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  1. bluegrif

    In your opinion, does the quality difference in “American” fenders justify the price difference from similarly featured MIM fenders?

    i haven’t bought a brand new guitar for probably 15 years, but IME, it’s always been the rare factory guitar that didn’t need some fret leveling and dressing. I’ve always just factored it into the price. The exceptions have been my earliest guitars, the Fenders I started with in the 60s, and a...
  2. bluegrif

    Fret Buzz - Why Can't I Setup my Strats To Play Like My Gibsons?

    What I find interesting are the remarks by people having those problems even after pro fret levels and setups. Because that’s not been my experience in over 5 decades of this. I've used the same repairman since the 80s and they always come back with stunning playability. I’ll grant that I don’t...
  3. bluegrif

    Epiphone Casino / Riviera 2020

    I’d be happy if they’d just make a regular production Sheraton that conforms to the original spec, like they did with the 2012 limited edition 62 model. I’ve always loved vintage Epiphones and at this point it’s highly unlikely I’ll be able to afford them (I do have a ‘51, New York model, which...
  4. bluegrif

    Epiphone Casino / Riviera 2020

    Sweetwater has them. Nice thing there is you get to choose from photos of the exact guitars. That’s especially important to me with the laurel fretboards, some of which look very nice and some look light and dry.
  5. bluegrif

    Epiphone Casino / Riviera 2020

    The Riviera looks better, more dead on vintage, than I would have ever hoped for in something that isn’t a limited run. I could never spring for a vintage original, and even if I could, most have that really skinny nut width. These are seriously tempting.
  6. bluegrif

    Marshall Origin owners thread

    Okay, I’m perfectly willing to own being wrong. Forget what I said about the Origin maybe being better than the Amp1 for my work. Just shows what can happen when you play one or the other for an extended period of time in a small room setting. After that remark, I spent some time directly...
  7. bluegrif

    Who else is excited for the new Epiphones?! (Wilshire, Crestwood and Coronets!!)

    I have no plans to buy any guitars in the near future, but I do have a soft spot for these. Back in about 1970 I was playing full time and bought a Coronet (late 60s batwing model) in cherry. I actually had it on layaway and after I finally paid it off and brought it home, I only had it for a...
  8. bluegrif

    Marshall Origin owners thread

    I’ve done quite a few shows with my 20H, so far, no problems. With any of these inexpensive tube amps I think a backup is a must. Funny, I bought a BluGuitar Amp 1 early this year and I used it almost exclusively for live shows over the summer. But lately I’ve been going back and forth with it...
  9. bluegrif

    If Brazilian fretboards were cheaper and more readily available- would you prefer it over....

    I'm pretty sure you're right, given that budget USA guitars from the 50s and 60s used Brazilian Rosewood. Supros, Nationals and the like. And as I mentioned, my 60s Melody Maker had one of the nicest BR boards I've seen. Clearly Gibson wasn't reserving it for the higher end models. But purely...
  10. bluegrif

    If Brazilian fretboards were cheaper and more readily available- would you prefer it over....

    Irrelevant. You’re suggesting only those interested in Les Pauls have any interest in Brazilian Rosewood, which is patently false. Just to cite one example, look at all those Special Run PRS guitars with BR. Need another? Warmoth offers (or did for years, I haven’t checked lately) a BR option...
  11. bluegrif

    If Brazilian fretboards were cheaper and more readily available- would you prefer it over....

    That’s as odd as the first one. The model of guitar has nothing to do with it. In fact, though not my primary thing, I’d have to say it’s a much bigger deal in the acoustic guitar world.
  12. bluegrif

    If Brazilian fretboards were cheaper and more readily available- would you prefer it over....

    That’s an odd assumption given that in the 60s and earlier, even student model guitars had Brazilian rosewood boards. One of the most beautiful BR boards I ever owned was on a 63 Melody Maker! The only BR board guitar I currently own is my 1951 Epiphone. It’s lovely but a nice, dark Indian...
  13. bluegrif

    Recent post on guitar chairs got me thinking. Do you sit?

