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    Problem with Trailer Trash Pedalboards

    I thought you were ragging on me and my pedalboard :D
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    the strat is a terrible beginner guitar

    You win. No contest.
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    the strat is a terrible beginner guitar

    What was your starter? A like depends on your answer :D
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    the strat is a terrible beginner guitar

    I'm the only one to start out on a 70's Harmony acoustic? I would have killed for a Strat.
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    What Power Supply Is Right For Me?

    I have a CS12. Very quiet even with a half dozen splitters putting 2 pedals on 1 outlet. Truetone has killed customer service as well. CS7 only $119, though if space is really tight, the CS 6 is a little smaller with one less outlet for $129.
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    Same riff, 4 different distortion boxes. You be the judge.

    Thanks a lot jerky mcjerkface. Now I gotta buy another pedal :mad::mad::mad::mad: :D:p :mad:
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    Walrus Audio Slö or OBNE Dark Star?

    I've never tried the Dark Star but I own the Slo. The dark (octave down) mode sounds really cool. With the rise mode, you can turn to mix all the way up and play with no attack. With the Velvet Fuzz, it can sound like a violin or cello, sort of. I like it.
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    Ghostfire Pedalboards

    Yep. That's what I have. It's like this but mine is bigger with 5 rails.
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    Ghostfire Pedalboards

    I haven't received any emails from them but I own a Ghostfire pedalboard. It was significantly less expensive than the same size Pedaltrain. The only downsides for me are the Ghostfire has feet in the front that can fold up, but they don't lock into place. Also, due to the design the mounts...
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    Howard Gee / Catalinbread lawsuit OVER !

    I remember Gee Bee, owned by Glosser Bros. My grandparents shopped their sometimes.
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    High end TS-9 clone?

    Change of power supply maybe?
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    High end TS-9 clone?

    Pretty sure Josh said the difference between his 808 and TS9 is parts tolerances. I don't think a high end exact TS9 clone is going to give anything you a genuine TS9 isnt going to give you. My TS9 is pretty quiet. As quiet as some higher end (thought not TS9 clones) dirt pedals I own. What...
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    First delay pedal... any recommandations? (Analogman vs Jam vs Catalinbread)

    I would suggest putting on some headphones and listening to some YT demos and then if possible (though most likely not) go to your local store and try some out. My only experience with delay is an ancient Boss DD3, which I like a lot.
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    A "time out" from buying/selling pedals

    Now would be a great time to get in the KOT waiting list.
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    Shortages continue at music stores

    Except a reputation for not paying bills makes it difficult to get new suppliers.
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    Concerts you wish you’d went to when you had the chance.

    U2 1983 at the U of Md Ritchie Coliseum for $3.00 Albert King at Blues Alley in D.C., played every year for a while and I never got around to it. R.E.M. 1983 9:30 Club Nirvana 1991 9:30 Club
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    Let's Get Rickrolled

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    Alex Van Halen

    Ain't nobody got time for that :D
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    Alex Van Halen

    But not enough cowbell!
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    Rick Beato goes off on YouTube video blocking...

    I understand that with perfect clarity. The reason they do so is to keep themselves out of hot water for copyright violations. I don't know the rules of fair use; I only know of the concept and have a vague awareness that one has the right to use other's copyright protected material royalty...
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    Rick Beato goes off on YouTube video blocking...

    I don't think using 9 seconds of a song for reviewing said song is a violation of copyright. I'm not a lawyer and I could be wrong, but that might fall under fair use. Really though, the bands should be paying him to promote this old, nearly forgotten music.
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    Alex Van Halen

    The first time I heard "I'll Wait" on the radio, I knew it was Van Halen as soon as the drums came in despite not hearing a lick of guitar. AVH is instantly identifiable. What made Van Halen great wasn't Eddie's lead playing (that was the icing on the cake) it was the songs and the groove...
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    Alex Van Halen

    We all already know he's a drummer.
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    Alex Van Halen

    I love MA's backing vocals as much as anybody but Eddie was singing backing vocals as well. It was the two together that made that signature sound.
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    Boss delays and daisy-chains

    I dàisy chained my DD3 from the late 80s to this year with the Boss PSM 5. Never had any issues at all. I'm powering it with a split output on CS12 now with no issues.