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  1. Frozen Rat

    12 vs. 14 frets

    I think it's simple: If you play the upper frets get the 14, if you don't, the 12 is even better. Personally I have a 14-fret 00 because there are quite a few songs I play where I have to get up to the 17th and 18th frets.
  2. Frozen Rat

    Why Martin?

    I used to be a bolt-on vs glued-in neck snob (thought glued-on was superior) until I start playing Goodall guitars (bolt-on). Those changed my mind 180 degrees on the subject. My current opinion is that it doesn't matter a damned bit, either style of attaching a neck can generate a superb guitar.
  3. Frozen Rat

    Why Martin?

    They have a distinctive tone that has a long history of authenticity in the guitar realm. They pretty much gave rise to the steel 6 string acoustic guitar, although admittedly the first versions had gut strings on them. It's kind of like a Ferrari is unique amongst cars not just because of how...
  4. Frozen Rat

    I can't stand crap rattling around inside my acoustic...

    I'm with you on this. The only thing I want inside my guitar is air and the only thing I want coming out of it is great sound.
  5. Frozen Rat

    Just realized my Guild Jumbo has 26" scale

    26" scale would have a pretty good amount of tension. Usually one measures from the nut to the middle of the 12th fret and doubles that. It's hard to measure all the way to the saddle because the distance isn't equal across it.
  6. Frozen Rat

    Advice on Acoustic Strings?.

    I can recommend my favorites of all time: Martin Monels. My second choice would be John Pearse PBs. There's something about monels that bring out the last drop of goodness from my guitar. Hard to explain exactly what that is other than to say they give my guitar the most depth and character as...
  7. Frozen Rat

    Martin 0-18

    I've played two and love the sound. The neck not as much.
  8. Frozen Rat

    What kind of wood do you think this is?

    I'll guess Cocobolo.
  9. Frozen Rat

    Bridge Pin Q..

    The key thing I notice in you description is your say "now" they stick up 1/4", implying they didn't before. Like the poster said a few posts back, slacken the strings and push the pins down and seat them correctly and you should be good to go.
  10. Frozen Rat

    NGD - 2020 Gibson J-45, but holy low action Batman!

    What you should be concerned about—for your own good that is—is how the top of the bridge lines up with the fretboard and frets. If it's below those you need a lot of saddle to compensate. To make a small change in action (say 1/64) at the 12th fret requires twice that amount of change at the...
  11. Frozen Rat

    NGD - 2020 Gibson J-45, but holy low action Batman!

    If it were me, I would return it. You can get a J-45 with the proper neck angle and lower the action back down to the same as you have now by shaving the saddle. Then buy a second saddle to have on hand in case you need to raise it again in the future. Think of it this way: right now you are...
  12. Frozen Rat

    NGD - 2020 Gibson J-45, but holy low action Batman!

    Your action sounds low even for an electric. The bridge being lower than the end of the fretboard suggests to me why the action came out so low—neck angle is at the extreme end of what is possible and still pass Gibson QC (ok, granted, it would pass Gibby QC even with a dead squirrel in the...
  13. Frozen Rat

    Best specs compromise for flatpicking and fingerpicking

    A lighly braced 000 or OM comes to mind. As for measurements I think scale doesn't matter; nut width best compromise 1 3/4"; string spacing at bridge best compromise 2 3/16".
  14. Frozen Rat

    An unexpected parlor Guitar shape

    Whoa, dude, you should buy it, it's clearly an original Marcel Duchamp.
  15. Frozen Rat

    Cedar topped guitar for blues and rock music? Bad idea?

    I hear you, and I trust your opinion, actually. In a normal world I'd go out there and play the hell out of all the cedar-topped guitars I could lay my hands on. What's "great" is subjective so that's always best, and then I would know in the best way of knowing. And I've tried to do that over...
  16. Frozen Rat

    Cedar topped guitar for blues and rock music? Bad idea?

    Thanks everyone. I see the pattern here—not for me. The search continues.
  17. Frozen Rat

    Cedar topped guitar for blues and rock music? Bad idea?

    I have my eye on another guitar purchase, one of the prospects being in the grand concert, short-scale size, and having a cedar top to it and EIR back and sides. I'm hesitant to pull the trigger on this type of purchase because out of the large number of guitars I've played, I realize I've only...
  18. Frozen Rat

    Anyone else have one of these

    Every guitar maker should have an OM version with mahogany B&S. I'm surprised to hear that Martin doesn't, typically. There's a whole gang of people who prefer that wood for back and sides over Rosewood and the other usual suspect wood species. Mahogany in the hands of some builders can be a...
  19. Frozen Rat

    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    Van Halen was the first really big-time act I saw as a kid. Mark Anthony chugged a bottle of whiskey down several inches and passed it out to the crowd. Eddie was phenomenal (and didn't drink any of that whiskey). Roth told some dirty jokes and you could tell the band was having a lot of fun up...
  20. Frozen Rat

    Do sub-$100 acoustics for beginners that don't suck horribly exist??

    Someone just had another great idea. Get her a Ukulele. Around where I live, where my son just graduated high school, you can always run across multiple high schoolers playing a uke: they're way more popular than guitars here in Northern California amongst younger people. It's a great instrument...
  21. Frozen Rat

    Do sub-$100 acoustics for beginners that don't suck horribly exist??

    Dude, get her some AirPods. Her parents sound kinda like they're tricky with the mind games. If they can afford 2k MacBook pros, you're going to show up with a $200 Yamaha only to find they bought her a Taylor 214ce, and then you're going to be really pissed.
  22. Frozen Rat

    Do sub-$100 acoustics for beginners that don't suck horribly exist??

    Seems like a tall mountain to climb. I've played thousands of guitars in all price ranges from $20 to $18,000 (I was very nervous with the 18k guitar). To this date, I have rarely found a guitar under $200 that wasn't flat out garbage. I'm sure there will be others who will respond with rosy...
  23. Frozen Rat

    Taylor GT Grand Theater Announced

    Nope, Grand Coffee Shop.
  24. Frozen Rat

    NGD: new 2020 Martin 000-42- Oh My!

    That is a very classy looking guitar. And you're the only one to ever play it, you can't beat that! The 000 size is very desirable in my opinion. Beside the 00, the 000 is my second favorite. You can get note bloom on a 000 unlike what you can quite manage on a 00. They all have their pros and...
  25. Frozen Rat

    Removing the pickguard

    Use Naptha, avoid Goo Gone. I know some have used it with success, but that stuff will take the paint off your new Chrysler if you're not careful, so it'll possibly mess up the guitar too. I'm with you on the pick guard. If I know I'm keeping a guitar and it has a pick guard, that ends up in...