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  1. Steadfastly

    Fender Brad Paisley Esquire

    Except, I've worked for companies doing the same thing. Believe me, it is often a ploy. It is business and that's what they do as you say.
  2. Steadfastly

    Fender Brad Paisley Esquire

    Wow! What world are you from? I am simply stating facts, not passing judgment.
  3. Steadfastly

    Teach a 335 noob...

    You might want to give these a look as the quality is every bit as good as a Gibson and perhaps better. You can also keep some money in your pocket. https://www.eastmanguitars.com/electric_thinline
  4. Steadfastly

    Poll - Which two would you keep between a Tele, Strat, LP and 335?

    I picked tele because it is the most versatile of the four. If I could only have one guitar, It would be an Eastman AR-371 or an AR-810.
  5. Steadfastly

    Fender Brad Paisley Esquire

    Your post shows you have no idea about sponsorship deals. Do you know many pros from all walks of life make more money from sponsorship deals than they do from their normal business? Remember what Tiger Woods was making from sponsorship deals before he blew it with his infidelity? Sponsorship is...
  6. Steadfastly

    I don't understand D'Angelico's strategy

    One should never, ever, ever buy on xx% off. That is a designed pricing strategy. If anyone wants to do that, I have lots of items for sale at 95 % off. i.e. One set of premium guitar strings Reg. $3199.00 Now, 95% off! $159.95 Buy 3 sets and get 97% off. Let me add to the above there is...
  7. Steadfastly

    Over 100 people dont like this! Man the world is talented!

    I may be wrong. Some people have a funny, or should I say, a poor way of expressing humour. I may have just done the same thing myself. I wouldn't do it with a kid but I may to an adult. Here on the forum it's easier to do because you can accompany it with an explanation or a smiley. It's...
  8. Steadfastly

    Over 100 people dont like this! Man the world is talented!

    I'm sure, Derek, that many of those dislikes are done in fun by people who wish they had that kid's skills and dislike it on that basis. I do it all the time with your clips, wishing I had your skills. ;)
  9. Steadfastly

    Do tonewoods really matter in building a guitar?

    As I said earlier, it matters a little. What would be good is to have a number of bodies of different wood and then put the same hardware on them and do a test of the sound in an anechoic chamber and record the clean sound. Undoubtedly there would be some difference showing up albeit very...
  10. Steadfastly

    12 String Love

    That is the most beautiful 12 string I have ever seen and one of the most beautiful acoustics period. I have a very nice 12 string designed by George Lowden and built by the Yairi Factory but it pales in comparison to yours. I would love to hear how that sounds. Thanks very much for those pictures.
  11. Steadfastly

    12 String Love

    Yes, but I have no idea who that is. The only Cy Young I know of is a famous ball player. I am not really a name person. So, is the guitar deeper on one side?
  12. Steadfastly

    Do tonewoods really matter in building a guitar?

    It's hard to reason with an alcoholic.
  13. Steadfastly

    Has anyone played an Alvarez RT26 travel guitar?

    They are beginner guitars and about as good as anything else you'll get in that price range. If that's your budget, go for it. Just don't expect it to be anything like your DY95. She's only 9 and it will be a good guitar to learn on. Those Yairi's are top of the line guitars and real keepers...
  14. Steadfastly

    Do tonewoods really matter in building a guitar?

    And I agreed that it does..............a little bit. I might add that the little difference it does make will almost always only heard by the owner. If that makes the owner happy, have at 'er.
  15. Steadfastly

    NGD - ‘20 R8

    '59 fret wire, eh?
  16. Steadfastly

    Fender thinline question

    Are you buying a guitar or a name?
  17. Steadfastly

    Good Budget LP?

    You say you have an Agile. That is quoted on guitar forums all the time but usually the model is not mentioned. Agile have many models. The 3000 series is a much better guitar than the 2000 series. To get the same specs a 3000 series has in a Gibson would cost you upward of $3000.00. Try to get...
  18. Steadfastly

    The folly of chasing famous recorded guitar tones

    So one made in 1999 on December 31st is superior to one made is 2000 on January 1st?
  19. Steadfastly

    Do tonewoods really matter in building a guitar?

    The only ways to prove either way, is to put them in an anechoic chamber and see which one responds the way you want it to best. The other is a blind test. I find people that want to prove that wood really matters in an electric guitar are those that build them and sell them and have...
  20. Steadfastly

    12 String Love

    Okay Jeff, spill the beans! Who made that beautiful and unique 12 string? The body is deeper on one side is it not? It's not just an optical illusion from the photograph is it?
  21. Steadfastly

    I want to work on piano, any suggestions for technique?

    My Father-in-Law's wife has been teaching for over 30 years. She does some online teaching with Zoom. If you are interested, PM me with your email address and I can pass it on and she'll contact you if she is interested.
  22. Steadfastly

    Some people hate Guitar Distortion

    A little distortion here and there in a song can make it interesting but when it goes on too long or the whole song has distortion, I play something else.
  23. Steadfastly

    Favorite "When you're in a mood" Album or Song

    I lost my Dad when I was 18 so sometimes when I think of him, I listen to this song by Randy Travis. My Dad was not a talker so there were things I would have liked to know about him but only got snippets of them from others after he died. I also loved my grandfather very much. He was such a...
  24. Steadfastly

    A Half Step in an often covered Beatles song, most sing as a whole step ...

    I have no idea what you are talking about. :dunno