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  1. vintage66

    Boss FZ-2w hype thread

    Could have bought one for $50 a few years ago before prices went crazy. I remember liking the clean boost the best. Don’t like octave fuzz so maybe that’s what turned me off. Still interested if the price is right, not sure what the Waza would add.
  2. vintage66

    4 minute video: Is my Analog.Man Sunface working right?

    At no point we’re both knobs dimed. User error.
  3. vintage66

    Thick, throaty wah that cuts big in a mix?

    No one’s mentioned BMF? Love mine.
  4. vintage66

    Ebay Tale of Woe, Question About Return

    If they listed as a fit for what you are using it for than it is “not as described” and the should pay shipping. If they just gave specs but didn’t mention that it’s good for your specific pedal than you might be sol. Depends on the listing.
  5. vintage66

    BOSS teases new Waza Craft pedal

    Auto correct is Goodyear blimp awesome.
  6. vintage66

    BOSS teases new Waza Craft pedal

    Quieter, with presets. Actually just wish they Beowulf make the standard one quiet like a modded one and the Waza with presets.
  7. vintage66

    AM BC109 and Skreddy BC109

    Love the jhf1. Had to try a few to find “the one”, mostly because I was trying used ones and several had noise issues. Got lucky on an internet purchase. Thought it was broken until I switched the input and output jacks, someone had rewired them right to left. Amyway,haven’t tried either but...
  8. vintage66

    A way to keep pedal knobs from moving

    Speaking of Digitech, I had a hell of a time with the Whammy V bumping the knob with my foot. Tried everything as far as covering it so it wouldn’t get bumped and change the setting which is disastrous during a bitchin’ Morello solo. Finally put an MXR knob on there which is shorter. It screws...
  9. vintage66

    Marshall dsl20cr green channel overdrive for crunch

    Yeah, I don’t like the rat through everything but it’s my favorite through my Dsl50. I fairly recently got a BD-2 Waza but haven’t tried it through that amp but need to after all the replies. My second favorite is a Skreddy Screwdriver. Mine is a 90’s Rat 2, don’t know about the newer ones.
  10. vintage66

    Boosting a Marshall-ish amp: Klone or FD2?

    I have a DSL 50 and my favorite is a Rat 2. I have 2 different fd2’s and a Centura. Don’t know if I’ve tried the Centura with that amp but the FD2’s weren’t all that special. The Skreddy Screwdriver is provably my second favorite with that amp. Granted it’s not a Mesa, just my .02.
  11. vintage66

    How to get velcro to stick to pedals with rubber bases

    These don’t seem to be available anymore. I have a few other things by them and they work great-wah fastener and pedal riser. The Small Bear Boss plates work great.
  12. vintage66

    What Boss Pedals Are As Good Or Better?

    Bd-2w kicks a&$. Ph-2r is cool. TU-2 works well enough. Wish I’d bought an FZ-2 for $50 when I had the chance before prices went up. Had a CE-2 and sold it, FL-2 is awight but MXR 2 knobber kills it imo. Sd-1 and Ds-1 are decent enough. I want to try Dm-2w which I’d probably like a lot. I...
  13. vintage66

    Irrational fear of solderless cables gone

    Moving pedals on your board makes it more likely but it happens at random times and makes a loud annoying hum which actually makes it hard to troubleshoot quickly like just intermittent signal would cause. It’s not so often but it’s enough that I dont have any on my board anymore. Some people...
  14. vintage66

    Can't decide what to get next...TGP decides

    You don’t have a wah. Answer is obvious. I’d go BMF because it’s awesome but I’ve heard the mini is cool.
  15. vintage66

    Irrational fear of solderless cables gone

    They work great until they don’t. Wouldn’t use at a gig. That’s my experience, loud hum means tracking down bad connection, it’s happened too many times for me to feel comfortable with them. It’s too bad because it’s cool to have custom lengths.
  16. vintage66

    I'm over tuners taking up space on my board

    Boss tuner can power a few of my pedals and I don’t have enough outlets on my power supply so it’s not going anywhere. Also-muting function and looks better, outside noise not a factor. I use headstock tuners at home when not plugged into the board.
  17. vintage66

    Remove rubber?

    The small bear plates are perfect for boss pedals. Less so for Ibanez since you have to drill holes. It’s soft metal and when I tried to countersink a hole it instantly went all the way through making the hole too big but on second try got it working without the countersink. Wish they would...
  18. vintage66

    Throaty/growly wah?

    BMF for throaty, growly. I’m not sure I can go back to the regular Vox/Crybaby types as they sound thin and bright to me now.
  19. vintage66

    Bonnie Raitt slide... anybody knows?

    I have some “thick” moleskin I got at cvs that’s about as thick as fuzzy Velcro. Works well, and I like larger diameter slides so I can buy bigger without fear that it will be too big to use.
  20. vintage66

    Remove rubber?

    Well there’s your problem. Velcro doesn’t stick well to cardboard.
  21. vintage66

    Do most of the really good fuzz units have an external bias adjustment?

    Naw, not needed on the ‘70 or the big round Hendrix si fuzzface. It helps dial in ge fuzzfaces a bit. Where a bias knob is really cool is on a Scarab Deluxe where you can get cool gated fuzz. I wouldn’t worry about it on the ‘70. I have a big box one btw and a big box ‘69.
  22. vintage66

    What pick are you currently digging? Herco Flex 75 Heavy here. :)

    Dunlop Tortex Tlll blue 1mm. Pointier than standard but otherwise shaped like a regular pick. I’m getting paranoid that they’ll stop making them and I won’t be able to get them anymore so I’m thinking of stocking up.