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    Your entrance/walkup theme?

    Fugazi - Waiting room Jet - She’s a genius
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    Junior fans: Do you prefer the LP JR. or SG JR?

    I find them unbalanced on a strap. The neck feels like it’s sticking out too far. The thin body feels wrong to me. Just not for me I guess! They are sexy guitars though...
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    Junior fans: Do you prefer the LP JR. or SG JR?

    LP Jr singlecut for me. I love SGs until I play them!
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    (Answers/results) Tonewoods Blind Test - Join the fun and prove you have golden ears

    1. Alder 2. Ash 3. Knaggs 4. Mahogany I could hear the differences. Starting with 1... the jump to 2 was a bit brighter but similar. 3 was noticeably different. It had some sort of a notch in the EQ, like a V30 can give. 4 was closer to 1 and 2 but warmer. I doubt I got it right! That riff...
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    Buying my "first" guitar

    Personally I’d get a cheapish, good quality tough guitar to take abroad with you. When you get back, splash out on whatever takes your fancy.... by then you’ll probably be looking for different things in a guitar. My guitars now are nothing like what I thought I would want when I was starting...
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    Your Favorite Covers That Underwent a Genre Change

    I Will Survive by Cake.
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    Pickup output....output resistance vs actual output (Lollar db)

    Leaving magnets aside, just talking about the coil, the best indicator of output is number of winds. You could wind 3 otherwise-identical pickups with different gauges of wire. If all were wound to, say, 10000 turns, the output would be similar. The DC resistance of the one with 44 gauge wire...
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    Looking for a good lightweight strat hardcase

    I’ve had a few. Even the most basic Hiscox is head and shoulders above similarly-priced competitors.
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    Current favorite guitar mic...

    I have both. I found the 609 scooped and harsh, lacking balls a bit. The 906 sounded great straight away. I would have sold the 609 but my bandmate likes it on his amp. For me the difference is not subtle, and definitely worth it. You can find B-stock 906s for about $100. Mine was brand new...
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    Current favorite guitar mic...

    I like the e906 for live use. I also have an e609 but the 906 is much more accurate to the sound of the amp. I like 57s too but prefer the 906 slightly, and like not needing to use a mic stand.
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    firebird wiring

    In my limited experience, the wiring is the same but pot values may differ. I’ve seen 300k pots on Firebirds, for example, presumably due to the old FB pickups being bright. On my personal guitar I put 500k vol and 250k tone. This with a 7.2K bridge pickup.
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    The moment many have been waiting for...

    It’s now a G4 wireless unit.
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    Fane F70 (or Avatar H75) in a 112... open or closed back?

    Convertibles are great - you can try both before you decide. Also it allows you to adapt. For example, an open back near a wall will fill the room better, particularly with the low end. If you're playing outdoors, without a bouncy surface behind you then open backs can lose a lot of their...
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    Fane F70 (or Avatar H75) in a 112... open or closed back?

    Homemade pine 1x12 cab, slightly oversized compared to most. Fixed baffle - the whole thing is very rigid. Convertible back. It's slightly more open and airy sounding when open, more punchy and direct when closed. Amp is an Ampmaker P1800 kit amp. Handwired Marshall 18W circuit, but hot rodded...
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    Fane F70 (or Avatar H75) in a 112... open or closed back?

    Bought the speaker. A bit piercing out of the box but 30 mins in it had already mellowed noticeably. Nowadays it's warmer and smoother still but still plenty of bite. Loads of definition. Nice cleans, excellent for crunch. It's got a fair bit of low end so I tend to back off the bass on my amp...
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    Why is suddenly Poplar Burl so popular?

    Ummm... what's the question?
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    Best Mic For Live Guitar

    I would try a different cable. I have one which wants to roll to one side always, and others which stay put. You need to twist it to a good angle then wedge it tight into the end of the handle, if that makes sense.
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    E-609 or SM57

    Agree with most of the above. I have a 609 but don't like the sound. 57 can sound great. My 906 always sounds great and is easy to set up. I bought mine B-Stock Open Box on Reverb for $100, and it was identical to a brand new one. Definitely worth the difference over a 609.
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    Suitable replacement for SM58?

    Have you received the Lewitt yet? I'd be keen to hear how you feel it compares to the mics you mentioned, particularly the e935. Cheers
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    P90 pickup recommendations, please

    I've been looking into P90s recently. The TV Jones T90 looks interesting.
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    Help me set up my Treble Bleed!

    For the Kinman Mod, I use the recommended cap value (can't remember offhand), in series with a resistor roughly HALF the value of the pot. In other words for a Strat with 250K pots, use a 130K resistor. This is the original Kinman mod setup you'll find all over the place. If you use a 130K...
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    Sennheiser e609 vs e906

    100% agree. Although interestingly my old 609 sounds OK with my bandmates amp. Sounded like crap on mine though. The 906 is a big step up.
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    Thoughts on gigging with low-watt/high gain single channel amp (PT-20) and using an underdrive?

    I use a crunchy amp as my main sound (hot rodded 1974x circuit). I roll back for almost-cleans and sometimes use a boost when I want more. If a flat boost doesn't work (I like the SHO), a treble booster should do the trick (I use the Naga Viper but I'm sure they are all similar). When rolling...
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    Strictly AESTHETICALLY....what is your favorite guitar...

    Battered LP Jr doublecut TV yellow Dark cherry SG Sunburst Firebird I White/cream Esquire with plenty of scars