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  1. J

    All this talk about "reverse reverb" had me thinking...

    Does reverse work for other effect processes too? E.g. "Reverse Chorus" "Reverse Distortion" etc.
  2. J

    Me old Maxon OD-820: love again!

    Years ago, I bought a Maxon OD-820 "Over Drive Pro" or maybe it is "OverDrivePro" Regardless, I ended up trading it off to cinch a trade for one of my most prized guitars: a Korean made Ibanez IC-400 Iceman. Ever since a wild Dystopia show at Gilman in '98 or '99, I had always wanted an Iceman...
  3. J

    What is/does "VHS" sound like?

    I understand the throwback to older technology idea, but what does "VHS" sound like? I grew up watching Top-Gun on a bootlegged flea-market VHS tape that was stored in a brown plastic case with no label (I always closed my eyes during "the mushy parts"), and always knew VHS as the go-to for...
  4. J

    I don't "get" the Big Muff

    Really. And I'm not trying to rile feathers or troll here. I just never "got" that pedal/circuit. I've played probably 100-ish versions, and one genuine EHX big metal box one that sounded good, but I've always found that when I played them with other people, in a rock-band setting, my guitar...
  5. J

    Because Analog!

  6. J

    If it costs a lot, is it better?

    Full disclosure: this is research for my professional endeavors. Mods, if this is out of line/whack, just lemme know and I'll delete the thread. :) With that disclaimer out there: Is an expensive piece of kit better? My experience has shown me that pieces that cost more are generally perceived...
  7. J

    A "tech-y" question about "analog"/BBD chorus/flanger/modulation pedals

    This is a little "tech-y" so bear with me, but I am an "engineer," and as such: tech lingo is the easiest way for me to communicate. With that disclaimer out of the way... People say that they like "analog"/BBD chorus/flange circuits because they are "warm", right? Is the "warmth" (upper/higher...
  8. J

    Does the "chip" matter?

    Does the "IC chip" used in a given pedal or circuit matter/influence the tone, or perceived tonal characteristics of the actual effect? E.g.s: "the JRC4558D is necessary and vital for authentic vintage overdrive tones" or "the ON Semiconductor *insert semiconductor of choice* sounds better than...
  9. J

    I remember when...

    This could be fun. I remember when... (Do the thing TGP. :) )
  10. J

    A "DSP chip" is just a calculator.

    As the thread title states/suggests. Have fun.
  11. J

    Pedals are fun, no?

    At this point, I have made an actual professional career out of designing and making guitar effects pedals. As it is work and the daily grind for me, sometimes I forget/lose sight of just how fun pedals are. They really are fun and, a good one, can completely change the way you play and can...
  12. J

    Vendor Preferred Bypass?

    As the subject suggests: what is your preferred method for your effects pedals' bypass?
  13. J

    VENDOR Reverse Reverb

    Serious question: How does "Reverse Reverb" work? I have received countless requests for a "reverse reverb" pedal, and my reply has always been: "Reverb does not happen backwards. Please explain to me how that works and I will do my best to create it." So I ask you all here: how does reverse...
  14. J

    Mr. Black Twin Lazers Dual Phase Modulator

    Hey all! I'm really proud of this one. At its core, it's a phase shifter, and it's got a ton of cool stuff it does including: easy to use preset, tap-tempo, easy expression inputs, True-Stereo (!!), 4 or 6 stage phase shift networks and lots more. Dig the video!! (Headphones recommended for the...
  15. J

    Mr. Black Stereo Vintage Ensemble demo/overview video

    Hope you guys enjoy this one!
  16. J

    Presets and saved settings. How important are they to YOU?

    As the title reads: How important are presets/saved settings on your compact effects pedals? Is it worth it to you the have the option of saving and recalling settings at the expense of additional complexity and learning the specific system? How much is that feature worth, in dollars, on a...
  17. J

    Why doesn't EHX...

    Make a version of the Big Muff pedal that has switchable clipping diodes, tone control voicing with a bypass and selectable gain ranges/"eras?" Like a "here is every boutique big muff copy/tweak/variant/new-amazing-tone-epiphany available for $89" pedal? Seems like it would sell okay. Maybe...
  18. J

    Inbound TZF2

    Please believe I'm excited. Email came in and I jumped on that in <30 seconds. Kudos Dave. I'm stoked as hell.
  19. J

    Mr. Black Overdriver demo video

    watch?v=ppCz8GxkNLI http://mrblackpedals.com/collections/black-ltd/products/black-ltd-overdriver
  20. J

    Some interesting research on power supplies

    So... I ran into a strange phenomena a few weeks back after getting a new pedal. Well, the behavior got me thinking and before I knew it, I was taking measurements and recording findings. I decided to publish my results, and hopefully, everyone can benefit from this experiment. Its a fun...
  21. J

    Eterna - Shimmering Reverberator

    lHfh2yOcU_c Shipping November 15th, 2012. More info here: http://mrblackpedals.com/products/eterna
  22. J

    The right thing to do

    A month or two ago, I got some bad news. :omg Cancer, sadly, has touched all of us in one way or another. In addition to the benefit for the American Cancer Society put on by the good people at Caroline Guitar Company, I'm working with a close friend of mine on something similar. Something...