals?

    what pedals do you think were used for that dripping ambient sound? btw, i like it more than the original cheers, Martin
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    Peter Stroud's overdriven tone

    I love Peter's tone here: There's Sheryl percussive Tele and then there's Peter's overdriven LP Jr. with a hint of fuzziness you can hear during leads. Do you think it's just a cranked amp? (btw it's from his pre-65Amps era) I'd like to get that tone- what would you guys use? thanks
  7. Z

    Help me get this tremolo/vibrato sound

    Hi guys, please check this tune: I'm looking for that pulsating sound that goes during the whole song. My trem pedal can't do that. It sounds a bit like leslie to me but very filtered. I love that deep warm tone. What do you think would help me nail that sound? Martin
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    A sillver sparkle w/chrome pickguard strat ?

    Hello, I really dig the strat that Anthony Drennan (has also played with Genesis and Mike and the Mechanics) plays in this video and I'm not a sparkle finish guy at all: (the guitar can be seen especially during the solo - starts at 3:05) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OmzLTmgK04 I'd like to...
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    Looking for a velcro fuzz (sample included)

    Hi guys, I love fuzz tone on the Boo Radleys' song "Skyscraper" (starts at 3:03) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnNP9lhzvt0 What fuzz pedal would get me that filthy and synthy sound of that solo? I know that Fuzz Factory I used to have would get me very close to that but it was kinda too...
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    Need to nail that solo tone (Manson's Sweet Dreams cover)

    Hi guys, my band's gonna cover this tune so I'd like to get it sound right. There are some interesting effect uses in this song: there is a wah part after first chorus which sounds almost like an autowah (at least I can't nail it very well with my regular wah pedal) and there's an interesting...
  11. Z

    Is this octave-up delay / is this shimmer? (sample included)

    Hello, please listen to this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xcQUCksciw there's a main riff played with (i think) delay and octave above beginning at 0.29 and then a few times again. Is this shimmer? And does delay with octave-up pitched repeats always mean shimmer? Because this doesn't...
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    The Cure - Play For Today live - effect used? (vid included))

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2v_0z1as7o What effect is Porl Thompson using here for those whoa-oh parts? it sounds so synthy-metallic... could it be a flanger?
  13. Z

    Is this an octave down? (Gnarls Barkley tune)

    I've seen this on TV and the guitar in this song got my attention: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb1gM_Cr-iE sounds really ugly and synthy and it seems that there's maybe also some warble/modulation
  14. Z

    Another SP tone quest...

    ... but not fuzz/distortion this time. I'd like to find out what kind of modulation is used here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6j6eYaSs_A sounds chorus-y but quite metallic to me... what do you think? thanks Martin
  15. Z

    What makes Nocaster better guitar than Telecaster?

    what are the factors that make you prefer Nocasters? (according to the yesterday' comparison topic) Is it the U-neck or the pickups or anything else? Fender website doesn't talk about any other unique features... thanks in advance Martin
  16. Z

    Identify a rare Gibson color (sort of surf green)

    I don't have any better pics than this: does anyone know what's the name of this color? any more pics of such color? thanks in advance Martin
  17. Z

    Need to get my tremolo sound more ambient

    Hi, I'm now working on a soundtrack (well, more like background music) for my friend's amateur movie and he wants me to get some ambient sounds. I would like to nail this (starts at 0:30): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ8ZsLaYtPo I guess there was used a Fender combo with tremolo and I can...
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    Identify a Gretsch

    Hi guys, I'd like to find out what kind of Gretsch is this: also here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhzTm8Hu1lA I guess it's a custom model or more likely customized (missing knobs) as Gretsch guitars don't come with P-90s thanks in advance Marty
  19. Z

    Pedals that you use for whammy effect (Whammy/PS-3/HOG) Where are they in your chain?

    or some other units that are able to do the whammy effect- where do you put them in your chain? but only if you use them for octave(s) up/down (well, you can use their other functions like delays or harmonizing too, but the whammy effect is obligatory;)) thanks Martin
  20. Z

    What kind of wah is used here?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9mjWMLvNCY The first time you can hear it is 0:08. Do you think it's a regular wah pedal or is it some kind of auto wah/modulated auto wah?
  21. Z

    Are there any boutique/hand-wired versions of the '65 Twin Reverb?

    Anything that is worth trying for that massive clean headroom? Martin
  22. Z

    aNaLoG.MaN DMM double delay time mod?

    Has anyone tried it? Is it worth the cash? (+about $200) Is it available for a regular version, XO or both? the DMM is one of my most favorite pedals ever, I'd like to know how good is the sound quality at higher delay times and how do you like it (if anyone has it)... thanks in advance
  23. Z

    Compare PRS stoptail bridge with Gibson tune-o-matic & tailpiece

    I used to have Les Paul and now I'd like to get PRS Singlecut and the bridge seems to be the most different thing between them... is there any difference in sound, feel or set-ability? What do you prefer and what do you think is better solution? thanks in advance
  24. Z

    Pumpkins song - effect used?

    hi guys, I've discovered this (i think awesome) B-side by Smashing Pumpkins recently via this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZZgfQYzZGY i've downloaded the album version and even found some info how this song was recorded and also few tabs and they all say that the delay was used for...
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    Which company makes the best tortex (matte delrin) picks?

    in terms of tone, imprint staying/quality (one color only), grip... any comments/comparisons/more suggestions will be appreciated