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  1. Rock72

    Bogner Blue vs Carl Martin Plexitone Single?

    Anyone had a chance to compare these two? I´m thinking especially the Blue in pleximode. Does the Carl Martin have more gain?
  2. Rock72

    Tone King Falcon

    Not much talk about this gem of an amp here, so I definitely didn´t get it because of TGP hype. This one packs a lot of great sounds into a "little" package, 12w with an Iron Man attenuator that works well, 10 - inch speaker that sounds pretty huge, and three different voices. The fact that it...
  3. Rock72

    Can a Cioks DC-10 power these?

    If in your setup you were to power all these using a dedicated power supply, would the Cioks DC-10 suffice? If not, is there one that would? - Strymon Timeline - Strymon Mobius - Eventide Space - Diamond Memory Lane 2
  4. Rock72

    Difference between Axe FX II and MFC101 Mk1 and Mk2?

    I know the quickest way to get the good answers is to ask rather than wading through pages of threads. So here it goes: 1. What is the difference between the Axe FX II and Axe FX II Mk 2? 2. The same with the MFC-101? Help appreciated.
  5. Rock72

    Trends in the Boutique Market?

    If we look at the higher segment of the boutique market, there seem to be a stronger and growing representation of international builders, Cornish (UK), Free the Tone (Japan), Vemuram (Japan), BJF (Sweden), whereas the lower and middle segments of the boutique market is perhaps overrepresented...
  6. Rock72

    Wampley Paisley vs Menatone Wreck´t

    Anyone tried / owned both? How did they compare, and in the end, which one did you prefer?
  7. Rock72

    Fun in the bedroom: Vox AC4TV

    picked up one of these to try it out as it was reasonably priced. Really had no expectations. Adjustable between 4, 1 and 1/4 w, this is a cool practice amp. I threw a EP Booster in front of it, which enhanced the sound. Takes other pedals well. May swap he tube for something that doesn't...
  8. Rock72

    Two Rock Studio Pro vs EXO

    Could anyone with experience with both of these chime in and give your thoughts?? Which one did you prefer?
  9. Rock72

    Adam A5X and Axe Fx II

    I would like to hear from users of this combination if it is a good match. I am looking for a new pair of active studiomonitors, and I have my eyes on these. I am intersted in how they sound, and I will be using them from home, not drag them around. Alternatively, suggestions for...
  10. Rock72

    The thing I miss the most with the Axe Fx II...

    is the excitement when seeing the post, UPS or DHL truck roll up with a new pedal, bought or traded here at the TGP. The sheer joy of unpacking that little box, plug it in, play, and offer it up for trade or sale on the Emporium a few days later. And the wait for the truck to roll up again...
  11. Rock72

    Sort of NGD: PRS Studio

    Well sort of, got this a couple of months ago (thanks a lot 'Scmavl'), but I decided to wait posting until the honeymoon was over. Don't see much talk about these here on TGP. Thi is my third PRS (after a Custom 22 and ME2). My first thought was, "well, this one got some weight to it..", but...
  12. Rock72

    Personal Q's on Axe Fx 2

    I have a few questions I hope you guys can help me with. I am seriously considering getting an Axe Fx 2. I do live in an appartment where volume is an issue in the evenings. I do not currently gig, but play guitar every day as an "escape" from the everyday stress. I know there are other options...
  13. Rock72

    Explain me the differense: Gibson R vs VOS

    Can someone explain the difference (if there is any) between these to for me?
  14. Rock72

    Jack Deville Mod Zero vs Eventide Modfactor

    Anyone tried both? Which did you prefer? Not so much interested in the whole analog vs digital debate, just sound quality.
  15. Rock72

    Buddy Holly Strat

    Did Fender ever release a Buddy Holly Signature strat? Just saw andocumentary on Holly who died at 22, truly one of the pioneers of guitar rock. Then I had to look up what happened with his strat: http://www.buddyhollyonline.com/guitar.html Kind of cool that his parents let everyone who...
  16. Rock72

    Wampler Paisley and Menatone Wreck't?

    Tonal references for both may be more or less obvious. Anyone tried both? What were your impressions? Which one did you end up with? Or is this not a faircomparison at all, pulling the apple-and-oranges card?
  17. Rock72

    Matchless Independence and BC Hot Cat 30R

    These two amps, in a way sharing some DNA, and both being EL34, how similar / disimmilar are they soundwise?
  18. Rock72

    Klon, SS3 and Ethos

    Three heavy weighters, price and sizewise as well as availability. Different beasts, but for those who have had/have two or all of them, which do you prefer/keep? Overlap? This is not a "which one is best" thread, just a comparison/preferences/use. Roll............
  19. Rock72

    Anyone tried the Vox Bruno TB35?

    If so, what are your impression. Cleans? Drive? Reverb? Fair pricepoint, and if quality and sound are good, this is one great amp
  20. Rock72

    How do you go about deciding to keep/move pedàls?

    This is intended to be a ighthearted discussion on effects and how we make judgmenets. Here at TGP we are often diamterically opposite when it comes to how good we think they are. And to add to this, views differs often drastically from reviews in various guitarmagazines. Example: "The...
  21. Rock72

    Providence SOV-2....thumbs up

    I have had the Providence stampede SOV-2 for a month now, and liking it more and more. Tone set to 9 o'clock and gain at 10 o'clock. 57-08 humbuckers in the guitar. This one's been under my radar. Who else are enjoying this one? How do you use it?
  22. Rock72

    Two Rock Studio Pro with pedals?

    I am tempted by the 35 w version as a combo and use for cleans and as a base for pedals. On the board I have 4 od/ds, two delays and reverbs. So I go anywhere from clean to hair on notes to higher gain (NOT metal). For thosenwho have tried, how does it work with pedals? I used to own a Two...
  23. Rock72

    Way Huge Green Rhino Mk II and Pasiely Drive?

    Tonally a lot of overlap? Has someone tried/owned both? If so, which did you prefer/keep?
  24. Rock72

    Eventide Space vs Strymon BSR

    There probably has been quite a few discussions on this one, but I'd love to hear from someone who has tested both how they felt they did compare soundwise. I kniow they are far apart in all the bells and whistles, so mostly looking for personal takes on sound.