    Currently I perform seated, but not by choice, and only this year. I’ve been fighting chronic, severe back pain that affects me mainly when standing. With the lockdown early in the year, I just finally had the MRI I was supposed to have a few months ago. Bottom line for me, if the doctors can...
  14. bluegrif

    The one type of guitar that you've never liked or had any GAS for?

    Oh who knows? That was simply an intuition I was getting from the responses up to that point. And you'll note I said I'm sure you can't generalize. To really answer that would take a large sample size filling out a detailed questionnaire. But here was my thinking: Having been around this forum...
  15. bluegrif

    The one type of guitar that you've never liked or had any GAS for?

    This thread is oddly entertaining. While I'm sure one can't generalize, in most cases people dislike guitars they associate with musical styles they're not into, as opposed to any inherent issue with the instrument itself. Myself included of course. I'd have to say any 80s hair metal type guitar...
  16. bluegrif

    How's the logjam over at Warmoth?

    Sounds to me like they’re doing a great job given the circumstances. If I didn’t have so damn many expenses (combined with so many lost gigs) I’d be ordering a Hybrid Strat body right now!
  17. bluegrif

    Do you still have your first guitar?

    I wish. Mine was about a 62 Jazzmaster which I played all the way through my first pro gigs. I traded it in on a new Strat in 1970. Then I sold that in the early 80s. Both were wonderful guitars and would be great to have today.
  18. bluegrif

    Golden Age of Guitar Making was... Now? (Vintage VS New discussion)

    I don’t know. It’s a tough one because I’ve played some really special vintage guitars. I agree it’s not a matter of better craftsmanship. Even inexpensive guitars are often built to tight tolerances these days. Almost any decent modern guitar is only some nice fretwork and setup away from...
  19. bluegrif

    A terrible hypothetical...with poll included!

    Funny, I haven't intentionally listened to the Beatles for probably 40 years. My wife still loves to listen to them, so I hear them. And I think they were great at what they did, were historically very significant, etc. But for their time period, their stuff just doesn't move me the way the...
  20. bluegrif

    Guys listing internet gear shills as their favorite players?

    I honestly never thought of this or had any idea it’s a thing. The majority of my biggest influences passed decades ago (and some more recently of course, like BB). But I can see how some players, especially the gear hound hobbyists, would enjoy the better gear demo guys. My limited experience...
  21. bluegrif

    Bluguitar Amp1 users thread

    I’ve now played a few gigs with my Amp1 (some of my regular outdoor venues are starting to open up). It’s very, very impressive in a live context. Mine is the original and excessive brightness is not an issue with that version. I’ve not used he Mercury. I have found there are nuances to...
  22. bluegrif

    Do I not like SG's?

    For what it’s worth, I was never thrown off by the SG, despite literally growing up playing Fenders and, until my Dad handed down that first SG, had hardly played anything else in the 7 years I’d been playing at that point (1969). If anything I found it super easy to play (not as easy to keep in...
  23. bluegrif

    Do I not like SG's?

    It’s funny and ironic that I don’t really care much for those canoe paddles, but I’ve owned about 3 vintage ones because my Dad played SGs for quite a few years and I’d usually get the old one when he bought a new guitar. He played 5 or 6 nights a week forever and loved the light weight. I think...
  24. bluegrif

    Eastman Guitars

    Wow, I wondered how long it would take before more players would realize what fine guitars Eastman builds and get over the fact they happen to be built in Beijing. What you’re essentially getting are hand made guitars, built to a very high standard, out of quality materials, by a relatively...
  25. bluegrif

    Are Gibson’s more sensitive to movement of neck changing pitch?

    Depends on the model or maybe even just the individual example. Back in the 70s and early 80s I played a couple of my Father’s hand-me-down SGs and those things would change pitch if you breathed on them too hard.