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Search results

  1. rummy

    Post your COVID acquisitions NGD!

    Love 'em
  2. rummy

    Strat pickup swap!

    +1 on Fralin. I love my Blues Specials.
  3. rummy

    Should I go wireless?

    Line 6 G50 works great for me. It's survived many gigs with other L6 units on stage with no issues.
  4. rummy

    Semi-Hollow Humbucker Recommendations

    Love Seth Lovers in my 335.
  5. rummy

    I don't get Grateful Dead. Really.

    Became a fan just last year. There's a lot of good stuff in there I enjoy. I'm going to see Dead & CO this year, and it'll be dope.
  6. rummy

    The small cab quest goes on...

    Genzler 12 https://www.genzleramplification.com/shop/bass-array-12-3-str/
  7. rummy

    Thinking to upgrade pickups

    Fender 62 is a great staple pickup. I also enjoyed Fralin's pickup as well.
  8. rummy

    Short scale bass.. Looking to buy one

    Recently picked up a Mustang PJ for my finacee. It's a legit bass. Sounds great and plays really nice. I may have to steal it time to time.
  9. rummy

    Your favorite wahs.

    Big fan of Xotic here also.
  10. rummy

    Horrible Customer Service from Fulltone

    Good to know. Thanks for sharing.
  11. rummy

    Poll: Who Installs Their Pickups

    I hear you on that.
  12. rummy

    What's your favorite color for a Les Paul?

    Aged alpine white.
  13. rummy

    If You Wanted an SG, Which One Would You Get?

    SG classic with P90s and a big neck.
  14. rummy

    Show your main guitar!

  15. rummy

    PRS McCarty more like Les Paul?

    This was my experience as well.
  16. rummy

    Any Texas Special Pickup Lovers Out There? Any Similar Recommendations?

    Fralin Blues Specials. They're voiced similar to TS, but less output and more sparkle. I've had them for nearly a decade and I love them.
  17. rummy

    Boss Katana users from a year ago (or so) - where are you now?

    Bone stock, still gigging with it. I use it as a pedal platform for bar gigs. It's loud, proud and gets the job done.
  18. rummy

    G&L Tribute JB2

    Love Tributes.
  19. rummy

    Help Me Pick an 80s Guitar!

    Charvel HS. New or used.
  20. rummy

    Looking for lush clean tone from ES-335

    I have Duncan Seth Lover pickups in mine, and they're great for clean tones.
  21. rummy

    What Strat pickup sounds "bubbly"?

    From the sound of it, Fralin Blues Specials might do it.
  22. rummy

    NGD Hamer Artist

    Sick. Congrats.
  23. rummy

    1 Guitar, 4 Pedals, 1 Amp

    ES-338 DRRI Barber CG/DD