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    Looks like Don Grosh and crew are building set necks again

    That's great. I didn't even know he stopped making them.
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    Ngd Mcinturff Fle #4

    Beauty. At first glance, I thought I was the original owner, but after checking old photos mine had a stop tail. Terry's '57 curve is my favorite as well.
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    Lentz Guitars

    Hey Mody. That's a beaut! BTW, you type with a British accent.
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    Terry McInturff

    I've owned a whole bunch since 2000. Now have a TerryCaster and Carolina Custom. Terry is a spiritual guitar craftsman.
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    Who's Digging Their Grosh Set Neck?

    Here's my Spruce Top. Unfortunately I might need to sell it. Used to have two other Set Necks as well.
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    Who's rockin' a McInturff these days?

    Present TerryCaster Carolina Custom
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    Who's rockin' a McInturff these days?

    Past Taurus FLE 28 FLE 19 Royal Polaris
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    Lentz "Croyden" Goldtop...

    If it went to esoteric Pete. then to slippyknees, then I have it now. Who would have thunk when I commented on Zane's acquisition back in '09.
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    Fender CS handwound Fat 50´s vs suhr ML Standards

    My favorite Strat Pickup Combo is: '69 - Neck Fat 50 - Mid Texas Special - Bridge
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    HAMER GUITARS...closing their doors

    Really too bad. Fine guitars. I still own six of them: Triple Threat, Special K, Ultimate Special, Talladega, Talladega Pro and a 2-Pup Special Korina. I do consulting work for the Town of New Hartford's Pension Plan, and visit the Town four time a year. The Town Hall is directly across...
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    Show Your McInturff

    Royal Polaris
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    Show Your McInturff

    Taurus FLE 19 FLE 28
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    Show Your McInturff

    A total of seven, past and present. Only two left. Present - Carolina Custom TerryCaster
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    Lentz S build completed and delivered!

    Lentz guitars, ya gotta luv em. If you're near the Hartford area, check out Black Eyed Sallys open blues jams on Wednesday nights. Let me know and I'll bring my one of my Lentz.
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    Where to find Midi song files w/ individual instruments?

    BUMP - I'm curious as to this as well.
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    Have you ever wanted to go to a clinic with Tomo Fujita? how about in KEY WEST????

    I'm good if it's within the last two weeks of March. Thanks John from Buffalo for pointing this out to me.
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    My New Lentz Traditional

    Congrats on the new Lentz. Glad to see that Scott has the traditional body design available. His pickups are the real deal.
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    Terrycaster clips

    Youtube from around three years ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEVS969Vvtc
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    Sunburst Tele with Maple neck

    This looks exactly like my Tele when I was a teenager in the '60s. Wish I never sold it.
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    Telecaster Players

    Play predominantly blues through a Chicago Blues box Kingston or Headstrong Lil King.
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    Inexpensive mahogany dual humbucker guitar?

    You can probably pick up a McInturff Sportster for less than $1400. Great bang for the buck.
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    Lentz "Croyden" Goldtop...

    Yeah, I have the same combo on my Lentz SSL and T.
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    Lentz "Croyden" Goldtop...

    That's a beaut. Scott has the 'golden' touch.
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    Detemple 52 in Rare color

    Beautiful guitar. The black finish is exquisite. Almost looks like you're looking into a tar pit. Congrats, and play it often.
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    Guitar Versus New Kitchen: Which would you choose?

    I'm surprised that no one commented on the absurdity of the comparison. Actually, I plan to sell a few guitars when the market improves to fund the new kitchen.