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  1. bluejazzoid

    Is this a di*k move? Guitar loan related.... Update/Conclusion

    Your dad sounds like a real winner, so sorry that's how you were raised. I know I've been fortunate to have parents that have always encouraged me (and my siblings) to pursue any and all artistic endeavors. If I were you --and if possible-- I would make the trip to get your guitar before...
  2. bluejazzoid

    Is this a di*k move? Guitar loan related.... Update/Conclusion

    So is all this recent info about your nephew and the Strat coming from you actually talking with your nephew? If so, that's cool -- you should just tell him what you're thinking about doing and see what he thinks. I still think the way you should handle it is to offer him the guitar as a gift...
  3. bluejazzoid

    Is this a di*k move? Guitar loan related.... Update/Conclusion

    Truth is, he's probably left it at your brother's house because he's never felt like it was HIS -- seriously, your initial deal sounds too "strings attached" to me. Why not ask your nephew if he'd like the Strat to be HIS? You've lived without it for this long, so you really don't need it...
  4. bluejazzoid

    Reverb advice please

    If you like the guitar and want to keep it, ask for help with the cost of repairing the frets. Even if the seller balks at that, I'd say still keep it and play the heck out of it! Oh yeah... :worthless
  5. bluejazzoid

    Was called a "tire kicker" today by a terse, unfriendly TGP seller.....

    There are some* TGPers who revel in creating emporium ads just to be @holes to anyone who dares to inquire about 'precious'. ;) *You know who you are!!! :cool:
  6. bluejazzoid

    22/10 Updated: What would you do? Dealer passing off a used guitar as new.

    No expert, but forum junkie question: Does the seller still have the Gibson registration card for it? If he's an authentic Gibson dealer, maybe he [believes he] can sell it that way because it hasn't been officially registered with Gibson.
  7. bluejazzoid

    Gotta Be a Scam

    From the "Holymark Shop" website (which has a trustworthy web address of basicsilk.online :rolleyes2: ), down at the bottom if you click the "About Us" link, you'll find this nonsense: At CORLIN SHOP [?] we love every passion and interest on Earth because it is a reference to your UNIQUENESS...
  8. bluejazzoid

    eBay scam?? Guitar sold way too cheap

    US $34.50 Shipping..... lol, that's what's really fake!!!
  9. bluejazzoid

    Craigslist: ‘If the ad is still up, it is still available.”

    :bong <-- seller Of course, in the big scheme of the universe the guitar technically is still "available"..... just not from dude-bro!
  10. bluejazzoid

    Guitar Center just hacked their COVID-19 return policy

    If the change in policy at GC now makes you think twice about buying a vintage instrument, isn't that a good thing? Seriously - if now you are going to do a more thorough pre-sale assessment before purchasing a vintage instrument because of this new policy, then that certainly will make you a...
  11. bluejazzoid

    Is this Les Paul Jr legit or am I getting scammed (CL content)

    Heh, I do know the difference -- I was referring to the stupid Gibson "Play Authentic" debacle last year.
  12. bluejazzoid

    Is this Les Paul Jr legit or am I getting scammed (CL content)

    Did you ask about the screws? Is he actually claiming it's an "authentic Gibson" or what?
  13. bluejazzoid

    I literally LOL'ed. Can't believe this is serious.

    Those tigers are indeed quite different ---i.e., the teeth--- the original looks much better.
  14. bluejazzoid

    I literally LOL'ed. Can't believe this is serious.

    That's almost as bad as Clemson's mascot....... almost:
  15. bluejazzoid

    I literally LOL'ed. Can't believe this is serious.

    Tony the Tiger approves!!!
  16. bluejazzoid

    Fedex delivered an empty box to me today

    This past week (Thursday) I saw an unmarked white van back into my neighbors driveway as I was waiting in my own driveway to head back to work from lunch. So as I'm sitting there, I watch this guy hop out of the van, open the side door, grab a FedEx box and walk up to my neighbor's house to...
  17. bluejazzoid

    I'm new to CL, would you respond to this?

    I would respond back [email!] saying "sorry - I would not like to sell. thanks."
  18. bluejazzoid

    People who flat out lie about their gear/music background?

    If you were a burglar, then working at an oil change business would be great way to secure potential new 'customers'! :D Think about it: you get a person's name, license plate and home address, and then while they are forced to wait on the oil change, you can yack-it-up with them, find out all...
  19. bluejazzoid

    Buyers Backing Down

    Hah - kinda sorta! Usually a buyer "backs out", and a bear "backs down"... but not always, like in The Revenant: NO PUBLIC HAIRS IN THE VELCRO... and FREE SHIPPING... CAPICHE?!!
  20. bluejazzoid

    Buyers Backing Down

    He did it for the nookie, man..... THE NOOKIE!!! You just weren't pickin' up what he was layin' down! :banana
  21. bluejazzoid

    Buyers Backing Down

    And completely in violation of Reverb's terms: You shoulda reported tha punk!!!
  22. bluejazzoid

    Buyers Backing Down

    Your friend sounds like a possible codependent in this gear love/hate relationship! :D Advice: tell him nothing is for sale anymore --EVER!-- and then sit back and enjoy as he starts offering you lots more than you originally agreed to! :cool: