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    Quick question on AF 2 Klone...

    Just got this pedal. It sounds fantastic and is super versatile with the boost and buffer switch. I've never owned a real Klon, but I noticed the volume tends to increase as the gain increases. I have other pedals that do this (Pork Loin). Just curious if that's normal.
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    Setzer Tab Site

    I recall a really cool site that had a ton of PDF Setzer tabs. It was a private website, not a tab site. Does anyone recall this site? Just upgraded my computer and lost some great tabs.
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    First Impressions: Way Huge Pork Lion

    I've been noodling with this one for about a week now. It's a really cool pedal and I'm happy with the purchase. I originally bought this for my short term Klon fix, but it's actually pretty versatile. With the right settings, you can get a convincing Klon-like clean boost. It's not dead on...
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    Riff a day thread

    I recall seeing a rather lengthy thread where one member was teaching a riff/day...Can't find it. Can someone repost the link?
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    Turn on the amp, and it takes a few minutes to achieve normal volume

    I have a Dr Z Stingray, which is one loud mamma jamma. I noticed that when I first turn it on, it's not achieving full volume (this thing should kill small rodents on 3). The power tubes have pretty low hours. Could preamp tubes cause this? Maybe I have a bad power tube.
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    Single coils with P90 in bridge, am I doing something wrong?

    I just installed a Fralin humbucker-sized P90 in the bridge of my strat, with Vintage Vibe singles in middle and neck. They don't seeming to be gelling well, even after cranking the P90 down and singles up. Really week in the second position, where I should get some quack. Anyone had luck with...
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    Looking for pedal like the Riot, but more midrange honk

    I really love my Riot, but I find myself wanting more mid range. Is there any pedal that has the Riot's "amp like" feel, but a little more mid range honk and maybe a touch less gain? Seems the Pinnacle II is popular, but wondering what other options might work. Thx.
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    Anyone have clips of HD500 doing "signature" tones?

    I've heard some impressive HD500 clips and there's no question that Line 6 made a pretty big leap forward with the HD. One thing I find puzzling is the lack of "signature" tone clips from HD500 users. The original POD was out just a few months before there were dozens of Van Halen, Eric...
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    POD HD500 Live Clips - request

    Hoping someone has some vids or clips using this unit in a live setting. I need a live solution and any real-world clips/experiences would be awesome. Thx!
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    Is there such a thing as a light weight 4X10 cab?

    Just wondering if anyone knows of a good lightweight 4X10 option out there....
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    Identify this guitar - Brad Rice of Keith Urban

    I met Brad a few years back when he was with Son Volt...He was playing Duesenbergs and various other guitars back then. He had a really cool decopauge-looking guitar at the Keith Urban show, but I can't figure out the brand. Anyone know who the maker is on this one?
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    OCD v4, fixed the issues playing nice with other pedals?

    I loved the tone of my OCD V3, but placing any modulation after the OCD just killed my tone. It's the only pedal that has caused an issue for me. Did V4 help this issue at all?? Just curious.
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    Dr Z Stingray Clip

    Mojo Hand Envelope Filter>Keeley Comp>Zendrive>Stingray (w Weber Alnico Bluedog 50w) Clams supplied by me! http://soundclick.com/share?songid=7531632
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    Need a budget condenser that adds mid range to vocal track

    My vocal tracks seem to be lacking mids and low-mids. Are there any mics that will accentuate mids, low-mids to compliment my voice?
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    Is it ok to use a very old preamp tube?

    I'm currently using an ancient mullard 12at7. Is there any danger in keeping this tube in there? It's original in my 1964 super reverb, sounds great.
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    Is there an amp that delivers good AC30 tones at low volume?

    I have a Dr Z Stingray, which I LOVE but can't crank for recording. Are there any amps that deliver nice AC30 tones at low volumes?
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    Trouble getting registered over at Acoustic Guitar Forum..

    I'm having trouble getting registered over at the Acoustic Guitar Forum. Anyone a member? Do they manually approve registrations? I haven't gotten a registration email or anything, and I'm gassing for something in their classified section!!!!!!!! Ugh!
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    Looking for a good mid-boost pedal

    Does anyone make a good pedal for mid-boost in the $100-150 range?
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    Does anyone make a paf/single/single pickguard for strat?

    I can't seem to locate that exact configuration....
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    Bought A Strat Plus - Blue Pear Dust Color

    I can't seem to find much on these, but the color appears to be fairly rare. Anyone else have one and know about how much they're worth? This one is a closet classic, perfect from head to toe. Plays great and sounds great as well, minus the lace sensors which will replaced with Fralins in short...
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    Anything like a Crunch Box but with less gain, browner?

    I dig my Crunchbox, but it's a little on the heavy side for what I do. Is there a unit that dose a better early Van Halen tone?
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    Cheap Hollowbody and Question on the Gretsch 5120

    I'm in the market for a nice cheap hollowbody and tried out the 5120. Nice player and decent sounding, BUT the neck was made of three pieces. Is this common practice on the cheaper hollowbodies?
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    New Seymour Duncan Pickups - NAMM

    Interesting attempt at combining single coil, P90 and humbucker tones in one...Anyone get to play these at NAMM? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZhJXcSVnfs&feature=user
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    Question about using 3m dual lock on Pedaltrain

    My PT2 is already covered with the loop material. Is there an advantage to me using the 3m Dual Lock on the pedals? Will it work with the loop that is already there? Will it work better than normal velcro hook with the standard loop? I know the stuff is incredible when used together, but just...
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    Clip: Mojo Drive thru Super Reverb

    Clams a plenty, but I saw some request for clips on this unit. It's Mojo Drive through a '65 BFSR recently restored. First clip drive is at 12 o'clock, second (heavy) part of clip I just raised the drive to about 3 o'clock. I love this pedal and after going through quite a few recently, this one...